Astronergy Solar Panels — But I Thought Astro Boy Was Nuclear Powered?

chint - astronergy solar panels review

Good news, friends!  I’ve discovered a new solar panel manufacturer site full of bizarre English!  It is brilliant!  I haven’t been this happy since since the days when Risen Energy boasted about having a blue ocean strategy instead of a red ocean where the fish keep biting each other.

Update 10:04 am 17th Sept 2019: Astroenergy has told me they have a 12 year product warranty on all panels sold in Australia and not the 10 years given in the warranty document I downloaded from their site.  If you get CHINT Solar / Astronergy panels, I recommend checking you can get a 12 year product warranty for them.

The manufacturer is CHINT Solar, which makes Astronergy solar panels – and their site is a beauty.  It kept me entertained for hours.  I talked to their representative a couple of weeks ago but only got around to checking what they have on the internet today and I’m very glad I did.

I should probably give you some information on Astronergy, rather than just compliment them on the hilarity of the English on their website, as the number of their solar panels being installed in Australia is increasing.  Here are some bullet points:

  • They produce tier one panels.
  • 10 year product warranty on most solar panels and 12 years for double glass.
  • Did well in 2018 DVNGL solar panel testing.
  • Manufactured in China.  They also produce solar cells in Thailand.
  • Careful colour matching of cells avoids patchy looking panels.
  • First sold in Australia 9 years ago.
  • Competitive pricing.
  • They have an Australian Office in Adelaide under the name CHINT Solar — not Astronergy.

I’ll go over some of these points below, as well as cover what Astronergy has to do with powering Astro boy.

Here we see Astro boy destroying a Dutch Mutant Tulip, as is only good and right.

But first I have to tell you about CHINT, the company that owns Astronergy.

Astronergy — Part Of The CHINT Group

CHINT is a big company — as in billions of dollars of revenue each year big.  It’s also diversified, which means they do more than just make solar panels.  Hopefully, this increases their odds of still being around in the future to honor their solar panel warranties.

The company was founded in 1984 and has around 30,000 employees.  It produces electrical equipment, including large inverters for solar farms and other applications.  CHINT also appears to make very relaxed and laid back electric appliances, as this information from Bloomberg suggests:

Bloomberg - Chint Group Corp

Maybe something got lost in translation and they actually mean “low voltage appliances”.

CHINT Solar, or Astronergy as it’s generally called, started producing solar panels in 2006.  Their site says they have the capacity to produce 3.5 gigawatts per year.  It also says they have the capacity to produce 2.5 gigawatts per year:

Astronergy large scale solar energy

Either way, that’s a whole lot of panels, but these days it’s only enough to make them a medium sized manufacturer.  They say they reached 2.5 gigawatts of manufacturing capacity in 2016, so it’s not hard to believe they are up to 3.5 gigawatts now.

CHINT Company Culture

CHINT has a company culture that encourages vigor, innovation, entrepreneurial spirit, and marching forward pertinaciously.  And if you don’t believe me, check this out:

CHINT Culture

As hard as it may be to believe, “pertinaciously” is actually a word.  According to Google it means, “holding firm to an opinion or a course of action”.  So, thank you CHINT for teaching me English I didn’t know.  Whether or not it’s a good idea for you to be using English words that even I don’t know — a writer who has been married to a journalist, a professor of literature, and a lawyer — is another question.  But it’s always good to learn something new.

CHINT’s Chairman

The Chairman of CHINT is Nan Cunhui.  And here he is:

CHINT Chairman - Nan Cunhui

He is not just known as Chairman Nan.  His vast array of titles and awards — taken verbatim from the CHINT site — include:

  • Spokesperson of China’s emerging China private enterprises.
  • Outstanding Chinese characteristics of the builders of socialism
  • CCTV2002 China Economic Person of the Year
  • Eleventh China Top Ten Outstanding Youth
  • The first Chinese outstanding private entrepreneurs
  • China’s overall well-off special contribution figures

Being an emerging, outstanding, socialist, private entrepreneur, and economic person is very impressive  Not only that, he also came 11th out of 10 of China’s outstanding youth.  When you think about how many youth there are in China, that is something truly special.

