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Clean NRG Pty Ltd Reviews

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About Clean NRG Pty Ltd, Solar Installers

Clean NRG is proud to be a Western Australian bricks and mortar shop front business that you can visit, and See Touch and Feel the products we sell. We pride ourselves on offering the highest quality, value for money products and service to our clients. Our aim is to give outstanding service and value so you are encouraged to tell your Family, Friends and Neighbours about Clean NRG.

Clean NRG Pty Ltd Solar Reviews

We follow up with all reviewers after 12 months to see how their system is going since it was installed. These are all the reviewers who have responded to our 1 year follow up:
Great product just a shame I cant get the WiFi application to work. Show additional information
Very efficient sales person (owner)
Professional workmen - arrived on time and stayed the whole day. Not on their phones all day but working instead.
Reasonable price.
5 star!!!
Solarquote was great - much less hassle.
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From some of their advertising I thought the installers were employed by Clean NRG, but upon receiving the Warranty information, there is a different company represented.

John Cappa, the salesperson, was extremely helpful and answered all of my queries with great product knowledge and experience, no Bulldust!!

The whole process was VERY simple with John advising what had been done and what would be done next, and when.

All of the paperwork / applications / approvals was handled by them and Clean NRG appear to have all of the bases covered, making it really simple for me!

Well done and I would recommend to anyone else.
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I had 12 DAQO panels fitted on my roof facing west and after 2.5 yrs 5 have gone from black to grey ! which looks like water inclusion ! One of my pals had one go the same colour but his had a small hole caused by by stone ! there is no damage on mine but after inspection by Clean NRG director Craig Donohue who said they were still working at full capacity and could not be replaced under warranty ! but he would change them all for $1500 !!!! Although the offer is fair I totally disagree with having to pay to have a faulty product replaced ! after all its only going to get worse ! Show additional information
Tony was a great help and very professional,all aspects where covered,highly recommended. Show additional information
The installers were not really able to fit the panels on my roof in an optimal way. They suggested they couldn't fit them all as designed but after installation it was clearly visible they could have. So I'm now paying to have a couple of extra panels - which isn't a major issue but it would have been nice to have more on the North side, which was the intention.

CleanNRG themselves were good to deal with, Tony and Craig have been super helpful, Craig even came out on a Saturday to check over the software setup.

Fronius support for the iPhone app (Solar.web Pro, which wasn't free or provided as part of the system) has been less than stellar, the app still doesn't work correctly, with back and forth emails for 4 weeks now - really given the cost of the Inverter the app's should be free and should work!
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Clean NRG was 1 of the few companies we contacted who quoted for a 2kW system, all the others were 3KW. Clean NRG did advise us not many companies produce 2KW inverters. Have Risen panels and Zeverlution 2kW inverter. From time of signing up to installation took approximately 10 days. There was no sales pressure from the company which also was a factor in choosing them. Its too early to yet to see what our savings will be, the next account will tell all. Show additional information
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I would recommend Clean NRG if you're considering installing solar on your home.
Tony from Clean NRG took the time to understand my energy usage first by working through 12 months of old power bills. From this information Tony then suggested a 3KW system based on my current power usage around the home.
Initially I was thinking of a 5KW system, so this advice saved me around $1200.
I would recommend Tony and the CleanNRG team for honest advice when purchasing your Solar.
Thanks Finn for your help in guiding me to Clean NRG, it certainly cleared up some of the confusion that occurs when you first set out to purchase solar.
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They were willing to discuss some of our concerns and send out workmen to inspect the sight before we committed to the purchase. We also upgraded the Inverter to a Fronius Galvo 2.0 Kw unit for connection to future battery storage. It was also pointed out to us (by others) that Clean NRG were Clean Energy Council Approved Retailers, which we believe is not easy to obtain this level of accreditation. Show additional information
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The guys are so courteous and friendly plus they cleaned up before they left. Show additional information
There were no problems with the service or the equipment. It was installed very quickly and they left no mess. I recommend them as value for money. Show additional information
Would highly recommend Clean NRG. The sales person Tony Cappa was great and everyone was friendly. Show additional information
The service from Tony and the team was excellent from start to finish.
Everything went smoothly, it was installed on time on the day they said
and the installers were very good even cleaned up afterwards.
I would recommend NRG without hesitation to anyone.
thanks for a job well done. Calvin Stone.
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I checked out every reputable and advertised company. I chose Clean NRG because their system was of a very high quality, their pricing competitive (not the cheapest but you get what you pay for), and I wanted to keep my hard earned dollars in Australia and specifically in WA. I got more than I expected with a fantastic 5kw system, 10 year warranty on an Austrian made inverter, Tier 1 panels and outstanding service from beginning to end. Good luck to all those "what's your best price" worshippers. I went for the best quality all round and kept my hard earned dollars in my state WA. You can choose Clean NRG or send your money overseas to India and China. I chose to secure West Australian jobs with a quality system, not the cheapest deal, and I am confident that I made the right choice. I'm already saving more money than I thought I would. Associates of mine who chose the "best price" got exactly that, on a piece of paper, and all three have non functional systems and zero support or recourse. Show additional information
Very happy with the whole process, great service Show additional information
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Of the three people you reccomended, Clean NRG were friendly and professional, one of the other suppliers tried a hard sell and the other tried selling me a system too big for my property. Show additional information
Genuine service from the beginning. Tony was great in assisting me with my requirements. I am very happy and would highly recommend Clean NRG for your solar needs. Show additional information
Company made the time to discuss the technical details with no "hard sell" and the application process moved quickly. One day installation delay (company issue) was handled well. Installers were excellent, on time, polite, tidy and worked without pause until the work was completed. Show additional information
Too soon to make a call on Value and Quality of system. Time will telll. I gave a good rating based on reviews and opinions of other people in the know.
I settled on a Fronius Symo 5k transformerless 3 phase inverter with 20 panels . One bank of 10 facing NE and the other bank facing NW. Hopefully I will maximize the sunlight from sunup to sunset.
Why I settled on NRG was the rep. I was in retail pharmacy for a long time and have met a lot of people and a lot of reps. Tony I like.
This review is for your benefit.
Gryphon Solar was not a good experience .
Get in touch with me in a year's time
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As well as looking at many ads ,I got 9 quotes from installers to up grade my system from 1450 to 3000kw without changing my inverter so I did not loose the 47c Tarif ! Some found this idea difficult ..? Prices ranged from $5500 to $2800 most around $3500 . Tried to do as much research as I could ,would love to see an easy way to compare panels and inverters. Thank you for YOUR informative site ! Show additional information
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Also helping with converting halogen downlights to LED Show additional information
I thought I had already advised you of the decision I had taken ?? I must say that i found the experience a very good process and am entirely happy with the service and quotes you organised.And now anxiously waitng to see my electricity bills over the next few months. It looks as though I am averaging a consumption of 7 to 8 units per day as opposed to 19 units consumed prior to the installation. Show additional information
The guys at Clean Energy came on site to quote, were on time and very helpful with advice. They gave us more than one price option and an airial view of where the panels would sit on the roof. Any questions were answered directly and at no time did they run down the industry or other contractors (unlike 1 other) we were given plenty of time to make our decision (one other wanted a decision at time of quote in driveway).the installers were very polite and tidy with their work.
We would have no hesitation in recommending Clean Energy to anyone looking for this type of product . Price should not always be the only consideration as honesty and 'old school' service ere a rare commodity today and should be rewarded before it dies out.
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Extremely happy with item and their installation was done when requested Show additional information
The team @ Clean Nrg were so keen & professional to deal with from initial contact with the sales person Marcelo Rose the planner and Craig who was in charge of the installation team as it was a great experience. I was quoted a very reasonable price on the 18th Feb & installation was completed by 11th March . Now western power has changed over our meter on the 14th March I can now just sit back and reap the benefits of free energy and the little dial in the old western power meter has stopped moving during the daytime hours.The only issue i experienced was a mix up off install times but the boys were done in 3 hours flat so was not a inconvenience at all. Wouldn't hesitate dealing with Clean Nrg in the future at all as there were constant calls to follow up if the meter had been changed after the install and if not completed in 2 days just ring back and Rose would follow up. The team dealt with all of the paper trail which helped the process move along so efficiently and quickly. Thanks again Show additional information
Very professional sales team and installation.

