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About Natural Solar Pty Ltd, Solar Installers

Natural Solar Pty Ltd

ABOUT NATURAL SOLAR     (as advised by Natural Solar on Oct 2, 2018)


Natural Solar is the largest Australian installer of residential solar and battery storage solutions, with our overarching mission being to make electricity accessible and affordable for homes, developments and businesses in Australia.

As specialists in the field of solar and battery storage solutions, we have a unique understanding that electricity is one of the highest outgoings for households in Australia, with several of Australian states making the top global 10 list for highest cost of electricity, we are committed to providing innovative and cutting edge storage solutions to all Australian households to provide greater control and flexibility over how they use and store their power.

We work to educate and empower our customers, whether they be commercial or residential clients, on alternative methods of energy and how best to achieve independence from the grid. We enable Australian households and new developments to produce, store and harness their own power by giving them the tools to act as a self-sufficient mini-power station and support them in reducing the cost of their electricity bills as well as positively impact the environment.

Our team of engineers work to assess the needs of each prospective solar or battery owner and devise a bespoke solution for each customer. Our team of registered installers install solar and battery on-site and teach customers how to use their system in home. Our research team are also consistently researching innovation and future solutions in development to add value to the Australian public.

Natural Solar has been truly at the forefront of the home energy storage revolution, having installed the first Tesla Powerwall in Australia as well as the first sonnen Flat system in Australia. 

Natural Solar Pty Ltd Solar Reviews

They have been so helpful to me with everything wish i had done this earlier. The sales rep James Wraith was fantastic every time i had a question he answered it for me. Show additional information
Had a problem with my system and after playing a call and talking to Sachin all was fixed. He really knew how to make me feel comfortable and his knowledge and the way he talked me through the solution was short of fantastic. He is a real pro and an asset to the company and a great help to customers such as myself who don't know how to resolve a fault. Great stuff. Show additional information
I purchased a 8kWh Sonnen battery adding to my existing PV solution. The installation team did an excellent job. Support was needed after the initial commissioning due to a technical issue. The installer solved the problem immediately and very professionally. Show additional information
local Adelaide company, always contactable & easily understood. made the choice easy.
Jonathan was friendly not pushy & wanted to help. highly recommend the company &
especially Jonathan.
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Just 2 weeks ago (September 2018) I discovered a faulty solar panel and called Natural Solar to get it replaced under warranty, and guess what - a completely different experience compared to previous repairs! MUCH more pleasant and efficient. These guys really looked after me. Its possible Natural Solar are now run by someone else, i dont know, because the contrast between previous eperiences and this one were like chalk and cheese. Well done Natural Solar! Special shout-out to Sachin who kept me informed at all times and made the whole thing easy, and Ali the solar installer who was fantastic as well. Show additional information
Luke Cassar and his behind the scenes support and contractors have been a breath of fresh air to deal with. They are prompt and friendly with their quotes, advice and follow up. Their contractors have been polite, accommodating and knowledgeable which has taken us from initial enquiry to installation in a seamless and stress free manner. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Natural Solar. Show additional information
From the first point of contact, I found James to be informative, polite and not pushy. He was happy to talk about different products and be clear about pros and cons of each brand. Show additional information
Everything run smoothly from the beginning my first contact with Natural Solar was with James Wraith who if i remember correctly rang me back late on a Friday afternoon and his explanation of how the system would operate was fantastic any questions or concerns that i had were dealt with in a professional manner i still contact James today nothing is too much of a hassle.
We had to change the design of the panels this again was not a problem.
The installation of the panels went smoothly the guys turned up well before the scheduled time; they left early in the morning from the Central Coast to be here on time work all day and returned the next day to finish off very professional.
Also had the same experience with the guys who turned up to install the batteries there was a few issues connecting to the internet which was no fault of theirs the internet just happened to be down when they were trying to connect i think they walked out of here about PM nothing was a problem.
You should be very proud of these people they go above and beyond to make this a painless experience.
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I have been very happy with the process from start to finish. Having worked in the direct selling home improvement market I am very wary of the sale hype that surfaces in industry like the Solar sellers. So I wanted a F2F in their offices to evaluate the company. I met with Jonathan at Natural Solar to find him very knowledgeable and helpful in getting my level of understanding to a point where I could make an informed decision. After the meeting I has sufficient faith that the company could and would deliver. Having decided on a top line installation I was very pleased with the communication process in design (Rob) and installation scheduling (Ellie). The 20 panels installed efficiently, Electrics (Lilly) and Battery (Dave and assistant) - all excellent friendly, helpful and respectful people. It has been a well organised and efficient install. I would happily recommend Natural Solar. Show additional information
It was all good. Quotes were given promptly, questions were answered, the installers were friendly and helpful and follow up was prompt. Show additional information
The entire process was well managed. The installation team were wonderful and hard-working. They completed the whole installation in an 11 hour day. Show additional information
How does one find the words to accurately describe the service that Luke Cassar from Natural Solar brang.

