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About Cola Solar, Solar Installers

Cola Solar
Gold Partner

Cola Solar is a two-generation family owned and operated business based out of Bendigo, Victoria. Our goal is to offer affordable renewable energy solutions, delivered with certified professional service, and the warm welcoming customer service you expect from a family business.

Cola Solar services homes and businesses throughout Victoria.

Cola Solar are happy to work with you from design to installation in order to tailor make a renewable energy plan which best suits your budget and energy needs.

Benefits of Cola Solar

Family owned local business

Operating for over nine year

Over 4,000 install

Specialising in residential and commercial solar

High-quality product

Professional servic

CEC accredited installer

Multiple finance options

Comply with the Victorian Government rebate criteria

Maintenance and panel cleaning available

High Profile Installations

150kW JL King Fresh Produce

90kW National Hotel Complex

100kW Bendigo Day Surgery

100kW Hume & Iser

224kW Poyser Motor Group

32kW Bradie’s Tavern

170kW Bendigo Council 

319kW Macedon Shire Ranges Council

And many more!


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Cola Solar Solar Reviews

We follow up with all reviewers after 12 months to see how their system is going since it was installed. These are all the reviewers who have responded to our 1 year follow up:
Great sales team and quality products, however once you get past the initial contract signing they couldn't organise themselves out of a paper bag. Its now been 3 months and still no solar. Show additional information
Not installed yet, still waiting. Show additional information
From my first phone call for a quote to the installation was great informed weekly when the installation will take place and it was in the time we were told installation went well inspection done quickly system up and running and doing great job ian Show additional information
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Cola Solar was an excellent company to deal with. Show additional information
Show additional information
Show additional information
Answered all questions promptly. Were courteous with their interactions. Show additional information
The customer service provided by Cola Solar has been fantastic since first contact.
Communication has been faultless with emails and phone calls.
Top quality system being provided. Cola Solar said 6-8 weeks for install however getting it done in 5 weeks since deposit paid.
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Our overhead supply failed after the installation for the solar system test/ check and it turned that the cable had a short in it
It certainly had nothing to do with the installation but Cola Solar did everything in their power to get emergency power connected and supported us with advice, I feel that they were genuinely concerned and really did want to help us even though they didn't have to.
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It would be nice if any of the suppliers would come to the house and take a look at where the panels and inverter would be placed. I had to send photos by email of the house showing roof and where I want the inverter. All the sales work was done by phone. Show additional information
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Initial engagement was very good. After paying deposit the service dropped away, however this did coincide with the Victorian government change of solar policy which I believe increased interest in solar and probably impacted their service. Show additional information
Show additional information
Did not keep us informed had to ring them to find out what was going on and when it was getting installed. Show additional information
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We had several hiccups on installation which when we called and told them about, they never addressed.
More recently we have had our power placed underground and have found dealing with this company terrible.
Their customer service is negligible in that they simply do not get back to you. I think their policy is to ignore and hope you go away. WE spent over $40,000 with this company but as soon as they had our money that was it. We would not recommend this company to anyone.
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Very happy with the service from start to finish from Colar Solar, and the professional service from the contractor ( Monty's Electrical). Show additional information
The guys that done the installation were very friendly and knew what they were doing, and finished the job in 6 hours, i was very happy, now i'm just waiting for my electricity bill to turn up and see the difference in my bill. Show additional information
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The information you provided made the whole experience much easier to understand and helped me to "compare apples with apples" so that it was clear what i was getting. Show additional information
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Great service and good follow up. Show additional information
Cola Solar were the only ones that bothered to call me and discuss my needs before doing a quote Show additional information
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Your crew were at my Ballarat Office/residence today for installation. With the exception of two things, they did very well, and so I like to say thank you.

First, for the crew's friendliness, politeness and punctuality, they excelled. Those are really good business values and culture to have. Next, for the relentless efforts put in by their electricians (Jordan and Caleb) towards the end when there were network connectivity issues.

The only two things that I would love to leave for improvements are that:
1. There were dusty finger marks all over the power isolation boxes, so housekeeping may be something to improve on. As an Engineer who has overseen many installations myself, I don't leave site except I am certain it is thoroughly clean.

2. They may want to chat with their Inverter vendor on improving the security of network connectivity for their installations. Security not something that came across as of priority for the vendor.
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Cola provided a detailed analysis of the options and explained why the selected panels and inverters were chosen. Enabling an informed decision, easy comparison to internet reviews and ratings. Once the quote was accepted and the despot paid the approvals and installation was seamless, it just happened on time and on budget. Show additional information
Due to a medical issue I can be a 'difficult' person to deal with, Cola Solar were good. Show additional information
Great communication from Cola Solar. CS engaged local techs (Eko Solar) to do the installation.CS stated end of October for installation..actual date Nov 3.
System is up and running. Very satisfied. *****
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Initially we were looking for a solar system to produce enough power for ALL our daylight requirements. Our aim was to get our annual electricity bill to neutral, or perhaps just the cost of supply over the duration of a year.

Additionally the power the system produced in the warmer months needed to be greater than our daily requirements so that what went back into the grid would provide a significant offset towards our usage in the cooler months.

Cola Solar convinced us that a solar panel system TOGETHER with a solar hot water system would best meet our needs. Our daily usage was around 19kwh and nearly 11 of those were used to heat our hot water. Chris from Cola Solar explained that an all solar panel system could meet our requirements however the solar panels AND the solar hot water system would do it better. He used the analogy of travelling off-road in a vehicle to compare the two options. You could go off-road in a BMW sports car BUT a 4x4 would do the job much better because it is designed to travel off-road.
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The whole process was excellent. Cola Sola are a fantastic group who showed they really know there stuff. The enphase system is working great and should do us well into the future. We recommend cola Sola to all central Victorians. A local Bendigo company . Show additional information
wont be installed until mid august 2017 Show additional information
The communication was excellent and the installers were quick and efficient. The whole process went smoothly and without any dramas.
Highly recommend Cola Solar for central Victorians.
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The system was installed by contractors to Colasolar they were very efficient I only know their first names Josh & Willy.
The main trouble with this quoting system is ,I bought a system with a 5KW invertor and panels to supply 33% more capacity to get the full rebate believing that I would get near 5kw on a sunny winters day but no, the best it does is in bright sun 4.6KW most of the time 0.5 to2.5KWs If I had know this I might of rethought buying solar.
My complaint is that this was not explained as required by the Clean Energy Commission solar retailers code of conduct section " point of contact 2.1.6".especially Pt (e) but in fact none of this was provided. I only found out about the code of conduct recently as I found its difficult to find on the internet. I checked the equipment on the net mainly your site.
I understand that installer who are eligible for the rebate must be signatories to this program.
Thanks for your site it was a great help, maybe you could highlight this code of conduct for prospective buyers so they are aware of what to expect from their system.
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It is not installed yet hopefully soon Show additional information
The Cola Solar sales person made it easy to understand the way the system works and what size system we really needed. Their service and communication throughout the process was fantastic. The two installers worked efficiently and did a great job. Everything was left neat and tidy. Show additional information
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