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About Solar4Ever, Solar Installers

Electrical Contractor's License:   (learn about electrical licenses and buying solar)
WA: EC 13371 Good Day Mate Pty Ltd 

Reviewers report paying: $3,475 - $4,200 for depending on hardware choice and installation difficulty ( how is this calculated? )

One of the older solar companies, established in WA with an excellent website and very positive customer feedback.


Solar4Ever Solar Reviews

Professional, brand agnostic, good advice and clean job

Quick quoting. Very responsive to emails. Very competitive price. Didn't push particular brands like other business who were quoting me and were able to give me the options in my best interests. Polite and punctual installers who cleaned everything up after the job was finished and took away all the packaging and leftover rubbish.

I was very pleased particularly that they had no problem installing panels on 3 faces for a negligible extra charge by using the latest Goodwe MS inverter with 3 MPPTs. Where other businesses tried to push me towards only 1 expensive solution if I wanted panels on 3 faces, this was a perfectly good solution.
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Professional in every way

Professional Competence & Knowledge
Professional Regard for and Credit for The Profession
Professional Treatment for the End User as of Primary Importance

Unusual excellent quoting process: Intelligent comprehensive information and set of options presented (website) in an easily understandable format and style. A very high level of technical journalism, much appreciated, thanks.

No Pressure. No foot even tried to get in the door.

The installation went without a hitch as quickly as the weather permitted. Tidy. Punctual. Pleasant. Friendly.

The gear recommended is working perfectly and silently (Huawei 3phase etc 5KW and 18 x 370W panels). Our house is usually perfectly quiet; a noisy fan would ruin the sounds of Nature (we live alongside a national park); that would have been ruined by having another fan-cooled inverter.

They organized everything transparently; simple signing of a few forms over the Internet.

The quote gave a collection of the best options from a cheap partial upgrade (not-recommended as that (would have cost more in the long run, on examination) to a best-of-warranties top-of-range (without cosmetics).

With the online information, with a detailed and long descriptions of options and costs, I was led to avoid what could have cost a lot more. Now I'm thrilled to see that modern panels relatively ignore shadows, for example. I've had solar for over twelve years; a shadow over even part, of one of the old panels, degraded the whole system disproportionately. I needed to know, for example, such money-saving facts as were pointed out to me by Solar4Ever, that to take further precautions (against shade) would cost more than that was worth paying for. Had I took an other co's quote, I would have paid less for an inferior system which, long-term (not very long, actually) would have cost more and, proven, had an inferior warranty/guarentee.

The quote included costs of removing 16 ancient panels and a 3KW inverter; something others failed to include despite being told repeatedly that there's been a system on the roof for many years (look it up in Google Earth 52 Chaucer Way Kalamunda 6076 Western Australia). Removing old stuff can take longer than adding new stuff to a pristine roof.

I found Solar4Ever because a few years ago I knew the "grandfather" thing, for and extra 40c/kWh sold to the grid, was going to last only another ten years. I didn't know whether that was from the first six panels or from that date, so did a lot of looking, a couple of years ago, but didn't make a move to buy (for sure) until I got the letter saying the 40c (down from 47c to 7c/unit) was running out that month. I got one more quote then asked a few friends and the first one we asked recommended Solar4Ever (turns out two other friends did, also, we found after I accepted Solar4Ever). I was so impressed by just the website I decided to go with them before I got the delightful personalized analytical consulting-level details with their quote.

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Best Solar Company!!!

Solar4Ever was very efficient and made the solar installation process very easy for me by providing the great quote, products and customer service. Highly recommend them!!! Show additional information
I should have requested 3 potential suppliers to start with. I assumed 2 would be fine especially being through SQ, but installers seem to be almost overrun with business so some will either not return calls/quote at all & overall there seems to be an unwillingness to consult/site inspect for a quote. Notwithstanding, with the knowledge I gained from SQ I still felt confident in the decisions, system & installer we ended up choosing. The Installer we used is in fact listed with SQ & the reviews/ratings for them on SQ played a part in my decision to use them. Show additional information

Fantastic company

Solar4Ever are a great company to deal with. Very professional, from the initial query down to the installation. They organised everything from the removal and disposal of our old system to organising the grid connection.