My experience starts off getting ready to start building our new home and with shopping around the market for an adequate solar package for said new home. I knew I definitely wanted solar and was toying with the idea of battery backup, so went to the usual retailers - you know; Energy Australia, Origin, AGL yada yada yada. Some prices came back okay, some were beyond daylight robbery and some just didn't bother responding.

I then came across a pretty damn good deal. I went through the whole routine if how many people will live in the house, what's our energy consumption like - all those mundane quedtions that I really haven't the foggiest about. They came back with a great price, battery and all. Then just I was ready to take a quote to the bank for approval, they realised I was in NSW and that someone from my state would need to get in contact with as the sales rep was actually based in Perth and had no authority to deal with NSW. No one rang. Even after chasing it up.

Sigh. Back to the drawing board. I don't quite remember how I came across Natural Solar but I did, and I did their online quote request form not expecting to hear from them. That hour Luke rang and that's when magic happened.

Luke and I had a brilliant discussion, talking details, design, needs, usage etc and then after about an hour we realised we should talk solar. He got me to describe my family and what our usual activities around the house were - cooking, cleaning, copious amount of Netflix - the usual. I then went on to discuss my other quotes and he was gob smacked, not just at price but also the fact that the other retailers thought I would be using as much power as a small arms manufacturer in Kazakhstan.

Luke saved me a fortune. He reaffirmed what system I would require to be that what I had already calculated I required but also gave me plenty of time speak to the Minister for War and Finance - wifey. Better still, after all permissions granted and deposit paid, he guaranteed full refund of the deposit should the bank reject the quote and I couldn't finance it. They did, no questions asked.

But wait, it gets better.

A month or so later, certain - ahem - expansions shall we say, suddenly came into play. Luke helped me reassess my requirements, helped me save a bunch of cash in the process, and didn't even charge me a variation fee.

It goes without saying Luke has well earned his pay. But it's more than that, Luke's a family man - he gets it. That's why we spoke early morning, late afternoons and even early evenings going over all the details and helping explain the process and specifications to me.

He knows how important it is to future proof the family home, to make sure that the home unit runs seamlessly. Any one would be able to see that Luke is dedicated to service above self.

Well done champ! Beers are on me!

You've earned it.
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Fantastic service and exceptional quality solar systems.
Most definitely the best company to deal with. I'll be recommending Natural Solar Pty Ltd to anyone wanting the best in every aspect.

Thank you Natural Solar.
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We installed a 8kw pv system and obtained several quotes. Natural Solar provided the best all round deal and we considered their customer service excellent. Installation was smooth and NS promptly responded to our requests. Special mention of Jonathan, Ellie, Robert and Sachin at NS. We recommend them highly. Show additional information
7 kW system & 10 kW Sonnen Battery installation.