And here is a literal Chairman

Astronergy Solar Panels are Tier 1

Astronergy is a tier one manufacturer of solar panels.  They were apparently anointed with this status by Bloomberg in 2016.

Tier one means banks and financial organisations are willing to lend money to large scale solar energy projects using those panels.  It’s not a direct measure of quality, but panels that are crap aren’t going to get tier one status, so you can be confident these solar panels are most likely reliable.

Product Warranty: 10 Years Or 12 For Double Glass

Conventional Astronergy solar panels have:

  • A 10 year product warranty, and…
  • A 25 performance warranty.

Their double glass panels have:

  • A 12 year product warranty, and…
  • A 30 year performance warranty.

While I am not a lawyer1, I am confident under Australian law a 25 or 30 year performance warranty is effectively a product warranty.  But overseas this is often not the case and the longer the product warranty the more confident you can be the solar panels will last long term.

A couple of years ago most tier one solar panels only had a 10 year product warranty.  But this has been improving and 10 years is now towards the low end.  As Astronergy seems very confident about their quality, hopefully they’ll get around to increasing it soon.

CHINT - Solar Energy

Clearly CHINT Solar employed the Michelangelo of Photoshop to create this masterpiece.  It has solar panels, a dopey looking electric flying car, and an outdoor solar panel fabrication plant with a robot just waiting to hand a solar panel to anyone passing by.  One worker is cradling the rising sun in his hands. Or at least I hope it’s a rising sun. If it’s not, they have spectacularly messed up the orientation of their panels.

Ridiculous Maintenance Conditions For Warranty

You are protected by Australian Consumer Guarantees no matter what a written warranty might say, so under Australian law you don’t have to tolerate ridiculous provisions they may contain.  But it’s always better to have a written warranty that’s free of bullshit so you can feel confident you won’t have to fight a solar panel manufacturer, or take them to a consumer tribunal or small claims court, to have them to live up to their obligations.

Unfortunately, the Astronergy warranty document has a doozy of a dodgy clause.  Their warranty reads:

Astronergy solar panels warranty condition

The black line just indicates a break where I cut out some stuff that was boring.

Looking up their installation manual for the maintenance recommendations I see this:

Astronergy - solar panel cleaning

So in order to keep your warranty, you have to have the panels cleaned at least once a month or right away after “dust wind” and you have to record the weather conditions every day with a camera.  This is completely nuts and when you add up the costs of having solar panels cleaned at least once a month as well as after “dust winds”…

…it blows the economic benefit of rooftop solar power out of the water.

These conditions were obviously written with a large solar farm in mind.  The sort of place where someone is paid to monitor things full time.  But the fact they haven’t updated their warranty for residential solar installation doesn’t give me confidence they are adequately focused on the residential side of their business.

Astronergy Is A DNVGL PV Scorecard “Top Performer”

DNVGL is a Norwegian standards organisation that used to subject solar panels to rigorous testing and then publish the results — or at least some of them — in their annual PV Scorecard report.  Last year the part of DNVGL that does the testing was split off and is now called PV Evolution Labs, but they are continuing the work.

Manufacturers don’t have to pay to have panels tested every year.  Astronergy told me they didn’t have any tested for this year’s report.  But they were tested for 2018 and did well.  Four reliability tests were performed and an Astronergy solar panel made it into the “Top Performer” category in each:

DNVGL 2018 PV module scorecard - Astronergy Solar

Manufacturing Locations

CHINT Solar/Astronergy produces solar panels in China and has a solar cell factory in Thailand.  As far as I can tell they don’t have manufacturing facilities in other countries.   They did buy a factory in Germany in 2014 after Conergy ran into financial problems, but sold it this year.