Andrew was very helpful explaining the different systems, pointing out the pros and cons. Answered all our questions promptly and made them easy to understand.

Nathan the installer did a great job. I would definitely recommend Solar4Ever.

Looking forward to our reduced electric bills!
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The Sales person was very good explaining the differences in quality between different panels and inverters and guided us to the best value panels & inverter rather than the most expensive. Show additional information
I was given excellent advice and talked out of a much bigger more expensive system as it was too big for my needs. I’ve now had the system for over 2 years and it has been fit for purpose Show additional information
Most professional Solar company in Perth. Great Customer service with Best Value for Money. Show additional information
The installation was an upgrade from 3.9 kw to 6.0 kw.
Solar4ever did the upgrade & were super efficient.
I was very disappointed with the business that did the original installation, which was average.
Asked them to come back & trim the mounted rails which stuck out the sides of the panels.
Promised to but never followed through, nor did they set up the wifi as promised.
When quoted on the original installation I asked can I upgrade this system in the future.
The reply was, of course, we can do that, easy.
Upon requiring an upgrade to more panels they made it very clear they were not interested at all.
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I made extensive use of your web site to research inverters and panels. I have no shading issues so did not need optimisers / microinverters even tho the system would support them. Also did not need premium quality panels as economically they were not justifiable - just nice to have hence my decision to use Q.Cells 270w panels which were marginally more expensive than Canadian Solar but probably better quality. Show additional information
Solar4Ever tick all the boxes – knowledgeable designer, professional back-office and efficient installer without the big company overheads and pushy salespeople.

They designed a quality system for me, happily answering my many questions along the way so that I felt able to make an informed purchase. Installation was prompt and done neatly- the Western Power inspector who checked the job commenting favourably on the standard of work. And then, proving their honesty, they contacted me afterwards to refund money for parts that they had quoted on but not used in the install.
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Fantastic service from my initial enquiry to switching on the equipment for the first time.
Suzanne and Andrew made things simple and easy to choose the best system while Nathan and his team were very professional with the installation.
I cannot recommend Solar4Ever highly enough!
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We are a second time customer for this company didnt go anywhere else as we were fully informed and the service and professionalism are the best, we found the previous instal just as reliable and expertly handled. Show additional information
Was recommended Solar4Ever by my brother who was really happy with his install. Still did my own research and got quotes from other vendors at the time and was happiest with Solar4Ever. The Solar4Ever sales person listened to what I was looking for and offered a couple of options within my budget without ever being pushy. (A sales person from a different company completely ignore my budget and try to sell me a system worth twice as much!). Install was flawless (even on a difficult 2-storey house) and has been running like a dream ever since. Based on the output/savings in the first 4 months (July-October) it will easily pay for itself inside of 5 years. Eagerly awaiting summer to see how it performs with the extra sunshine Show additional information
Great customer service from my initial contact to installation. Straightforward no nonsense advice and punctual, efficient installation. System seems to do what its meant to and there have been no problems so far. Show additional information
After the inverter in my old 1.5Kw Sharp system failed it became obvious that the money to replace the inverter would be best put towards a new larger system.
Got quotes from a few companies and went with Solar4ever (6.6Kw Canadian Quintech panels plus a 5Kw Huawei Inverter) I asked for quotes for 6.6Kw of Canadian panels plus Goodwe, Huawei and Fronius inverters. Andrew quoted for all three giving me the pros and cons of each without pushing any one brand.
Signed up and Suzanne dealt with the Western Power approvals and not long after the system was installed. Very happy with all aspects of dealing with Solar4ever. Have asked Andrew for info on the Huawei Smart meter and LG battery and he has been very helpful with the info provided.
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Would not recommend them to anyone, had our system installed, a few weeks later due to them leaving the solar rcd loose our meter box caught fire. Fesa attended and reported the issue, I informed the solar4ever who sent there installers out. Western power told me not to allow them to replace anything until they did their report, I explained this to the installer, they waited in their car. 10 minutes later I walk outside and they have begun replacing the wiring etc, they said they had spoken to western power. I contacted western power who said they hadn’t sent their inspector out yet and they would never give the installer the go ahead without their inspection complete. They were obviously attempting to cover up their dodgy work. A couple of weeks later an electrical inspector was sent out by the electrical board who checked everything and said they had done the same thing again! He was furious! During the whole process they completely denied fault and their customer service was atrocious. Stay well away from this company, they appear great prior to installation but should anything go wrong you are on your own. They have also ceased monitoring my system (which they promised they would do and keep us updated on its efficiency).