The journey started off a little shakey, but once I was contacted by James of Natural Solar, he was able to get all back on track. The team who installed the battery were efficient and more that willing to explain what was to occur and how they were to go about the installation. Brad (the installer) and his offsider were treatig my home as there own, by this I mean they were careful with they way they ran the cabling between the battery and the Swichboard.
The Panel Installers completed their work quickly and efficiently.
Overall I am happy with the work carried out by the team, and would recommend them to people who are interested in installing both Battery and Solar panels on their home.
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Had my panels fitted 3 years ago with another company (fantastic service, install etc.) Great savings for half the year but not so great in the cooler months.
Put my hand up for AGL's and the South Australian Government suburban battery power plant scheme but never heard back from either.
Simply put, got sick of waiting and sick of the ever increasing energy prices.
Came across Natural Solar while surfing the Web researching batteries.
Couldn't be happier with the outcome.
Dealt with Luke. Fantastic!
Answered every question, provided all info brochures immediately but more importantly provided me with a Sonnen Battery at a price that beat every other quote.
Everything was so simple.
Customer service 5 stars.
Installation 5 stars.
Product quality 5 stars.
If you're thinking of getting solar panels and /or a battery, do yourself a favor and go Natural Solar ????
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Thank you Natural Solar! We are extremely happy with our new Sonnen battery! If you after excellence and quality then you can not go past Natural Solar. Our experince with the company and it's staff who are professional and friendly has been awesome! A big thanks goes to Chris (CEO), Jonathon in sales and technical service and Dave and the team for the quality install, we want to share our gratitude and praise. We will be letting all our friends and family know what a great company you are! Thanks again! Show additional information
Ok, My story with Natural solar began in June of 2017, Signed for a 9.5KWp and a Tesla PW2 with Alan Williams. Was advised that there would be a wait of around 6 months for the PW2, but would start with the panel install so we could start having some benefit.
Then, nothing.
I would ring and request an update every month since December,
Every time, no reply, no response, no updates. Just .... Nothing.
So I decided to cancel my order. Emailed every email I had from design, sales to Alan. Got a call back that day from Alan, "We've stuffed up, we have the supply now"
Reasonably quickly, I had a revised design email, and an install date 2 weeks away. Payed the next 50% deposit (negotiated down at time of signing contract from standard 70% due to the wait for the battery) Panels went up, not a very professional team, Roof installers had no fall protection 2nd story roof 5.5m, just a long ladder and ropes. Resulting job, ok, good panel installation, conduit runs, but PV stickers put on crooked.

Then again, when is the battery coming... .. No reply again.
Rang every week this time.. and would Get the same story that "Alex" does the batteries and "I'll email her and ask".
Tried to be Upselled on the sonnen battery.
Eventually out of the blue, call to install battery from the mysterious Alex the next day. The 2 guys turn up very knowledgeable and funny, spent the time chatting while they install. Advised that only those who complain get batteries. Very stringent course requirements required to install Sonnen / Tesla batteries.

So, TLDR, BS customer service, reasonably good product and price.
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I am sorry for the delay in sending our recommendation to Natural Solar for their outstanding workmanship and prompt reply when you have a query.

My wife and I are extremely happy with the end result. Looking forward in saving hard earned money with out giving it to an electrical company.

Luke Lipovac, was a professional consultant and dealt with the ongoing progress and consulted us after the Battery was installed as a courteous call to follow up and make sure that we were happy with the outcome. We wish Luke and the Company all the best for the future and we recommend them to everyone.

Yours Sincerely,

David C and Laurelle C.
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The action by Tesla as to the registration of the system left some what to be desired, other than that the service, installation and delivery was excellent. Show additional information
I need to compliment Natural Solar and their staff for a very professional service.
As of today we are off the grid according to the Tesla App.

