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Natural Solar Pty Ltd Reviews

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About Natural Solar Pty Ltd, Solar Installers

Natural Solar Pty Ltd is a Solar Power Installation company based in Sydney and serves NSW. Here are their reviews as submitted by visitors to SolarQuotes

Natural Solar Pty Ltd Solar Reviews

JUST AWFUL. This would rate as the worst customer experience I have ever had. Ordered in June 2017. Numerous failed installations (5?) attempts. Can understand if it were weather related, but each time perfect for install. Reasons for no install included contractors not fronting, not wanting to do the job, not having the right equipment. Lost a number of days work as a result. Simply woeful lack of communiction from Natural Solar. Needed to be followed up. Calls/messages not returned. I feel for the staff as they must be very under resourced.
Installation eventually started in late December and finished early January. Person installing changed the locations of the panels that had been provided. The reason given - the sales people have no idea and the system would not work.
Now mid to late February and still waiting for problems to be addressed. Tired of chasing them - just want this experience to end.
Think long and hard about using them!
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Purchased a 10KW (34 panels) solar system (qcells and Fronius inverter) and two Tesla Powerwalls. No fault of Natural Solar that Tesla consistently changed and delayed expected lead times on the batteries. So we installed the cells first (which more than halved our grid usage - we were a heavy user at average 60KW a day before install). Eventually, despite owning a Tesla car, we reluctantly changed our order to Sonnen (16kw 3-phase system - largest available) and are glad we did. Installs of both the cells and battery were professional, on-time and tidy. The Sonnen app is easy to use and immediately showed some serious reductions in grid purchases. We are after four weeks about 90% self sufficient now and we can see the electricity usage patterns of pool, AC, Tesla car etc and are starting to amend our habits to be more energy conscious. A very happy customer. Thanks Alan and the Natural Solar team. Show additional information
Courteous friendly installers who did a good tidy job.

NOTE: I only bought the Powerwall 2 from this company. The panels were installed some years ago.
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I ordered an upgrade to my solar system along with a Tesla Powerwall 2 Battery from Natural Solar because they they appeared very professional on their website. My order was placed in February 2017.

There was a delay to the installation of the battery because of a shortage of supply from Tesla. Rather than wait until the battery was available, Natural Solar flexibly split my order into two parts. The upgrade to my solar system was installed quickly and very efficiently. The installer actually came to my house in advance of the installation and made some changed recommendations as to the placement of the panels in order to maximise the eventual effectiveness of the battery.

Once in stock, the battery was installed very neatly and professionally. The installer came when they said they would and even worked through a thunderstorm and light rain to complete the job. I was a little frustrated that the battery wasn't available for some months, but when the supplier (Tesla) can't keep up with their orders, what can you do?

Everything is now working exceptionally well. Twelve months ago my monthly electricity bill for January was $119. This is the first full month that my battery and solar system have been working together and my monthly bill this year is only $5.35.
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Very impressed with the process from start to finish. Our Sonnen battery is up and running! The salesperson gave fantastic technical advice and the installation was neat and tidy.

Thank you Natural Solar!
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In July 2017 i paid a deposit for solar panels and a battery install. I was initially given an install date of 28/11/2017. I was also informed by Natural Solar to be present on the date of the install so I took a day off work to be home on this date. There was no show of any contractors and no contact from Natural Solar. I had to follow up Natural Solar to get answers.

Natural Solar gave me another install date of the 08/01/2018 only to not show for the second time without contacting me. I have since contacted Natural Solar on numerous occassions as to when an install might happen only to be given numerous lame excuses.


Natural Solar have now told me I am a priority however they are not able to give me an install date. The salesman has told me he is unable to get in contact with the Natural Solar Section who organise the contractors as they have moved offices. (Its the 21st century pick up the phone).
I again emailed Natural Solar yesterday and have not got a reply. A bit of honesty as to why numerous people are being delayed would be good instead of lame excuses and lack of contact.

