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Perth Solar Warehouse and PSW Energy are a part of the McKercher Corporation Pty Ltd group of businesses established in 2004 as McKercher ECS. PSW Energy is the evolution of Perth Solar Warehouse to deliver renowned products and services to a broadening market beyond Perth, Western Australia.

Reviewers report paying: $2,600 - $8,000 for depending on hardware choice and installation difficulty ( how is this calculated? )

Panels, inverter and battery brands

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Highly recommend

Extremely high quality install, very good communication from planning to execution phase, no pushy sales tactics just great information and service. I really could not recommend them enough.
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Why chose PSW ?

Sales were brilliant, no offering things I didn't ask for only accurate and fast responses to the questions I asked with quotes for various options I inquired about, there was zero pressure to do anything and none of the well worn out " only available today" nonsense.

All four on the install team arrived exactly on time with 5 minutes of each other, they asked where I preferred they parked , if there were any considerations they needed to be aware of ( such as pets , gates etc ) , asked if it was ok to switch power off and only had it off for around 5 minutes.
The install was faultless, all the guys went around after the install to make sure there was no mess left anywhere, absolutely spotless! over all could not be happier.

Customer service were first class all the way, from advice and information all the way through the process until after the install there was nothing we had to worry about, everything was arranged for us.
Every single aspect of the customer service was faultless.

Panel rating: 5/5
Inverter rating: 5/5
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Fantastic service! Great products.

Perth Solar Warehouse are amazing to work with. They were very helpful and were able to answer all my questions no matter how insignificant it may have been.
A big deciding factor for me is that they are a local company and use in-house electrical service team to install the system.
It all looks great and seems to be working amazingly and efficiently.
Would definitely recommend Perth Solar Warehouse!
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Perth Solar Warehouse is the greatest!

Perth Solar Warehouse is highly recommended. The whole process from choosing the right equipment for my needs to install and after service is outstanding. I ended up choosing Jinko Solar 390W Tiger All Black and the 5kW SMA Sunny Boy 5.0 AV-41 Inverter. The equipment is very efficient and I could not be happier! 10 out of 10. Thankyou PSW.
Panel rating: 5/5
Inverter rating: 5/5
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Great installer and product

Perth Solar Warehouse had an end of year sale with upgrades and the inverter we wanted and this was the main reason for selecting the above supplier. The other suppliers from solar quotes were all great too with equally good products and competitive pricing. They were all quick to respond, quick to quote and if not for the sale, we would have surely selected one of them. Solar quotes helped a lot with making the decision between inverters and panels and different systems easier, helping us decide how to proceed. I can recommend solar quotes and their respective suppliers to anyone looking to have a system installed.
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Great install from start to finish

The whole process was simple and installation was excellent. Was never pressured into purchasing or directed towards a certain brand. Installers tidied up and were courteous. All cables were hidden where possible. Their automated online portal is very professional and well executed. Follow up service to ensure I was log onto the system was also great.
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Fantastic installer who had the system mounted in one day.

-Quotes were prompt and as requested

-Installation was carried out well with a team of 3 guys who completed very neat work within the day.

-The team on the other end of the phone were delightful, friendly and there to help.

Nothing bad experienced with PSW.
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Easy, stress free transaction

We cannot complain with the service and installation from PSW. It was such an easy transition, all dealt with by email. There was no need to call as all of the information we required was provided to us upfront and it was just a matter of selecting the most affordable system for our needs. Very happy with the cost an installation.
We’d be happy to recommend PSW
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Professional Service At Every Level

It was a tough decision to install solar as I had little knowledge of what had to be done and needed to feel secure about the process. I interviewed consultants from several solar companies prior to choosing Perth Solar Warehouse and always found something lacking.

Once I read the reviews for PSW and visited their on-line site, I felt this was the company I was looking for. Their site offered first class product reviews and allowed me to evaluate a system of my choosing with different panels and inverters. Contact with the company was a breeze and I was able to satisfy myself that going with PSW would be a safe choice.

I chose to go with Jinko Tiger 6.6kW panels alongside a 5kW Huawei inverter. The system was installed on18/05/2021 by Joel, Lachlan and Isaac from PSW and I had absolutely no complaints. The lads turned up on time and immediately started the install. I was glad that I had been assigned a terrific team as everything went as expected. I noticed that there was extra cabling at one point and asked Joel what it was used for. To my surprise, he advised that the cabling was installed for any future battery system if we chose to go down that track.