Very pleased with the whole experience would recommend
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Thank you for your wonderful service in helping people like me to learn & choose our provider. Show additional information
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I initially was inclined to instal a bigger PV system, but after discussion with the sales person and review of our energy consumption patterns, accepted his advice to go for a slightly smaller system. I liked his candidness and honesty. I also decided against installing solar hot water after discussing with the salesman. As finding a suitable location on our roof for the solar HWS was not straightforward, and we have a perfectly OK instantaneous gas HWS currently, we decided to park this plan for another day. Again he gave frank advice along the lines of 'if it was me, I'd just stay with the existing gas HWS'. Show additional information
CleanNRG installed the solar system at our previous house, so we contacted Craig again for installation at the new house. Craig provided excellent advise, offering a micro-inverter solution for the new house because of the way the roof it built and orientated. The quote, approval and design process went very smooth, keeping us up to date at every step.
Also want to call out how great the installation went, we were very happy with the professionalism of the guys and they really tried to have as little impact on us as possible. They did a great job, and finished on the dot 12 o'clock :-)
We like the MyEnlighten portal that shows (near-) real-time statistics on performance of our new solar system.

Thanks CleanNRG for (another!) great job!
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I had a lot of installers visit and provide me quotes for consideration. However, Tony from Clean NRG was as professional as it gets. You can feel his honesty and integrity. He was not pushy. He provided me with valuable information to allow me make an informed decision. When I requested more information and asked various questions, he provided me with precise answers in writing backed up with documentations.
Craig has been very helpful after the installation and answered questions that I had raised.

I would recommend Clean NRG to anyone wanting to install solar panels. In addition, their pricing is very competitive and you can be rest assured that they will use reliable products for your long term investement.
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We had many quotes for our solar panels and hot water system but chose Clean NRG because we were able to examine the products they use at their showroom and could see they use best quality goods. Marcelo is very knowledgeable and explained in detail what we were getting for our money. The install went perfectly and to time. We have had a small issue with the Bosch hot water system which Marcelo has dealt with speedily and efficiently. I cannot recommend Clean NRG highly enough. You may get cheaper but you won't get better! Show additional information
Very happy but unable to say yet how much we will save per bill. Show additional information
Would like to update these replies when installation is completed. Show additional information
Would recommend Tony, Craig & the team from Clean NRG to anybody considering installing solar. Installers were on time on a day to suit us & solar was up and running by lunch-time. Show additional information
We have been thrilled that our unit not only covers our electricity but had given us $1000 cash back. Just recently we had issues with our inverter not working. Although I was disappointed it took me 2 months to realise it hadn't been working, as soon as I called, Craig was quick to get the unit uninstalled, fixed and reinstalled. I was very happy with his prompt service! Show additional information
Left hand didn't know what right hand was doing upon install! Install team came onsite with a different layout than what was agreed when signed up. Lucky I was onsite at the time of install! A phone call to the Rep and was sorted out ... shouldn't have happened! Having said that, nothing wrong with the install guys, they did a good job, put inverter, cable runs etc where I wanted. Show additional information