Natural Solar is to be congratulated on their choice of contractors used to carry out our job. Michael Stratton and Wade Sherwood and their team we nothing less than courteous, polite understanding and technically very professional. The work they did is so neat. The time they took to make sure the install was complete which was really appreciated by us. These two professionals are excellent craftsmen.
Every organisation needs the glue to blind it together and without hesitation I applaude you, Alex and Johnathon you pair are staff that a GM/CEO would give their right arm for.Thank you again and please do not hesitate to use the above words in any testimonial your marketing people desire.
Please pass to Michael and Wade our gratitude for such a professional job.
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John Dotch is very friendly and thoughtful, my property is rounded by big tall trees, so i had to face the shades problem, John worked it out very well. Paperwork is easy, everything goes smoothly. Show additional information
Have been designing a system with Natural Solar for a while now whilst waiting for my house to be built and Tesla Powerwall 2 availability. Jonathan Green has been extremely helpful with the system design and has managed to convince me into looking at Sonnen to see if it better suited my needs than the Powerwall 2. Even though I've been a Tesla fan for a while, guided by Jonathan's knowledge, I am pretty certain the Sonnen system might be better suited for my needs. Anyway, I guess I'll know when I start getting the power bills. Show additional information
I have purchased a 10 KW system and it was installed this week. Luke Lipovac from Natural Solar was very helpful throughout the whole process, right from advising the right system to checking after installation if everything is working as it should. In fact everyone I had to deal with Like Elle from installation coordination team to Beau and his team of installers were pleasure to deal with. Highly recommend Natural Solar. Show additional information
Alan was extremely efficient and informative keeping us updated along the way. Installation went smoothly. We installed 5kw - 20 panels. Feb 2016 our electricity bill was $433 -Feb 2018 $139. We are very happy with the savings especially as there has been a significant increase in the price of electricity. We are very happy with Natural Solar Show additional information
Natural Solar rang before each part of the installation and kept us up to date with every step of the way. They arrived when they said they would and did a professional job, leaving no mess behind and testing everything was working before they left and explaining everything to us.
They gave us contact numbers should we have any further enquiries or questions.
The turnaround for installation was very quick and the product looks neat and tidy.
These guys know what they are doing!
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Our experience commenced in Sep2016. We were sold on Natural Solar who gave us a great deal so long as we signed before the end of their sales quarter, this was for Solar panels, inverter and Tesla PW1. We paid a 10% deposit. We were building our home at the time so we made sure Natural Solars consultant was engaged and came onsite to ensure cabling, power and housing (of tesla and inverter) was verified before walls and roof proceeded. From that point it has been the most frustrating, stressful and soul destroying experience. Rather than admitting that there were stock issues with Tesla, Natural Solar opted to provide definite dates. We were unaware of stock issues, we were just continually promised install dates. In Feb2017 when we were ready to progress installation, we were advised that Tesla PW1 was no longer available and we would have to pay an additional $3k for PW2. Further, a 2nd and 3rd consultant came to site and told our builder the cabling was wrong, that we could not house the Tesla where we had originally confirmed with the 1st consultant. The cabling was installed to the 1st consultants specs, no one from Natural Solar advised our builder of any change to cabling and location even though they had advised of the change to PW2. We actually could have resolved the issue as the walls and roof were not up yet at that time BUT not a word from Natural Solar. Consultants 2 and 3 just advised (after the fact) that it had to be changed! We had no way to cater for Natural Solar's stuff up given the roof was already on and gyprock up by then. Much to our disgust, we had to compromise the external look of our brand new home to accommodate external conduit for cabling on the side of our new home creating an eyesore, one created through the stuff-up from Natural Solar AND we had to pay more for our trouble.

We were advised that the Tesla PW2 would be installed in April17... that date changed at least a dozen times and we had to chase them each time because no one updated us. Meanwhile, we finally had our solar panels and inverter installed upon upfront payment of 60% (70% in total to date) - great re install, except that the solar meter install took another 3 months (which we had to chase) so we had solar panels doing nothing for that entire time when we should have at least had the advantages of solar taking the edge of our power bill.

Nov2017, we were promised "the Tesla was in stock and we were up next before Christmas". Dec2017, installer then tells us he has no stock and it won't be until 2018. Installer did not contact us so we followed up, Feb2018 - advises us he no longer works with Natural Solar! Of course no one contacted us with this information. It has gone on and on to the point where we are done. We had asked for a refund in 2017 when we already had a gut full of broken promises but made the mistake of accepting more promises. I was called about 4 weeks ago by Natural Solar advising they don't have stock yet but would like to plan another date on expectations of stock arrival and then was asked if I wanted to look at Sonnen instead... that was almost laughable given the original location we had purpose built to accommodate the Tesla would have been perfect given Sonnen was an indoor install BUT that was then and it's no longer an option.

I have requested a refund of the funds transferred for the Tesla, which Natural Solar have had for over a year now. Natural Solar called me once in response to my request, that was 2 weeks ago, advising that a refund will be progressed pending Director authority and not a word since. I have now followed up 3 times and still, nothing. I am over it, we want our money back so we can move on from this horrible, stressful experience.

This isn't how customers should be treated - we just want our refund, you've had our money for long enough and we just want it back so we can close this chapter for good.
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I bought a 10Kw system of E327 black Sunpower panels and a Fronius 10kW inverter. It looks great and Alan is a top guy to deal with. Show additional information
Natural Solar is a brilliant Company :
They have installed the first Sonnen battery system including solar panels in
Winmalee ( Blue Mountains ) October 2017
#1 Sales people : Excellent and caring.
#2 Electrician : Brilliant and exact.
#3 Panel installer : Precise and efficient.