I have waited several months before posting a review as I wanted to see how things panned out and in case there were any problems. There have been absolutely no problems and the panels and inverter have ticked over nicely, probably producing above average for winter months, especially on an east/west configuration.

Huawei offer a really good piece of software that allows me to monitor every aspect of the system and indicates the panel production as well as potential revenue throughout the day, week, month.

I have had little need to contact PSW since the installation, but when I did, I received the best of service and I'm satisfied that they will be around for many years to come.

So glad I chose PSW and the panel/inverter system I have.

Panel rating: 5/5
Inverter rating: 5/5
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Fantastic service

Fantastic service, quick and efficient installation. Looking forward to a reduced power bill. Thanks. Clints mechanical.
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Fantastic service

Sales/quoting process was very prompt and informative
Installation went to plan - even though we changed or date, they were very accomodating.
Installation was done by Blake Collins and Campbell Jones. They were punctual, polite and tidy.
Customer service was excellent in all aspects of installation and are even coming back in a week or two to connect to the internet for us (as property vacant ATM)
We would DEFINATELY recommend this company.
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Perth Solar Warehouse - Review

From the onset, PSW were extremely professional. Their quoting process is fantastic as it gives you a number of options to choose from so that you are able to work out a system that is within your price range.

All members of the PSW team were great. Special thanks to Moly, Kate, Penny-Lee and Jesse.

The scheduling for the install is timely and PSW offer flexible timeframes to ensure you are able to pay the balance prior to install.

From start to finish the entire process took no more than three weeks and the install itself takes no longer than 1 day (6.6 kw package).

Thanks again to PSW.
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very happy with the installation and service! Thank you.

fast, good services
satisfied and saving money immediately after the installation :)

Panel rating: 5/5
Inverter rating: 5/5
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Very professional and knowledgeable staff

Highly recommended with a quality service well priced system they are local and only use trained employees to do the installation. on the day of my installation my installers where Blake and Dawson they did a very professional job and nothing was a problem for them they explain every thing that was going on thru out the install. From the start to the finish off my solar system PSW ENERGY is very informative of what going on as well as the after care I am so happy that i decided to go with them.
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Staff are very professional

I would really have appreciated a representative from Perth Solar Warehouse coming out to me to talk to me about the system that would be best for me to purchase based on my power usage and telling me the positive points of how to best benefit from installing solar panels. When I asked for this I was told that this was not this company's practice. A friend had looked into getting solar panels and had used PSW and was happy with them. If PSW had not been so prompt in replying to my request for a quote then I probably would have gone with another company. On the other hand, the work person who came out and measured up my roof and the 2 work people who did the installation were very efficient, tidy, communicative and pleasant to have at my home. As to the valve for money and quality of the system, time will tell. PSW organised the connection to the grid. I have recommended this company to 2 other people.
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Very professional and knowledgeable.

Very helpful all the way through the process and very knowledgeable about what system would suit our needs best.

Very good communication and installation was very professional. Highly recommended.
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Beyond expectations

From beginning to end, not pushy, detailed updates and advise, really nice installers and even great after care. After being harassed by other company's there was only one clear choice. Thank you Perth Solar Warehouse!
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Competent and Frendly

A very professional and easy to deal with company.Great installers very happy with the system. Have known several people who had used them before me and all the feedback was good. Also good after sales service.
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6 months later

System: 36 LG 370w panels, SME 10kw 3 phase inverter and a Powerwall2. Not a typical installation!

The PSW installation team was fantastic. The job was completed and up and running in 2 days.

Given this was not a typical 6kw single phase installation, the process of getting there was not quite as easy. I didn’t know what technical questions to ask upfront, so there were some issues that were only discovered during installation and commissioning. Again, PSW was very good at delivering the best configuration possible. It would appear that a 3 phase installation with a Powerwall is not that common in Perth (back in January).

The system has worked flawlessly (except for a minor hiccup during a power outage, but this appears to have has been rectified), so I am very happy with the end solution and installation. To date the system is performing better than my forecast; I have saved over $1050 in electricity costs in 6 months and expect a payback for the whole system in about 9 years. Electricity bill for the 6 months was $80 inc. GST. BTW, I get 0 cents credit from Western Power for input to the Grid, because I have a 10kwh inverter. I would get whole 3 cents if I only had a 5kwh inverter.

