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Ningbo Ginlong solar inverter reviews

Overall Rating From 22 Reviews:

Ningbo Ginlong solar inverter reviews

Average Customer Rating:
( 4.23 / 5 )

Ginlong is a Chinese company specialized in the production and sales of small wind turbine systems and components including off-grid inverters, grid-connected inverters, smart controllers, permanent magnet generators and several other mechanical parts for wind turbines. But Ginlong is also active in the photovoltaic industry, in which they market monitoring systems and solar inverters that are IEC 55022, IEC 61000, and CE certified.

Ginlong’s customers, depending on their needs, can choose among different series of solar inverters; the latest generation is the Solis Mini Series, but more are available to choose from: the Solis-2G Single Phase, the Solis Three Phase, and the Solis Central Inverter.

Ginlong also manufactures monitoring systems, which are a handy way to track the performance of your PV system using your computer or mobile device linked to the Ginlong web server, which is GPRS or Wi-Fi accessible.

Ginlong is headquartered in China but several service points and commercial branches are located in Europe (Sweden, Germany, and UK), in Costa Rica, in USA and in Australia.

If you want to find out more about Ginlong’s range of solar inverters, simply check out the products here below to find the ones that best fit your needs and requirements.

Rating Comments Name State Postcode
Very happy with the Solis inverters. We opted to take up the extended warrenty on them, costing $150 AUD for a further 5 years each, giving a 10 year factory warrenty from Ginlong. Online monitoring is fine.
Bought From: Sunboost Review Date: 17 January 2019
Max SA 5120
Installed in 2011. Recently noticed an error "OV-Bus" (over DC bus voltage). No power going to grid or house! The installer seems to think that it needs replacing based on other installer's experience. Apparently no longer under guarantee. Waiting now for an inspection to see if it's repairable - new one $1000 ? - not happy!!!!!
Bought From: Rezeko Review Date: 9 May 2018
Peter VIC 3451

Bought From: Mega Watt Power Review Date: 22 March 2018
Barry NSW 2454
To be perfectly honest I don't know whether the inverter deserves a "fantastic" rating..... it seems to be effective, given we had to have the panels installed on the East side of the roof; no option of the North side due to Solar Hot Water Panels!
Bought From: AGL Solar Review Date: 18 February 2018
Michael VIC 3149

Bought From: Energy Matters Review Date: 21 December 2017
Lorraine VIC 3435

Bought From: ElectSolar Review Date: 24 October 2017
Julie VIC 3672
Solis Inverter
Bought From: Jims Energy Review Date: 22 September 2017
Grahame Caird VIC 3175
The inverter is 4G phase inverter, which is working with absolutely no problems.
Bought From: Energy Matters Review Date: 23 April 2017
Margaret WA 6028
gives read outs on last month and current output
Bought From: AGL Solar Review Date: 30 December 2016
Bob NSW 2324
Seems to be working well
Bought From: ElectSolar Review Date: 12 October 2016
John VIC 3730

Bought From: ElectSolar Review Date: 12 September 2016
Peter VIC 3677

Bought From: AGL Solar Review Date: 16 June 2016
Dian VIC 3138

Bought From: AGL Solar Review Date: 14 April 2016
Brett SA 5162

Bought From: AGL Solar Review Date: 4 March 2016
Ian SA 5037
Early days yet but working well
Bought From: AGL Solar Review Date: 27 January 2016
Nickolas Horton VIC 3044

Bought From: AGL Solar Review Date: 16 September 2015
Daryl VIC 3941
It's getting on to 12 months since I had my panels installed and I can still say they are fantastic. I have had no problems at all with the Inverter or the panels. Gryphon certainly are an A1 company to deal with and I would still recommend them to anyone who are still trying to work out who to go with.
Bought From: Gryphon solar Review Date: 13 January 2015
Lorraine VIC 3037
I can only say that the inverter has been performing as it should.
Bought From: Gryphon solar Review Date: 13 May 2014
Bill VIC 3088

