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Misinformation used again to undermine renewable energy target

solar lies

About two weeks ago we delivered a broadside against Origin Energy’s and the NSW State government’s apparent war against solar power. As you may recall, SQHQ considers the attempt by traditional energy utilities to influence the 2014 review of the renewable energy target (RET), to be part of a wider campaign against solar power. This […]

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Talking perovskite: the new kid on the solar cell block

panel from russia

One of the many advantages of solar energy is its charge down the cost curve as new technologies outstrip old in performance and cost. This week at SQHQ we’re dusting off the crystal ball and looking into the future of solar power. Specifically we’ll be checking out perovskite; the “new kid on the block” (with […]

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8 things to look out for when buying cheap solar panels

There are a hell of a lot of companies offering cheap solar panels right now, and as with all free markets, that is driving down the prices and the margins of solar power installers and suppliers. The question I get asked the most is this: “How do I tell if this deal from XYZ solar […]

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Why the government’s direct action sideshow is a joke

direct action sideshow

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Origin Energy’s propaganda war against renewables

origin not love renewables

Australian energy utility Origin Energy is under the SQHQ microscope this week readers. More specifically their claim that the carbon tax and subsidies for green schemes are the chief cause of the rise in the average electricity bill. Your correspondent received his bill from Origin on Thursday. While never a pleasant experience this was made […]

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How to unlock a great solar payback (even with crappy rebates).

payback graph

Occasionally I venture out of my straw-bale, solar passive eco-cave and meet real people, in person instead of over the interwebs. When they inevitably ask me the standard icebreaker “what do you do?” and hear that I’m in “solar power”, the usual response is: “Oh – that must be a tough industry, now that the […]

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Bushfires in Australia: who’s going to talk about the elephant in the room?


A worrying time for your correspondent this week readers as bushfires, which have claimed well over a hundred properties continue to rage in my region of the Blue Mountains, west of Sydney. While my town is safe for now, bushfires rage further up the Mountains and down in the Lower Mountains where over the bulk of property […]

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Solar storage breakthrough spoils nark’s party

solar power station and solar nark

When it comes to policy backflips on alternative energy sources it’s been a nark’s world here in Australia. It would be incorrect to generalise, but I’m going to anyway; there is now a preponderance of knuckle-dragging, climate deniers in office in state and federal governments. Many of whom are looking to increase subsidies to their […]

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The Truth About Your Roof And Solar Power: 3 Questions You Must Ask.

roof with panels

Imagine you walk in a shoe store and the shop assistant immediately starts measuring your head with a tape measure. You’d think she was mad, wouldn’t you? And you’d be right, of course. Sometimes the basics are just self-evident. If you need shoes, all the information you need is right there at the bottom of your […]

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Where are the visionary leaders that can make Australia (and the world) 90% renewable?


On May 25, 1961, President John F. Kennedy announced the dramatic and ambitious goal of sending an American to the moon and back before the end of the decade. No one had any idea if it was even possible. The technology needed had yet to be invented. Now that’s what I call visionary leadership. Next month […]

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