Australian Solar Systems Interest Index – February 2019

auSSII report covering January 2019

Temperatures climbed in January and so too did interest in installing solar panels – 2019 is gearing up to be another big year for small scale solar power in Australia.

Here’s what Australians using the SolarQuotes service last month were looking for in a system.

Solar Power System Sizing

The proportion of Australians wanting a 6kW solar system or larger capacity stayed stable in January, at a whisker over 58% where a capacity was noted.  There was also higher percentage of submitters who wanted advice on choosing a solar power system size – close to 33% compared to 31% in December .

System size preference January 2019

Solar Power Installation Timeframe

Interest in having a solar power installed immediately dropped off substantially in January to 21% (December was 26%  and November 24%). But the vast majority of quote-seekers still wanted panels installed within 3 months – 84% vs. 86% in December and November.

Solar purchase intent - January 2019

Price And Quality Preference

Xmas and school holidays may have put a drain on finances, but Australians still weren’t compromising on solar quality. Approximately 80% were interested in a system that was “a good mix of quality and price” (79% in December). Around 12% were wanting a top quality (most expensive) system and 7% a quote on a “good budget system”.

Solar price vs. quality - January 2019

Battery Ready Systems

January saw a small drop in the proportion of those wanting a battery-ready system – from 30% in December to around 29% in January.  While most solar power systems  are “battery-ready”, we ask this question on our quoting form to help inform  system design.

Battery Ready Solar Interest - January 2019

Concurrent Installation Of Solar + Storage

A bit over 8% said they wanted battery storage installed along with their solar panels, down on December’s 9%. Although battery prices are dropping, installing one still an expensive proposition and much better bang for buck can be gained through spending more on a larger PV system.

Concurrent solar + battery storage installation - January 2019

Battery Capacity Choice

For those who wanted a concurrent battery installation and had a capacity in mind, approximately 16% expressed an interest in a 1-5kWh capacity device, 48% wanted a 5-10kWh battery and 36% a 10kWh+ system. 50% wanted advice on battery sizing, down on December’s 53% and November/October’s 55%.

Battery capacity preference January 2019

Intended Battery Application

A touch over 3% were wanting a solar battery primarily for backup purposes (~4% in December), while a little under 50% wanted it for minimising grid electricity consumption – same as December. 47% wanted a battery for both applications (46% in December).

Intended battery use January 2019

Pre-Solar Electricity Bills

Where average quarterly electricity bill amounts were known, 49% of submitters reported $500 – $1,000; quite a jump on December’s 45% and back at November levels. Again in January, 11% reported quarterly electricity bills of $1,000 or more. With their energy costs so high, it’s little wonder these folks were seriously considering solar energy as a way of reining in their power bills.

What Australians are paying for electricity - January 2019

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