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Natural Solar Pty Ltd Reviews

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About Natural Solar Pty Ltd, Solar Installers

Natural Solar Pty Ltd is a Solar Power Installation company based in Sydney and serves NSW. Here are their reviews as submitted by visitors to SolarQuotes

Natural Solar Pty Ltd Solar Reviews

I would like to amend a review that we wrote a while back about the after sales service and installation of our solar panels ,at first we had problems with our solar system and a lot of phone calls to Michael King (Mr I'm Gunna) from Natural Solar , after we were able to explain the problems more clearly to him he had his staff on the job the very next day we couldn't have been happier with the way thing have been handled , so I can now say a heart felt thankyou to all the staff and Michael( Mr Dunnit) thankyou Show additional information
We had our system installed last October 2016 it took 3 weeks to have it what we though was up and running only to find out that the power wall was not communicating to the panels we found this out from our first electricity bill no change . We called Natural solar several times they said they will look into it still waiting it's now March in the mean time we have rung and spoken to and left messages for King (Mr I'm gunna) we have top of the range ,our first black out , no power ,it should have switched to the power wall we spoke to them about this they tried to tell us we didn't have top of the range until they looked further into it ,we did, that is about as much customer service we have received of late , still waiting to find out why our 20 panels aren't producing the power that was promised , our patience is just about to its end , after sales service is non existent for us. Show additional information
I also own a business and our biggest focus is follow up. Significant costs go into the initial contact and quote, then no follow up. I am a great believer in qualifying the enquiry and then investing in time and effort. This means meeting the prospective client, understanding their needs, building a rapor which in turn generates trust and then quoting. Follow up the quote in a reasonable time frame, assess what are the stumbling blocks to making a decision and respond appropriately to those road bumps.

Only Natural Solar came out and met me, only Solar Power supplied a quote within 24hrs and only Natural Solar followed up. Yes I did negotiate on price but I spent over $30k which included a Tesla Powerwall 2.

I cannot remember for certain, but the very fact that I cannot remember indicates all your companies that were invited to quote were not memorable because they did not do any of the above.
Hope the feedback helps.
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We decided to purchase a system through Natural Solar as they were very competitive with price and had the perfect system I was looking for. I am really excited to have a Tesla Powerwall, and an upgrade to our current system which is too small for our family now. The service has also been excellent as well. We have had all calls returned, all questions answered and given contact names and numbers of people if we need any further assistance. So far I would rate this business 10/10. Show additional information
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I have had solar on my house In Stratford of about 7 years (15 Yr. contracts at 60 cents).
I moved to Sale, and having 4.5Kw on the roof with a 7Kw power wall battery as well, install shortly.
After having solar for so long, I tell anyone that the next step forward is to install a battery bank as we can only receive a few cents return.
The thing that we all should be looking at is not the return, but, the need to reduce our electrical bill by having sufficient panels on the roof
To cover the usage plus increases in costs, and a battery bank to cover night usage, and power outages.
If we achieve this, how green have we become.
Kind regards
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We obtained quotes from Natural Solar, Soltek, Solargain, Mark Group Regional NSW, Central Coast Energy, and Electroy.

We first obtained a quote from Electroy based on a door knock offer, with the salesman coming a few days later to go through options and cost. We were absolutely shocked by the price of $10,500 they gave for a 5kW system and Aurora inverter - this was at least $3k-$5k more than anyone else with the same panels and inverter as other companies.

We were unimpressed with Mark Group - they were pretty sloppy over the phone, so just obtained a verbal quote that was the second highest of the six. Didn't have any interest in meeting their salesman as they were unlikely to make it to the front of the pack after that.

We were very impressed with Natural Solar and Solargain. Their sales reps seems to understand the systems the best, and considered other options with respect to cost, function, and reliability more thoroughly than the other companies. Would have been equally happy to have gone with Solargain, but the price we received from Natural Solar $5,585 was well ahead of Solargain's price.
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