Im not sure if the lack of service is because I live in Wagga and not in a Metropolitan area. What I do know is I regret signing up with Natural Solar and I will not be recommending them to anyone.
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Salesperson Alan Williams is an Electrical Engineer with extensive knowledge of solar products, who provided superior advice and steered us away from inferior products recommended by other suppliers - not just based on his opinion but by referencing hard copies of the technical documents for the competing products to clearly show relative strengths and weaknesses. As an engineer myself, I appreciated this approach. Show additional information
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Very helpful when it comes to quoting. Will be all over you. On my install date no one showed up. No phone call nothing. I called back to check what happened. No one answered in the office. Eventually next day I got through. Still no call from company at this time. They had no idea what went wrong and no explanation. Spent next 3 days being assured they are looking at a new install date. No call ever returned as promised. I had to call back myself every time. Now last day before xmas. There was vague promise of possible install before new year and cant get anyone to return a call to conform. Can only assume no. Company showed much promise in pre-sales . I can only imagine what would happen once you have paid in full and have a support issue. Thanks for nothing Natural Solar! I have now cancelled my order and awaiting deposit refund. Show additional information
My current experience to date with this company has been abysmal. Much is promised by the sales team when you initially sign the contract and then everything is left in limbo with absolutely no communication after that. I first paid my deposit for 4kW of extra panels and a Sonnen Battery in August 2017. I was promised installation within a month or so. The initial installation date for September was delayed. Another date was provided in October - this came and went with no contact from the company. They next told me that in Victoria they had engaged a new contractor and that they would be in contact "soon". A few weeks later I hear from a staff member at their office that it will be another "60 working days" for unclear energy company regulatory requirements. Another 60 days came and went. Finally I call today (18/12) and am informed that they are closing for Christmas and "someone" will get back to me in the New Year "perhaps in the first week or 2". The phone room staff are pleasant enough but are based in Manila and have no idea what is happening in Sydney or Melbourne. The Australian staff are entirely uncontactable and appear to not care much for customers. This company appears to be big on marketing and promises but utterly terrible at communication and delivery. I can't comment on the actual installation and product quality as after 5 months I am yet to get anywhere near that point. Show additional information
Happy to rate the product once installed Show additional information
Keep delaying supply and installation of battery with no explanation or notification now tell me that they need 48hrs to inform me of new “proposed install date very poor not the way to run a company Show additional information
Dealing with Oren Ben Moshe and Natural Solar was an absolute pleasure, it made the whole experience enjoyable which is unusual these days. I can highly recommend both Natural Solar and Oren for anybody wanting to install Solar to their home Show additional information
We had a 3 kw solar panel system installed almost 5 years ago , which we calculate has paid itself off twice over the period. Recently our inverter stopped working and Natural Solar swapped this over without any cost in 6 days. Excellent after sales service, thankyou. Show additional information
Signed contract and paid initial deposit for 5kW Solar and Powerwall 2 in Dec 16. Was told in the original Sales process max 12 weeks for system commission
No contact from the company until March 2017 and was told solar would be installed in Apr however there was a delay on the battery and would be done in June. Fine was OK with this. Paid 75% of total install fee as required by contract on install ($15K) even though only Solar was being installed. Thought to myself, hey it's only a 2 month delay what could go wrong. Now here we are in Dec 17 and it's more a case of what couldn't go wrong.
While the solar was installed in May and is running well, the Powerwall has been a joke. Install has been scheduled and cancelled at the last minute 4 times, promises of call backs and updates just don't happen. I call the customer service line to get an update and everyone is in a meeting and somebody will call me back in a few days. Thought I could see the light at the end of the tunnel when I was told at the beginning of Nov that they had a install date locked in for middle of Dec but have just received an email stating it has again been cancelled and they will be in touch once another date has been locked in despite the previous 3 being locked in dates.
Personally if I was dealing with a customer, whose money I had taken 7 months ago ($5K part payment on Powerwall), and had to cancel their install for the fourth time I would give them the courtesy of a phone call and would ensure I had a new date available or at least a timeframe on when the customer could expect a install. It has become clear from other reviews of this company that if all is going well they are the greatest company on earth, however and little (or major) hiccup in the process and their response is to bury their heads in the sand and ignore all correspondence or only communicate in email. I realise there have been delays in stock which is understandable but clear communication and updates are not forthcoming which is very frustrating.
What is even more frustrating and bewildering is they are happy to promote their business when all is well i.e. Dominos pizza in Blacktown getting the "worlds largest Powerwall install" see, however I can't get an clear picture of when mine will even be installed. Totally regretting signing with this company and would recommend not even bothering or at the very least if you do choose Natural Solar you only agree to a contract that states "nothing down" until the system is installed and if they won't do it move on. There are plenty of other reputable companies (many of whom have installed Powerwalls in my area for customers that only signed up in July/Aug this year) and I regret doing my due diligence before signing with this company.
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I just got my first bill after installing my solar panels plus battery and I was shocked. My bill went from over $1000 down to $105. Amazing!! The wait for the battery was well worth it. The team were happy to chat to me regarding any of my questions along the way. Show additional information
Failed to arrive for 3 installations and I had to chase them. Avoid Natural Solar at all costs. Will cancel my install. Show additional information
I paid a $1,500 deposit for a Tesla Powerwall 2 costing $11,500 including installation on the 22nd March 2017
On the 21st June 2017 , I received notification that my installation date will be the 3rd August 2017
Despite repeated requests to confirm that date, nothing happened
On the 12th October , I received a confirmation letter that my install date will be the 21st November 2017
Again despite repeated requests to confirm that date, no confirmation from the installation team
At 6.47 pm on 20th November 2017 I received an email from the Philippines call centre that my installation has been cancelled

