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Gold! Or words like it have would have been the cry that turned this humble sheep station of a town into a thriving metropolis. Folk infected with the yellow fever – as well as those looking to make a living from miners’ thirsts and other wants – began descending on this town from 1851 when gold was first discovered at the strangely-named Poverty Point.

The Ballarat goldfields were particularly rich and good finds were excavated or panned for many years. The city, now the fifth largest inland city, has since grown to have one of the most celebrated history in Australia.

For the Ballarat goldfields were also the birthplace of democracy in Australia, according to many, with the now famous Eureka rebellion in 1854. The clash between miners and government forces is seen as the only large scale armed rebellion in Australia and brought benefits such as universal suffrage.

Though the goldfields no longer sustain the proud city it is now another form of gold that it taking off amongst residents as they aim to reduce both carbon emissions and their skyrocketing electricity bills. Pro-solar energy activists in the city have celebrated the takeup of renewable energy saying the increasingly falling price of solar technology has made the alternative energy competitive with fossil fuels.

As at May 2018, approximately 2,690 small-scale solar power systems were installed in Ballarat’s postcode (3350), with a collective capacity of more than 10 megawatts.

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