Frankfurt named a street “Chint Avenue” after they bought the factory, but I can’t see it on Google Maps now.  So it’s just like I’ve always said — never trust Germany when it comes to naming streets and always keep an eye on them around Poland and the Low Countries.2

Colour Matching Of Cells

Manufacturers of premium solar panels normally put effort into making sure the appearance of the cells in their panels are consistent.  Lower cost manufacturers don’t always do this and so panels can end up with solar cells with slightly different colours that give them a patchy appearance.  Astronergy told me they put a lot of effort into matching cell colour, giving each solar panel a uniform appearance.  This is not something I would expect from a company mostly focused on solar farms, so maybe they’ve put more thought into the residential side of things than their warranty document suggests.

They Have An Australian Office — If You Can Find It!

Astronergy have an office in Kent Town, Adelaide.  Unfortunately, it’s difficult to find if you search for Astronergy —  which is no doubt what many people will do.3  Instead you have to look for CHINT Solar.  Here is evidence from Google Maps that it does exist:

Chint Solar (Australia) Astronergy office location

You can stop by CHINT Solar/Astronergy between getting some rubber from Clark, having a pint in The Maid (where Jono used to work before SolarQuotes) and attending the Belly Dance Arabesque.

CHINT Solar/Astronergy Panels Could Be A Good Deal

CHINT Solar/Astronergy solar panels are tier one, which indicates they should be reliable and the representative I talked to said the company was dedicated to building a good reputation in the Australian residential market.  If true, they should be ensuring every panel they send here is reliable and made from quality materials.  As they are competitively priced they could be a good choice for a low cost but reliable system.

Before getting them I would want their warranty document improved.  I would also prefer it if their product warranty was longer, but maybe it won’t be long before CHINT stretches it out over a few more years.

Chint Solar/Astroenergy global footprint

What the hell, CHINT? We’re good enough to be touched by your glowing ball, but we don’t merit a flag? I protest!  After all, South Africa gets a flag and your ball hasn’t gone anywhere near it!

Astronergy’s Involvement With Astro Boy

I promised to tell you what Astronergy has to do with powering Astro Boy.  That’s easy to do because the answer is — absolutely nothing!  This is because Astronergy solar panels are real while Astro Boy is a fictional character.  What’s more, he’s a fictional character who is nuclear powered.  The literal translation of his Japanese name is Atom and his sister is called Uran, which is short for Uranium.  So every time a giant robot punches Astro boy it’s a potential environmental disaster in the making.

It’s probably just as well CHINT Solar and Astronergy have nothing to do with Astro Boy.  Because when you think about it, he’s a little disturbing.

I know it always freaks me out when he taps on my window late at night wearing nothing but his red booties and painted on pants:

Then there’s the whole question of why he has butt blasters:

Not to mention whatever the hell is going on here:

WTF Astro Boy!


  1. I was only married to one.
  2. They are called the Low Countries for a reason.  It’s not really possible to get much lower than the Dutch.
  3. This is totally what I did.
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Ronald was born more years ago than he can remember. He first became interested in environmental matters when he was four years old after the environment tried to kill him by smashing fist sized hailstones through the roof of his parents’ Toowoomba home. Swearing revenge, he began his lifelong quest to reduce the harm the environment could cause. By the time he was eight, he was already focused on using the power of the sun to stop fossil fuel emissions destabilizing the climate. But it took him about another ten years to focus on it in a way that wasn’t really stupid


  1. Donald Firth says

    Ronald, while this article has your usual gripping asides to make the contents interesting enough to keep me reading to the end, I feel that you are poking fun at their connection to nuclear power in such a ‘green’ industry as solar.

    I think it is a brilliant marketing ploy to remind us that solar energy is solely the product of a nuclear reaction…if the sun wasn’t a nuclear reaction we wouldn’t have solar energy, but thank our lucky stars (boom boom) that it is so far away.

    • Don’t worry – we’re only 40 years away from nuclear fusion power plants producing cheap, clean energy on Earth. Which they said in 1945 and every decade since. Still 40 years away.