Before solar installation !:

#4 AGL electricity company bill shocks are: ($600-$800-$1200 etc. inclusive discount a quarter !
� What's next bill will be ????? $$$$$$$$�.� )

#5 Don't think the discount you get from the electricity company, That the prices will not go up to
the same amount you asked for the discount in the first place.( False economic or Fool's
paradise )

After solar and Sonnen battery Installation !
They advertising $0 electricity bill with �SonnenFlat� ( It is actually true )

#6 SonnenFlat first bill 2018 : ( $91 a quarter. For a 8 kWh Sonnen battery you will pay
only $30 monthly fee and No electricity bill )

#7 instead of waiting for the next bill shock a , You can start budgeting again.
#8 If anyone pays $1500 + for your electricity ?
You better invest your dollar in to SonnenFlat battery and solar panels and pay $0 electricity !
They can offer you an interest free payment solution.

Sonnen Battery

#9 extremely smart Sonnen battery almost an �AI �
#10 Independent smart meter
#11 Sonnen app (Track your : Production,Battery Charging & Dis-charging ,Consumed,Grid purchase and Grid feed in .

Value of your Home ?

#12 It's adding at least $6000 of every kilowatt solar value to your House.

Mobile Piano Builder & Technician
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Prompt responses and feedback to queries. Helpful Salesperson - namely L. Lipovac
Friendly/helpful installation staff.
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I recommend the whole heartedly. A great experience from a quality and professional company. Ask for Jonathan Green. He was awesome :) Show additional information
I actually had the best experience purchasing the solar panels from this company, therefore felt compelled to write this review, particularly good was the sales rep Luke Lipovac, he worked very hard to inform me of all the choices and what would be the best system for my needs (he looked at my previous electricity bills and usage) Luke also contacted me to keep me informed of the process, going on and above to give exceptional customer service.
I found all the staff from this company really good, even the delivery guy that came the day before to deliver the panels prior to installation, to the installers,to the ongoing support staff.
Anyway, after more consultation and with Luke, I am now going to put in a Sonnen battery to enable me to store the energy produced from the solar panels. I believe it will be a good investment in giving me sustainability and a more predictable ongoing management of my bills.
I can't thank Luke enough for making this one of the best purchasing experiences I had for a long time.
Thank you
Kind wishes
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Like everyone else looking for a Tesla 2, there were delays getting the battery I originally ordered, but the SonnenBatterie that Natural Solar offered me instead proved to be a really good substitute (well better than the Tesla from my perspective).

The installation teams for both the panels & Fronius inverter and the battery were outstanding. Tony and Joel arrived with the Sonnenbatterie when it was available and absolutely went the extra mile in terms of joining the two sets of panels and both inverters (I had purchased a system elsewhere earlier) to make sure we had everything working and monitored with 100% accuracy. Nothing was too much trouble and they were great to have around.

I doubt anyone will find a more competent team or anyone who will leave the place as clean and tidy after they have been there. The service provided by both installation teams was simply outstanding - and the result is even better than I had expected. Highly recommended.
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Had a relay problem with the original Samil inverter after 5 1/2 years of use, and this has now been replaced with a new Eversolar inverter under warranty.
Can't complain about this as I didn't choose the top of the line inverter at the time and now we are all back up and running again.
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I was already sold on these guys based on their PV Engineer Steven calling me after my enquiry to go through the options I had for installing on my roof. He said he brought up a view of my roof from satellites and laid out panels on it so that I could check and approve the proposed layout which I thought was a really nice touch.
He was open and honest about the delays with the Tesla Powerwall 2 with stock supply issues across Australia, even though I really wanted one, but was happy to settle for a sonennBatterie and was really happy to be told about the added value of the sonnenFlat tariff setup - I am now happy to say that I am going to be receiving $33 monthly bills for electricity from here on which is just the cherry on the cake.
Installers were great, left no mess, even jumped on my roof to check for any damage and couldn't see any other than a few scuff marks from boots which I couldn't care less about. Pete walked me through how to use the system and how to isolate the system which was good to know.
Can't fault these guys. Have recommended to my friends and family!
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Called a few different solar places. Originally decided to go with a tesla powerwall 2, but got frustrated by the shortage of units available in Australia. Was given the option of changing to the sonnen battery so I could get installed sooner rather than later and after reading up about it and the sonnen flat rate monthly bills, I went ahead with the upgrade from a 14kw tesla powerwall 2 to a 16kw sonnenBatterie and can say that I'm happy I did. I have a mate who got a powerwall 2 and whilst they are saving a lot, their bills are still around 250-300 per quarter, with this setup, I'm expecting no more than $44 per month, so about half of their monthly costs, with more storage, at a better price. Quick shout out to Steven for helping guide me through the process and keeping tabs on me and how my installation was progressing. Show additional information
Sold is a system that could not have batteries added to knowing full well the system was antiquated. Conned us with false promises and poor customer service. Do NOT use Natural Solar at any cost!! Show additional information
Show additional information
Ordered the System on Monday and it was installed by Thursday. Can't fault these guys, always keeping me informed of the progress. Installers were here when the said, installation was about 4hrs, both installers very friendly and helpful answering all question. Showed me where to download the apps, helped install the app and showed me how to work it. Also told me about sonnenflat, how it works and contact details.