Things that weren’t obvious to me at the start, but is my fault for not investigating further:
• A single Powerwall can only support 1 phase. 2 Powerwalls can support 2 phases if configured that way, but only one works during a Grid outage.
• Western Power (via Tesla) limits the input/output of the Powerwall to 3kwh. This can impact the charge on very cloudy days.
• If the Grid goes down during the day, the Solar array stops as well because the inverter needs power to all 3 phases (the Powerwall only supports 1 phase).

Would I recommend PSW? Yes, definitely, but be prepared to do some fairly rigorous investigations yourself if you want a non-typical install (ie. not a 6kw solar only system). I suspect this would be the case with most if not all installers. I went with PSW because they provided a competitive price, quality service, were local and only used trained employees to do the installation.
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Original Review on 02-12-2020:

Installed the products I wanted, great service throughout.

Along with the recommended installers from SolarQuotes, I also requested quotes from a lot of other companies as well. Most of them were great to deal with, friendly and not pushy at all (aside from one that just bad mouthed brands he didn't sell).
However Perth Solar Warehouse was the only one that sold the combination of panels and inverter that I wanted - throughout the quoting process they provide many different options with advice, but did not try to favour one brand over another as they were aware I had researched myself and had a strong idea of what I wanted.
Once I decided on the system, they were very quick to quote and also were willing to give a (small) discount on the final price as I was keen to get it done asap. They sorted out all the connections/meter changeover with the electricity company very quickly (the utility company swapped over our meter within a week!) and kept me in the loop as to the status of the whole process.
There was about a 7 week wait for installation, but when an earlier slot opened up they happily rescheduled my install to an earlier date (so only about 4weeks turnaround).
The installation team showed up on time, and they were very courteous and considerate throughout the install, making sure to keep everything clean and tidy and they swept up all the dust from my place afterwards. They walked me through everything I needed to be aware of in terms of the system and the inverter.

The ONLY reason I have currently given them 4 stars on the install is that it appears they may have caused my existing reticulation controller to fail/short out on wiring - I am just waiting on them to review/resolve (the install was just yesterday) and will happily change to 5 stars when resolved :)
Original ratings

Panel rating: 5/5
Inverter rating: 5/5

Value for money: 5/5
Quality of System: 5/5
Installation: 4/5
Customer Service: 5/5

8 months later we asked Jason: "Are you happy with the performance of your system so far?"

Yes!! Met my expectations completely, and the Fronius smart meter & API is a terrific tool for a geek like me to run reports :)
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Good Installation very professional

Very happy with the installation was done in a timely fashion and the team went through everything thoroughly with me would certainly recommend to others
Inverter rating: 5/5
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Easy to use and done a great work

They even did it on a rainy day, and finish on time. Good installation as no leaking water found in last 3 months during the rain season.
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Very Happy!

Right from the start, the communication, follow up, overall customer service and help with any questions I had was seamless. Installation went very well and a follow up call that I made answered some additional questions. Can't fault anything at this stage, would highly recommend.
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Perth Solar Warehouse is THE Choice!

Great communication and service from the moment we entered Perth Solar Warehouse shop. We couldn't ask for a better experience! We have just installed the Sunny boy SMA inverter and very happy with our choice. The SMA is very simple to use and it has a smart looking too.
Panel rating: 5/5
Inverter rating: 5/5
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Would not use anyone else

This is our 2nd house we've used Perth Solar Warehouse & my dad will be using them now too. Would not go anywhere else, best before/during/after sales service, great advice, great products, very competitive prices & I love being able to support a local business. And all staff & installers are very lovely.
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Great Team / Nice Installation

The process from start to finish was very simple.
Lots of information provided and updates before and after the installation.
Customer service was brilliant and the installation team very polite and professional.
A great in house team with no contractors.
The installation was very neat.

Panel rating: 5/5
Inverter rating: 5/5
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Perth Solar warehouse better than buying local in Bunbury

The sales team, installation team and administration team for extremely professional and all did such a fantastic job, better than Sunwise in Bunbury who were so unorganised and unprofessional I had to get deposit back, tried to buy local, but they were over priced and totally unprofessional,

Perth Solar Warehouse we’re so professional I recommend them always. They can even put a sign at my house if they want, I was so pleased with them.