Still trying to sort out by speaking to the Sales Team


I understand the supply issues with the Powerwall 2, but what kind of customer service is it when my install job is pulled twice, the 2nd time at the last minute, and still no date for rescheduling
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2 months & no contact from supplier , no progress on starting install , phone calls result in promises , nothing else , now considering cancelling order Show additional information
Great installation staff, efficient and great customer servce.
Installation on day of arranged date.
Installer call back 2 days later to check satisfaction.
Having another system installed at my son's home in Mudgee.
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Good salesperson who is genuinely knowledgeable of the Solar System and Batteries. Fantastic install. Lack after install follow up. Show additional information
After a delay in supplying the Tesla Powerwall 2, which Tesla acknowledge was their fault, the installation was swift.
The quality of the installation is first class, I'm an engineer, so I demand a high standard, this was meet with bells on.
Very professional installers, and cleaned up the site to better than what is was.
Great customer service and a great product, very happy all in all.
No hesitation to recommend to my friends.
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Great experience, really good installer. Show additional information
Great Company, love my powerwall! Thank you!!! Show additional information
Good service experience from this company. Oren the sales person has been very helpful and supportive. Experienced delay with the 8kW PV system, but at the end I was given a 10kW PV system to prevent further delays. At the beginning, we had a bit of an issue with voltage, but thanks to the customer support person Arvind's assistance, everything went back to normal.
Still waiting for the new meter to get installed, been waiting for more than 7 weeks now, hopping this will be happening soon.
Tesla 2 coming around Oct hoping everything will be good.
Job well done. Thanks to Oren, Arvind and the team.
So far, So good
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Worst purchasing experience I have ever had.
Once they had their deposit they had little interest in the install.
It took 4 months after getting their deposit to get the system operational.
The installation company had no clue how to complete the install properly and had to come out 3 times.
Very little to no communication.
They kept trying to get me to pay them even though the system was not working.
They sent the wrong invoice and then asked me to pay 50% more than quoted.
Their technical people eventually had to step in to get the invoicing done right.
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Got a good deal for the products. I know the customer service after install might be a bit slow based on reviews, however i bought sunpower panels with soleredge inverter and a tesla battery so i should have to claim any warrenties for quite a while if/when an item fails. Other suppliers on your site couldn't match the price for the items i bought. Show additional information
Sales person was knowledgeable, and after leaving a quote for review was quick to return phone calls when we had more questions.
Received a welcome pack quickly. Installation was under 4 weeks. Installers were polite, cleaned the site before they left, and ensured that we were happy.
Will definitely look to use Natural Solar again for our investment property and will consider their battery products down the track.
Overall a seamless experience.
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I recently had a solar system and PW2 installed. There were delays from Tesla for the powerwall but not for lack of trying on Natural Solars part. They explained clearly where they were and kept me up to date with these unavoidable hold ups the whole time. Natural Solar installed the panels and came back and did the battery at a later date when they had it. It was worth the wait! I've been monitoring on my app and can't wait to get my first bill! Show additional information
We have just had our Tesla Powerwall 2 and 5kW system installed a few days ago. The technical rep who visited at the time we signed up us was very thorough in explaining how the panels and battery function and did saving calculations based on our current electricity accounts over the previous 12 months. Everything with the installation went very smoothly and one of the installers stayed back to set up the monitoring to show us how to understand the interaction between the panels and battery. We've have been impressed with all of the processes. Show additional information
I paid my deposit on the 3/11/2016. The installation happened on 23/05/2017. The system has not worked since installation, apparently the inverter is faulty. No amount of calls to the company get me anywhere. They seem disinterested and always say that they will get back to me but rarely do. I am at my wits end; why is it so hard? Apparently the new inverter was to be delivered to the installer around the 12th of this month. I have heard nothing. Show additional information
8KW Solar ( 30 Q sells, 7.3 KW Solaredge inverter with wifi + 30% tolerance = 9.49 KW), Solaredge DC Optimisers.
