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Australia’s National Electricity Market – “Don’t Panic”

National Electricity Market - Powering Ahead

A new report warns of the danger of politicians panicking over the situation with Australia’s National Electricity Market and ultimately pushing electricity prices higher.

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World’s Largest Floating Solar Farm Connected To The Grid

Floating solar farm

A 40MW floating solar farm, constructed on what would otherwise be a “useless” area due to the impacts of coal mining, has been connected to the mains electricity grid in Huainan, China.

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SMA’s Sunny Boy: Under The Hood. Chinese vs German Manufacturing

SMA have released a new single phase inverter. They kept the same joyful name of “Sunny Boy” however the model has changed from what was known as the “dash 21” to the “dash 40”. But let me tell you a well-known secret about the SMA “dash 40”. The respected German manufacturer is manufacturing these new […]

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Campbell Souping Up Solar Power Capacity

Campbell's Soup - solar panels

Campbell Soup Company has announced the beginning of construction of a 4.4MW solar electricity plant at its world headquarters in Camden, New Jersey.

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Lego Group Reaches 100% Renewable Energy Target

Wind and solar power - Lego

Lego Group has announced it has reached its 100% renewable energy target set in 2013 well ahead of schedule.

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Karma Automotive Officially Launches (Somewhat) Solar Assisted Revero

Karma Revero

Officially launched last week, the first Karma Revero Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEVs) are making their way to dealers across the USA and Canada.

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Surplus Renewable Energy Certificates To Pay For Victoria’s Desalinated Water

Victorian Desalination Plant

The Victorian Government says the water order from the Victorian Desalination Plant for 2017/8 will be 15 gigalitres, but Melbourne households won’t be slugged with additional water bill charges.

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Tesco Climbs On The 100% Renewable Energy Bandwagon

Wind and solar power - Tesco

Retailing giant Tesco has committed to powering its stores and distribution centre operations with 100% renewable energy by 2030.

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Natural Gas Blamed For Rising Electricity Prices But Is Not the Main Villain

lady looking at electricity price rise graph

Last week I wrote about how electricity prices in Australia are about to shoot so high the International Space Station will have to take evasive action.  It appears it’s not enough for the electricity sector to make Australians pay ridiculous prices, they are going to force us to go right to ludicrous.

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CEC Announces Solar Module De-Listing

Solar panel de-listing - CEC

The Clean Energy Council (CEC), the peak body for the clean energy industry in Australia, has for the first time openly communicated the de-listing of solar panels from its Approved Product List.

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