Bought From: AGL Solar Review Date: 25 February 2012
Gwyn VIC 3146

Bought From: Rezeko Review Date: 16 May 2011
Stephen VIC 3860
Had a small problem in digi display (faded in sunlight) to Eko replaced the whole unit.
Bought From: Rezeko Review Date: 2 June 2010
John QLD 4122
Here I was a complete novice, however your web site made me sound like a professional when I sat down and talked to each of the three companies I sought quotes from. I am delighted with the company I chose to do the installation. Since that time I have Had them upgrade my current system to 3.5 kw, installed a further 3.5kw at our weekender and my eldest son using your research had the same firm recently install 4.2kw at his residence. We can't thank you enough. The company we used was Livingwise (Solarhart)Dandenong Vic. Kind Regards Trevor and Troy Warner
Bought From: Solahart Review Date: 27 May 2010
Trevor VIC 3943

Ningbo Ginlong has 84 solar inverters in our database

Model DC Voltage AC Power Efficiency
EKO - 1.5K - 2G500150097.00
EKO - 10K10001000097.50
EKO - 15K10001500097.50
EKO - 1K - 2G500150097.00
EKO - 2.5K - 2G600250097.00
EKO - 2K - 2G500200097.00
EKO - 3.6K - 2G600360097.00
EKO - 3K - 2G60030000.00
EKO - 4.6K - 2G600460097.00
EKO - 4K - 2G600400097.00
EKO - 5K - 2G600500097.00
EKO - 6K100010000.00
EKO 1500100-5001500 97.00
EKO 3000-DB100-5003000 97.00
EKO 4600-DB100-500 460097.00
EKO 5000 DB100-500500097.00
GCI - 1.5K - 2G - H500 V150096.00
GCI - 1.5K - 2G - W500 V150096.50
GCI - 10K1000V1000097.50
GCI - 10K - H1000V1000097.50
GCI - 10K - W10001000097.50
GCI - 15K10001500097.50
GCI - 15K - H10001500097.50
GCI - 15K - W10001500097.50
GCI - 1K - 2G - H500150096.00
GCI - 1K - 2G - W500100096.00
GCI - 2.5K - 2G - H600250097.00
GCI - 2.5K - 2G - W600250097.00
GCI - 2K - 2G - H500200097.00
GCI - 2K - 2G - W500200097.00
GCI - 3.6K - 2G - H600 360097.00
GCI - 3.6K - 2G - W600 360097.00
GCI - 3K - 2G - H600300097.00
GCI - 3K - 2G - W600300097.00
GCI - 4.6K - 2G - H600460097.00
GCI - 4.6K - 2G - W600460097.00
GCI - 4K - 2G - H600400097.00
GCI - 4K - 2G - W600400097.00
GCI - 5K - 2G - H600500097.00
GCI - 5K - 2G - W600500097.00
GCI - 6K1000600097.50
GCI - 6K - H600600097.50
GCI - 6K - W600600097.50
GCI-2K600V2000 95.00
GCI-2K - B600V2000 95.00
GCI-2K -B500200096.50
GCI-5K600V5000 97.00
Solapowa - 1.5K - 2G500150096.50
Solapowa - 10K10001000097.50
Solapowa - 15K1000 1500097.50
Solapowa - 1K - 2G500 100097.00
Solapowa - 2.5K - 2G600250097.00
Solapowa - 2K - 2G500200097.00
Solapowa - 3.6K - 2G600360097.00
Solapowa - 3K - 2G600300097.00
Solapowa - 4.6K - 2G600460097.00
Solapowa - 4K - 2G600400097.00
Solapowa - 5K - 2G600500097.00
Solapowa - 6K1000600097.50
Solis - 1.5K - 2G500VDC1.5KW96.50
Solis - 10K1000 V10kW97.50
Solis - 15K1000 V15kW97.50
Solis - 1K - 2G500 V1K96.00
Solis - 2.5K - 2G600V2.5kW97.00
Solis - 2K - 2G500 V2kW97.00
Solis - 3.6K - 2G208V-240V359096.50
Solis - 3K - 2G208V - 240V299097.00
Solis - 4.6K - 2G600 460097.00
Solis - 4K - 2G600 400097.00
Solis - 5K - 2G600500097.00
Solis - 6K1000Vdc6kW97.50
Solis 1500100-500V150095.00
Solis 2000600200095.00
Solis 3000-DB100-500300097.00
Solis 4600-DB100-5004600 97.00
Solis 5000600 500097.50
Solis 5000 - DB100-500500097.00
Ningbo Ginlong