I want to get quotes for 8KW solar with Tesla 2 Battery and I would say most of the Sydney of people around NSW solar installers are nothing but cowboys and only decent quote, date of appointment ONLY came from Natural Solar and Sales person Oran is excellent and also could answer my deep technical and pricing questions. I run billion dollar R&D out side Australia and also a Director of a Major US company and also a electronics engineer.
One major disappointment is if you are going to do big solar install and with Tesla battery, I would stick with a company that got great products and also full comprehensive system install and pricing to reflect that install and service.
I only covered 3 major installers since others would not touch Tesla and out of other two, one had a different battery and Tesla install is few months away and other one boast about beating any one on price but would not handle the NET meter install. To average consumer this is misleading since Natural Solar have put a NET meter from Solaredge which gives me instant reading of my house consumption with great iOS APP from Solaredge and with full data status of consumption, total solar generation, and Net export and energy import. Later your network operator will install NET from them. Solaredge NET meter gives 5 mins increment of net metering while your electrical network operator use 30 min of net metering. Govt. should mandate 5 min net metering since 30 mins net metering is a rip off.
It can give you graphical and linear graph data and I find this very suitable and also it gives API from Solaredge Inverter , so that you can put home data into web site like PVoutput web site automatically direct from your solaredge inverter. I also suggest to ask installer electricians to come to your home before install and check your order against installers bill of materials so that you avoid any misunderstandings later. I had a great electrician and his team and they check the roof after the install to see all is well.
BTW Natural solar quote was $ 4K below all other quotes. Also Solar system is install and running now and Tesla battery2 will be installed end of August.
Will wrote again after the tesla. So far I am getting around 25 kWh per day from solar and its winter now. After the install I saw the whole solar generation was around 9.2kWh generation on that day.
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In short my sales consultant is no longer with the company so after signing up with Natural Solar and promising me the world and getting me to pay a deposit in November 2016 no one returned my calls for action till Feb 2017 when my 5.0kW unit was finally installed, Unfortunately I have had problems with my system since day 1 with my Fronius inverter notifying me with constant email error reports, After waiting several weeks with no response, I had to take the matter into my own hands and contact the wholesaler that has advised and monitored the grid voltage to my home confirming the problem is with the installation and the Fronius inverter settings, No one from Natural solar is returning my emails or phone calls it seems that Natural Solar has no interest in my problem, therefore would I recomend Natural Solar....Not a chance!!! Show additional information
I would like to amend a review that we wrote a while back about the after sales service and installation of our solar panels ,at first we had problems with our solar system and a lot of phone calls to Michael King (Mr I'm Gunna) from Natural Solar , after we were able to explain the problems more clearly to him he had his staff on the job the very next day we couldn't have been happier with the way thing have been handled , so I can now say a heart felt thankyou to all the staff and Michael( Mr Dunnit) thankyou Show additional information
We had our system installed last October 2016 it took 3 weeks to have it what we though was up and running only to find out that the power wall was not communicating to the panels we found this out from our first electricity bill no change . We called Natural solar several times they said they will look into it still waiting it's now March in the mean time we have rung and spoken to and left messages for King (Mr I'm gunna) we have top of the range ,our first black out , no power ,it should have switched to the power wall we spoke to them about this they tried to tell us we didn't have top of the range until they looked further into it ,we did, that is about as much customer service we have received of late , still waiting to find out why our 20 panels aren't producing the power that was promised , our patience is just about to its end , after sales service is non existent for us. Show additional information
I also own a business and our biggest focus is follow up. Significant costs go into the initial contact and quote, then no follow up. I am a great believer in qualifying the enquiry and then investing in time and effort. This means meeting the prospective client, understanding their needs, building a rapor which in turn generates trust and then quoting. Follow up the quote in a reasonable time frame, assess what are the stumbling blocks to making a decision and respond appropriately to those road bumps.