  2. Esmail Attia says

    Hello Ronald , Kindly review a new panel manufacturer in the market called HT SAAE , Seem good

  3. Hey Ronald,
    Firstly thanks for the usual belly laugh.
    We have 20 215W Astronergy CHSM 6609P-215 installed since 2011 and production is going fine (other system details are SolarEdge optimisers and inverter) … currently SolarAnalytics reports 118.4% above monthly average production. Above average production expected after some shading was removed and panels cleaned.

  4. How long have performance warranties been around?

    Has anyone tested your theory in court?

    • Not to my knowledge. But it is only a matter of time before it happens. I’m confident the performance warranty will be considered as applying to any panel that has stopped working if tested in court – and set a precedent…

  5. Hi, I am looking to put solar on my house in QLD…hopefully before Qld.
    Got a quote ffrom SOLARBOOST for
    System Capacity 6.6kw
    Premium Tier 1 Astronergy 300-Watt Panels + Solis SinglePhase Inverter
    18 + 4 Panels Extra + 5 KW High-Efficiency Inverter
    Typical…if u buy now…you can get cheaper or beat the change in QLD govt policy.

    They set brochure for:
    Astronergy – Chint 300 Watts Mono panels
    Monocrystalline PV Module
    CHSM6610M Series
    CHSM6610M/HV Series Not sure which one.

    I am wondering your thoughts and if the components are worth it, or cheap. I welcome your recommendation for a SE qld company and components….
    I have a 5 bedroom house and a pool and electric hot water.

  6. HI Mate. Your article is an interesting read. Like another guy earlier, I have been quoted by SunBoost for 6.6kW setup at $3,700 for 22 x 300W Astronergy Mono Tier 1 Panels + Solis Premium Inverter 5kW.

    I got a quote from Origin Energy (my retailer) for different gear for $8,500 for same output set-up, different gear.

    Clearly a huge difference.

    I notice that while Solis is on your inverter chart at the Kia end of the scale, Astronergy is not mentioned in your panel chart – any reason..?

    I have also read the reviews on your Reviews page – all is not glowing for SunBoost.

    In any case, I am just tossing up the any advice welcomed.

    • Ronald Brakels says

      Hi Brent

      The panels we put on our chart are ones we have heard good things from installers about. Either they almost never have problems or if they had problems in the past the manufacturer fixed them without a fuss. Astroergy are tier one which is good evidence they are reliable but we simply don’t know enough about them at this time to either put them on the chart or say they definitely don’t belong there.

      I’m glad you checked out Sunboost’s reviews. I also recommend looking at Origin’s as well and their Ausranking. If you’d like some quotes through us from installers we have vetted and trust to do good quality work, you can get them through our homepage.

  7. Late to this party but i think the guys from Lego should be suing Chairman Nan to get their head back!

  8. Feeling a bit racist vibe there, eh? Would you do the same if the site was from a German company? Think about it. They speak two languages m, how about you?

  9. Steve Morrison says

    The Astronergy panels are not listed by the CEC.
    So how I get my STCs?

    • Ronald Brakels says

      Hi Steve

      Astronergy panels are on the CEC Approved Solar Panel List but they are under the name Chint or Chint Solar Zhejiang Co Ltd.

      • Steve Morrison says


        Ah..Yes! Sorry about that.
        But they’re not on your Solar Panel Comparison Chart yet as far as I can see.
        When do you think they’ll be included please?

        • Ronald Brakels says

          Astronergy panels are tier one, so I expect they are reliable if you have them installed. But to get on our recommended list have to be reliable and be backed up by strong customer service that fixes problems without a problem when something does go wrong. This has to be demonstrated over an extended period of time. A panel could be excellent and not appear on our list simply because we don’t hear enough about them, but we’ll only put panels on it we’re very confident people won’t regret using. Astronergy panels may be put on our recommended list in the future, but right now I couldn’t say if or when that will happen. But I can tell you they are not one of the many low quality panels that I recommend staying away from.