Panel rating: 5/5
Inverter rating: 5/5
Battery rating: 5/5
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PSW great company to deal with

I wanted a cheap system that would pay for its self quickly. The company was very helpful and very easy to deal with form start to finish. They kept me informed throughout the process and were happy to answer any questions. I really had nothing to do as they took care of everything. Would definitely use them again and have already recommend to friends.
Panel rating: 5/5
Inverter rating: 4/5
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Great installer with awesome customer service.

Great company to use for solar in Perth! The customer service was excellent - they are always there to guide you through the process, give you all the information you need and answer any questions. Super easy installation and a friendly team!
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Best all round in Perth

This is going to sound like a plug but I did weeks of research and received advice for everything from the panels and inverters themselves to the workmanship and installer background.

I received 3 quotes from this website, which I only felt one installer was any good. PSW was found through my own searches.

I managed to snag a great deal due to EOFY and they honoured the price when they didn’t need to. I dealt with easy to talk to and professional customer service with no pushing of sales at all. Their new website is great with heaps of details and a project page to track your orders progress.

The install itself was outstanding. On the wettest day of the year they still got it done. The guys were great and had exceptional knowledge and people skills.

The system has only been on a couple days but is churning out the power when not overcast.

I can’t fault anything, huge warranties on the equipment and the install job gives me a peace of mind.

I’ve dealt with numerous tradies and companies since buying my house last year, only one was as good as these guys. Bravo and thank you.

I’ve since forwarded my quote and experience on to four other friends who have since ordered it as it’s an amazing deal.

Definitely give PSW a whim.
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Very professional from start to finish

Sales staff answered all my concerns addressed issues with good communication
Installation crew arrived on time very polite and just got on with the job at hand.(cold wet windy conditions). job well done. All rubbish removed thank you. System installed IT WORKS
Admin staff were very helpful with a app connection
From start to finish about 5 weeks All paper work and warranties in place THANK YOU
Cheers Gary D

Panel rating: 5/5
Inverter rating: 5/5
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Happy Solar Days

I am most happy with the service from PSW they have keep me informed from the first time I called into the Jandakot warehouse. I have had contact from various staff all of which have been informative and polite. The installation team turned up on time and did a great job, from what I can tell.They cleaned up afterwards and we’re polite to me during the day.

Job well done to the PSW team.
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Fantastic company

The whole team at PSW do a great job to make getting solar a simple process from sales all the way through to installation. All I had to do was pick which system I wanted and they took care of everything else. Would highly recommend them.
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Solar plus battery system up and running well

I honestly can’t fault my experience with PSW… good advice during quote, competitive price, flexible and friendly install and entire solar and battery system is now working perfectly. Would definitely recommend PSW.
Panel rating: 5/5
Inverter rating: 5/5
Battery rating: 5/5
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Top shelf company and staff.

Very friendly & obliging, on time installing, took note of any cracked tiles (we had spares) & replaced, tidying up afterwards, web access intuitive, system effected next day.
Panel rating: 5/5
Inverter rating: 5/5
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Great Value and Fantastic Service

Perth Solar Warehouse (PSW) was fantastic from quote to install and beyond. I had some questions about exactly how the solar installation would work regarding panel layout on my roof, interaction with future electric car charging and home battery infrastructure as well as the difference between panel and inverter types, I'm also not available to take calls during business hours so everything had to be done via email. PSW was quick to reply and full of information helping me to get the best understanding of everything included in the quote. They were able to book my installation in to follow a roof restoration and then were flexible with bringing forward the installation when the roof work was completed ahead of schedule. They took care of lodging all the paper work with the electricity providers after I gave them the details required. On the day of installation, they were on time, fast, efficient and very tidy with only a minor power disruption to connect everything up. After installation, they supplied me with all the online portal monitoring details and provided digital copies of all warranties, etc. which is much better than a loose piece of paper. Highly recommend.
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Very professional team

I was exceedingly impressed by the attention of the sales & marketing team.
The installation guys were excellent.the time taken to carry out what I thought was a major installation was amazing.There was not one bit of rubbish left behind.
Customer service, in addition to the first item was excellent.There was nothing left at all for me to do but pay the bill
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Great experience beginning to end

PSW were one of a few companies I approached for a solar install quote, and whilst I got great vibe from each one I got the best vibe from PSW, and so went with them. Great advice on solar placement also probably separated them from the competition. Installation went smooth on the day. They called in the morning to let me know what time to expect them (they were running a bit behind, but still within the window promised, and called to let me know) and then took care of the whole process to setup the user account with the inverter manufacturer and connect the inverter to wifi and the end of install. Grid connection also completely taken care of by them. I was socked an unexpected meter replacement fee from the energy provider, so not PSW related, but to go that extra bit above and beyond PSW could probably give customer the heads up they might expect that.
The only thing separating these guys from a 5 star sweep was they left a few items behind following the install. One item in particular they really should have been more careful with. But they were apologetic, assured me they'll take more care in future, and came around to pick them up within a few days.
Would not hesitate to recommend.