Only Natural Solar came out and met me, only Solar Power supplied a quote within 24hrs and only Natural Solar followed up. Yes I did negotiate on price but I spent over $30k which included a Tesla Powerwall 2.

I cannot remember for certain, but the very fact that I cannot remember indicates all your companies that were invited to quote were not memorable because they did not do any of the above.
Hope the feedback helps.
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We decided to purchase a system through Natural Solar as they were very competitive with price and had the perfect system I was looking for. I am really excited to have a Tesla Powerwall, and an upgrade to our current system which is too small for our family now. The service has also been excellent as well. We have had all calls returned, all questions answered and given contact names and numbers of people if we need any further assistance. So far I would rate this business 10/10. Show additional information
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I have had solar on my house In Stratford of about 7 years (15 Yr. contracts at 60 cents).
I moved to Sale, and having 4.5Kw on the roof with a 7Kw power wall battery as well, install shortly.
After having solar for so long, I tell anyone that the next step forward is to install a battery bank as we can only receive a few cents return.
The thing that we all should be looking at is not the return, but, the need to reduce our electrical bill by having sufficient panels on the roof
To cover the usage plus increases in costs, and a battery bank to cover night usage, and power outages.
If we achieve this, how green have we become.
Kind regards
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We obtained quotes from Natural Solar, Soltek, Solargain, Mark Group Regional NSW, Central Coast Energy, and Electroy.

We first obtained a quote from Electroy based on a door knock offer, with the salesman coming a few days later to go through options and cost. We were absolutely shocked by the price of $10,500 they gave for a 5kW system and Aurora inverter - this was at least $3k-$5k more than anyone else with the same panels and inverter as other companies.

We were unimpressed with Mark Group - they were pretty sloppy over the phone, so just obtained a verbal quote that was the second highest of the six. Didn't have any interest in meeting their salesman as they were unlikely to make it to the front of the pack after that.

We were very impressed with Natural Solar and Solargain. Their sales reps seems to understand the systems the best, and considered other options with respect to cost, function, and reliability more thoroughly than the other companies. Would have been equally happy to have gone with Solargain, but the price we received from Natural Solar $5,585 was well ahead of Solargain's price.
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