My System I had installed is a 10Kwh Sonnen Battery, They were the best price for the Sonnen and it has great features. Well done guys. Highly recommend Natural Solar for all you solar needs.
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Only got the power wall 2 great service only waited a couple of months .
The installation was done neatly by a couple of great guys thanks
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I wanted to jump on the Tesla Powerwall 2 bandwagon, but after waiting patiently for over 6 months due to delays caused by Tesla in getting the actual units shipped to Australia in decent quantities, I was upgraded to the sonnenBatterie, which ended up being a really great move for me as it let me take part in the sonnen flat scheme/system or whatever its called that will allow me to get $30 electricity bills monthly. Thanks Andre for the suggestion to change product, else I might still be like one of my coworkers who has been waiting for over 6 months for an installation now and I've had my system installed already.
The installers broke a couple of my terracotta tiles on my roof (they were quite old) and were more than happy to replace it with the spare tiles I had at no extra cost which I was really happy with. The installer (John?) after cleaning up gave me a rundown of how to use the battery system, suggested I contact the support team at natural solar and they happily guided me through getting registered for sonnen flat as well as getting me going with the sonnen monitoring portal.
Really happy, 2 months in, no issues, quite seamless experience exccept for the issues with supply coming in from Tesla of their Tesla Powerwall 2s, but hey it worked out better for me so I'm a happy camper!
System Details - 5.23kw sunpower solar panels with an SE5000AUS inverter and a sonnen battery with 14kwh of storage.
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Faultless with the sonnen flat8 batteries. Show additional information
Purchased a 10KW (34 panels) solar system (qcells and Fronius inverter) and two Tesla Powerwalls. No fault of Natural Solar that Tesla consistently changed and delayed expected lead times on the batteries. So we installed the cells first (which more than halved our grid usage - we were a heavy user at average 60KW a day before install). Eventually, despite owning a Tesla car, we reluctantly changed our order to Sonnen (16kw 3-phase system - largest available) and are glad we did. Installs of both the cells and battery were professional, on-time and tidy. The Sonnen app is easy to use and immediately showed some serious reductions in grid purchases. We are after four weeks about 90% self sufficient now and we can see the electricity usage patterns of pool, AC, Tesla car etc and are starting to amend our habits to be more energy conscious. A very happy customer. Thanks Alan and the Natural Solar team. Show additional information
Courteous friendly installers who did a good tidy job.

NOTE: I only bought the Powerwall 2 from this company. The panels were installed some years ago.
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I ordered an upgrade to my solar system along with a Tesla Powerwall 2 Battery from Natural Solar because they they appeared very professional on their website. My order was placed in February 2017.

There was a delay to the installation of the battery because of a shortage of supply from Tesla. Rather than wait until the battery was available, Natural Solar flexibly split my order into two parts. The upgrade to my solar system was installed quickly and very efficiently. The installer actually came to my house in advance of the installation and made some changed recommendations as to the placement of the panels in order to maximise the eventual effectiveness of the battery.

Once in stock, the battery was installed very neatly and professionally. The installer came when they said they would and even worked through a thunderstorm and light rain to complete the job. I was a little frustrated that the battery wasn't available for some months, but when the supplier (Tesla) can't keep up with their orders, what can you do?

Everything is now working exceptionally well. Twelve months ago my monthly electricity bill for January was $119. This is the first full month that my battery and solar system have been working together and my monthly bill this year is only $5.35.
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Very impressed with the process from start to finish. Our Sonnen battery is up and running! The salesperson gave fantastic technical advice and the installation was neat and tidy.

Thank you Natural Solar!
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