Panel rating: 4/5
Inverter rating: 4/5
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Excellent customer service from the installer..prompt efficient.. a really good experience. Thank you
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Excellent service from the time we contacted the company and till after installation. We will definitely be recommending PSW to our family and friends

Sales team was great and stayed in contact with us until installation.
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Great value for money

Perth Solar Warehouse had a wide range of options to choose from and ended up having the most competitive quote of the five energy retailers I looked at. I received plenty of communication via email prior to the installation and they were prompt at responding to my queries.

Installation was a smooth process and the team arrived on time and had the full installation done before 4pm. I have nothing to fault with the install and Blake and his team left our house in good order. The team was well-mannered and knowledgeable.

During the whole process PSW kept me well informed and organised the connection to the grid. There was minimal paperwork required from myself as PSW handled it all.

Overall very impressed with the installation, competitive price point and communication.
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Excellent Installation and Competitive Price

Quoting Process is hassle free and price is very competitive.

Joe was very polite and very informative. completed the job tidily and punctual.

Yes, Joe did help and explain to me on the Grid connection. He also explain to me about the internet connection to monitor my system.

Overall, The team has been very helpful with all questions regarding the installation and other matters relating to the system. Very good.
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Great team

Excellent service from start to finished. the team done everything. I just sat back and watched. now my daughter is getting them to install a system for her home. great value for money. Highly recommend.
Inverter rating: 5/5
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I could not have chosen a better company

What a great company to deal with
The price was really good for my installation which included a Tesla battery as well
I was kept informed through every step of the process and the installation team arrived exactly when they said they would and the quality of their work was first class
Well done to all at PSW
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Professionally done

Just installed solar energy 5days ago. From the start of sales quote to installation and follow up todate, I find PSW aspiring to be a professional solar provider and ticks all the right boxes for me. So no complains here but thumbs up for the team.
Still waiting for the photos on the roof panel installation.
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A brilliant company to deal with.

I researched a very large amount of companies before I finally decided on a company to install our solar. This took a month of emails, phone calls and reading web pages, talking to friends and family. I finally decided on Perth Solar Warehouse. Their price was right, the sales gentleman, Russell, was knowledgeable and was able to answer my myriad of, what I'm sure, were very annoying amounts of questions. The installation went very smoothly. The gentleman I believe was the supervisor of the job was excellent. Unfortunately, I cannot recall his name. He happily answered any question I had and has a genuine passion for Customer Service and support. The other installers were also excellent. I received an email from Penny-Lee on a Saturday to discuss the app side of things. Penny-Lee too was very knowledgeable, helpful and answered all my questions easily. I cannot rate the entire company highly enough, and would welcome anyone to utilise their services.
Panel rating: 5/5
Inverter rating: 5/5
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Smooth operation

Really smooth process of getting an accurate quote, really helpful customer service in the lead up, during and after the installation.
Great at adjusting to my requests and questions during the quote.
Great team of installers, very polite and hard working. Very clean installation.
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The whole process from quote to installation went smoothly

1. Sales was easy, quick response and clear
2. Installation was on time and went smoothly
3. Customer service to set up monitoring apps, etc was very helpful (Penny Lee)
4. Totaly happy so far :)
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All good so far

No problems from start to finish site left clean and tidy..
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Easy way to get Solar with no hassles

Perth Solar Warehouse has to be one of the easiest companies to deal with for Solar. I requested a quote from the website, got back a few options, spoke to Jessie who answered my questions and then electronically signed the purchase contract all within the same day. Quote was way cheaper than the company who came to my house trying to sell me the same equipment and I did not have to deal with the sales pitch. The installation process was simple. PSW has a client dashboard which shows you all you need to know. They handle it all. Installation date was booked and the team arrived on time, went about their work leaving no mess and handed over the system details to me before leaving. If we do end up having any call again for any warranty issues, I am certain it will be dealt with just as efficiently.
Panel rating: 5/5
Inverter rating: 5/5
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