SolarQuotes Vodcast Episode 8: Ronald On Drugs & Chocolate

In the 8th instalment of the SolarQuotes Vodcast, Ronald and Finn discuss taking drugs, eating chocolate and of course solar power stuff. Click on the timestamp to go to that part of the video.

0:45 – Greens unveil $2.2bn battery scheme, to bring home storage in line with solar

Why we love the Green Party but hate one of their new policies: a federal $7,000 battery rebate.

3:30 – Tesla Reveals Model Y Electric Car And — Surprisingly — Elon Musk Doesn’t Promise The Moon

We discuss the Tesla Model Y and Tesla’s financial history. Read Ronald’s take on the big event here (written just after we filmed this vodcast).

6:10 – Check Your Solar Is Working Properly – With This Simple & Accurate New Tool

The free tool from Solcast, written by a bloke who lives in a caravan, is a great ‘solar analytics for cheapskates’. In 2 minutes you can see exactly how much energy you should have generated on each of the previous seven days. It even takes cloud cover in to account.

8:51 – 60 Million Tonnes Of Toxic Coal Ash At Lake Macquarie

The horror of toxic coal ash from power stations, and just how much space they take up, why taxi drivers don’t drive around in 40 year old taxis and why adding coal ash to concrete accelerates climate breakdown.

12:15 – The best and worst reviews of the week

Auswide solar get the gold medal and the wooden spoon goes to Aus Solar Australia.

14:21 – Making Approved Solar Retailer Status Mandatory in Victoria Would Be Disastrous

Why the Approved Solar Retail Scheme has gone from a great initiative to a horrible, Orwellian curse on consumers and installers. It was sold to us and the ACCC as voluntary, but now the CEC have come out and admitted that they are happy for states to mandate it. Why this will inevitably push up prices for consumers and hurt solar installers who have done nothing wrong.

22:41 – Longi Boosts Solar Panel Production Capacity

How panel manufacturer Longi Solar is doubling its capacity despite historically low solar panel prices.

23:55 – Go-Ahead Granted For Gunnedah Solar Farm

A new solar farm proposed for Gunnedah will be bigger than Gunnedah itself.

24:42 – Hanwha Q Cells Brings Patent Fight To Australia

Hanwha Q-Cells bringing their legal fight over patents to Jinko and Longi in Australia. What does it mean and will they start destroying solar panels down under if they win?

26:15 – SunPower Announces 400W Solar Panel Availability In Australia

The massive new 400W solar panel from Sunpower is very sexy, shame about their Altman Z score.

27:36 – Daley Vs. Berejiklian On School Strike 4 Climate Protests

The kids are revolting! Why we salute the kids striking for action on climate change – despite my kids refusing to go.

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