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Gippsland Solar

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Gippsland Solar Overall Rating From 61 Reviews:

61 Reviews

Average Customer Review (61 customer reviews)


Gippsland Solar has been in the renewable energy business for many years - its installers have more than three decades' worth of experience between them.

One point of difference between this solar power company and others is that it directs a certain percentage of its sales back into the community. Furthermore, it uses local installers wherever possible.

Gippsland Solar prides itself on only using the best quality components available, as well as providing top level customer service. Furthermore, it hopes to encourage people in the Gippsland area to become more energy efficient and lower their carbon footprints.

Rating Comments Name State Postcode
Solar Quotes was only able to provide one referral, and we got a quote from that ...
>>> See Andrea's review
Andrea VIC 3820

>>> See Anon's review
Anon VIC 3995
This was not the cheapest system we could have supplied but we did ask each supp ...
>>> See David's review
David VIC 3820
I chose Gippsland Solar because they are a local company, have done a lot of wor ...
>>> See Alistair's review
Alistair VIC 3821
Gippsland Solar were extremely prompt in providing information, quotes and respo ...
>>> See George's review
George VIC 3831
The service was very personal. You can be confused with technical issues & Andre ...
>>> See Norm & Sue's review
Norm & Sue VIC 3871

>>> See Anon's review
Anon VIC 3996
Good honest company to deal with.
>>> See DES's review
DES VIC 3820
Although one can always find a cheaper price for anything, quality, service, pun ...
>>> See Vince's review
Vince VIC 3996
Gippsland Solar were a very professional company to deal with. Andy came to the ...
>>> See Karen's review
Karen VIC 3996
We found Andrew and his team to be very friendly, approachable, helpful and prof ...
>>> See Bob's review
Bob VIC 3871
The Gippsland Solar team was great, very professional and had the installation c ...
>>> See Adrian's review
Adrian VIC 3844

>>> See Harry's review
Harry VIC 3842
Andy really knows his stuff, I walked in to his shop just to talk about the poss ...
>>> See Brian's review
Brian VIC 3871

>>> See Virginia's review
Virginia VIC 3964
If your looking for a salesperson and company that's straight up, honest and ret ...
>>> See Eddie's review
Eddie VIC 3824
I can highly recommend Andrew and his team. The customer service was excellent a ...
>>> See Gillian's review
Gillian VIC 3400
Professional, Caring and Respectful. Great service and communication from start ...
>>> See Les's review
Les VIC 3996

>>> See Paul's review
Paul VIC 3844
Gippsland Solar were pleasant to deal with and very helpful with all aspects of ...
>>> See Mark's review
Mark VIC 3825
It has been a long time since we have experienced such prompt, polite and inform ...
>>> See Rob's review
Rob VIC 3871
Of the three companies I talked to I thought that Gippsland Solar was the most p ...
>>> See David's review
David VIC 3956
The Company representative Andrew McCarthy came when he said he would and gave u ...
>>> See Paul's review
Paul VIC 3847
We purchased a solar hot water unit from Gippsland Solar and when we moved was s ...
>>> See Wendy's review
Wendy VIC 3953
Received 3 quotes for my system. Although not the cheapest, Gippsland Solar ...
>>> See Stanley's review
Stanley VIC 3995
Salesperson & installers were all very professional & efficient. I have been hap ...
>>> See Gary's review
Gary VIC 3844
Have chosen solar HWS only for the moment.
>>> See Anon's review
Anon VIC 3874
Sensational "good old fashioned service"! I can highly recommend Andrew and the ...
>>> See Chris's review
Chris VIC 3825
Extremely professional service from the very first contact with Gippsland Solar. ...
>>> See Michael's review
Michael VIC 3821
The whole exercise was pain free, professional and prompt. Would recommend Gipps ...
>>> See Chris's review
Chris VIC 3825
I initially was signed up with another company for solar panels and to cut a lon ...
>>> See Val's review
Val VIC 3844
Soooooooooo happy with Gippsland Solar's service. From day dot they were so prof ...
>>> See Jenifer's review
Jenifer VIC 3815
Andy was great to deal with and did not abandon us when the job was done, like o ...
>>> See Ted's review
Ted VIC 3825
Andrew and his team are the most profesional team i have come across. We asked A ...
>>> See Joan&Bill's review
Joan&Bill VIC 3995
Gippsland Solar is fantastic to deal with and provide superior customer service. ...
>>> See Chris's review
Chris VIC 3871
After much research we chose Gippsland Solar to install a 4.5kW PV system in mid ...
>>> See Rod's review
Rod VIC 3821
Andrew was quick to respond to my enquiriy, answered questions thoroughly and pr ...
>>> See Graeme's review
Graeme VIC 3951
The hold up now is apparently SP Ausnet to install the bi-directional meter. Th ...
>>> See Peter's review
Peter VIC 3851
After making the decision to go Solar I did some research on the net and obtaine ...
>>> See Julie's review
Julie VIC 3844
Gippsland Solar were prompt and courteous in all transactions, the system was in ...
>>> See Jim's review
Jim VIC 3818
Having previously had a solar hot water system from Gippsland Solar, I had no he ...
>>> See Gail's review
Gail VIC 3825
True to his word, friendly, knowledgeable and accessible at any time. Have recom ...
>>> See Lorna & Norm's review
Lorna & Norm VIC 3854

>>> See Graeme's review
Graeme VIC 3844

>>> See Andy's review
Andy VIC 3844
The company that was going to install my solar system went into administration a ...
>>> See Don's review
Don VIC 3951
What a pleasure to deal with a company that has the customer's interests at hear ...
>>> See Maria's review
Maria VIC 3825
Very impressed with all the feedback we got from Andrew. Very highly professiona ...
>>> See Clinton's review
Clinton VIC 3995
I emailed Andrew he sent information and a quote which was easy to understand t ...
>>> See Greg's review
Greg VIC 3851
Quality and service was excellent. No issues, and found Gippsland Solar staff e ...
>>> See Gary's review
Gary VIC 3840
Very happy with the service and the system. Thankyou Andrew.
>>> See A & K's review
A & K VIC 3850
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