Supplier Reply

We were horrified back in early 2017 when this happened, and we remain horrified. It marked not only the last time we used this electrical contractor to do our installations, but also the last time we used ANY sub-contractor. We were lied to constantly by the contractor for weeks and months afterwards as we tried to get to the bottom of what happened. The truth is not what the electrical contractor told us and we, trusting them, passed onto you, but rather it is what you have written here. The only small detail is that we have not withdrawn our free reporting service at all, so we must have overlooked an email you sent us. We’ll get in touch asap.

Thank you
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After three years they are still providing backup service on the systems performance. I can clearly see how the system is performing against expected and realised kWh generated. Show additional information
Solar4Ever first installed our panels in 2011. Although the system has worked exceptionally well, when we have had any questions, the response from Solar4Ever has been instant and helpful. Their knowledge, service and aftercare is second to none and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anyone thinking of installing solar panels. Show additional information
I bought a Solar4Ever 2.5kw in 2013. In Oct'17 I contacted the company due to inverter problem. Andrew was helpful and solved the issue amazingly fast. Our tenant was very happy and relief too as without the solar panel his energy billing was really high and out of reach.
I am really impressed with Solar4ever dedication to help existing client.
I will not hesitate to recommend Solar4Ever to our friends/family and will also think about you 1st if we will have next house need solar solution.

Solar4Ever also able to help tracked the solar reading if you submitted it regularly to ensure the system works as expected.
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I bought a Solar4Ever 3kw system just before the 40c/kw deal was stopped by the government back in 2011. Recently I contacted the company with an inverter problem. Suzanne was helpful and solved the issue without fuss. Over the years Solar4Ever has tracked my solar readings which I submit regularly. This keeps track of my system to ensure its output is maintained. Great service by a company I have recommended to friends. Show additional information
Nothing less than 5 star service from these guys from quotation to installation and now four years down the track with a warranty item, they are still at the TOP of their game.
Our inverter was replaced (as part of a 10 year warranty), hassle free, promptly and as always with a smile and customer satisfaction at the forefront.
I would not hesitate to recommend Andrew or Solar4Ever to anyone out there looking for the best in solar Perth has to offer.
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Suzanne from Solar4ever was the first to respond and send Googlemap pictures of the roof where the panels would come. The installer came and had a quiet look after which we received a realistic quote. The other 2 provider who came had a very aggressive selling strategy, telling us to sign immediately or face much higher prices because of changes in regulations which was a blatant lie.
Installation was painless and ver professionally done. We went for German Qcells (they are now made in China) and a Fronius Symo inverter. Recommended with great remote monitoring.
As all worked well we did not need Solar4ever service afterwards.
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Solar4ever were the quickest to respond to an enquiry with all the information requested - not just tidbits. No sales pressure or BS - with all their information backed up by quantifiable data. Appointment times were adhered to and quality of workmanship appears good. Good after care service also provided by Solar4ever - where you can send data to them and they will check if the unit is performing within specifications based on this data. If it's not they will follow up with you. . Show additional information
It costs $7,000 for two inverters from Germany, this made me completely satisfied compared to the other, Chinese inverters at approximately $7,500.
Panels with up to 12 years of warranty also provide a definite satisfactory.
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The 3.2 kW system has only seen 2300 kW on screen despite bright sunny days and roof angle of 18 degrees. I know if angle was increased to about 31 deg and panel temp was 25 deg C more power would be produced. Is not 23kw a bit low. Panels are suntelite 200 w.
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