  10. Shien Caguiat says

    Hi, im from perth. And i have a quote for Astronergy CHSM60M-HC Series 330 plus Growatt MIN 5000TL-X is that a good price for $5200?
    Is there any brand for solar and inverter which is better to the one i have received and lower in price?

    • Ronald Brakels says

      Astroenergy panels are tier one and so should be reliable, but they are low cost tier one panels while Growatt is probably cheapest inverter available in Australia. As Perth has the lowest rooftop solar costs Australia so if you shop around you should be able to get something similar or better from an installer who does good work for less than that.

      Our Solar 101 Guide has graphics showing the panels and inverters we recommend with the least expensive on the left and the more expensive on the right:

      If you would like to get some quotes through us you can go to our homepage:

      And enter your postcode in the space at the top right and then answer the questions that come up as best you can.

      • Lee-Anne Howard says

        We are in Mount Gambier SA and were recently quoted $11959 for 20 Astronergy CHSM60M-HC series 330 panels and a Growatt MIN 5000TL-X Inverter. From reading the above comments/reviews my gut is telling me this quote is a premium price for budget end products.
        We are currently sifting though 2 other quotes from solar retailers recommended by Solar Quotes (still waiting for contact from 3rd recommendation).

        • Ronald Brakels says

          Hi. I definitely would not pay that for a 6.6 kilowatt Astronergy and Growatt system. They are clearly trying to take you for a ride. If you don’t mind, please let me know who they are so I can keep an eye out for them. If you’d rather not say here, you can email me:

          [email protected]

        • Minh Nguyen says

          OMG $11959 is a bloody rip off. I just have solar installed two weeks ago in Melbourne with the same setup (20 Astronergy CHSM60M-HC series 330 panels and a Growatt MIN 5000TL-X Inverter) for only $2850 after Victoria rebate. you should definitely shop around for a lot cheaper quotes.

  11. Yes absolutely especially as you have given us a comparison of same system through I’am assuming a diferent supplier. We have several quotes from recommended solar retailers and they are around the $5000. Enjoy you’re new solar system.

  12. Hi,
    I’ve just received a quote for a 6.6kw astronergy system from TechNaus. The quote is for just under $11000, no upfront costs.
    System Size                                       : 6.6
    Panel Model                                       :Astronergy 370W

    Inverter Model                                   : Growatt MIN 5000TL-X
    Number of Panels                               : 18

    Obviously the no upfront cost is appealing, but I don’t want to be paying a premium price for a budget product. I live in regional NSW, postcode 2681. Would I be paying too much with this company?
    I’ve tried looking at reviews but they are pru mixed.

    Thanks, Kristy

    • Ronald Brakels says

      Hi Kristy

      That is definitely a low cost system and you are being charged far too much for it. While you can expect to pay more in your location than in large town or city, you don’t need to pay that much more.

      Astronergy panels are tier one which is evidence of quality, but they are low cost panels. Growatt is the lowest cost inverter I know of.

      Fortunately, we have a considerable number of TechNaus reviews on our page here:

      If you click on “Aus Ranking” you will be able to see how they compare to other installers.

  13. John Casburn says

    Hi Finn or Ronald
    I have just been offered the following in Lapoinya Tasmania

    System: 6.6 KW Premium Solar Package
    Pack price: $4900

    20 X Astroenergy Astrosemi 330W Black Frame 120 Half-Cut Cells Mono
    1 X Solis 4G-MX 5 KW 1 Phase 2 MPPT Gris Connect (inverter)
    1 X Solis Wi-Fi Stick ( what’s that??)
    Installation by CEC Accredited Installer

    Local Warranties
    25 years Linear Performance Warranty on Solar Panels
    15 Years Product Warranty on Solar Panels
    5 years Product Warranty on Inverter
    1 + 9 Year Workmanship Warranty

    I have seen comments on systems above and would be interested in comments on this one. It seems on face value to be reasonable (but can probably work them down a bit although this could cause inferior products to be used, no doubt).

    • Ronald Brakels says

      Hi John

      Tasmania is the most expensive state to get solar, so that’s not a bad price, but note the panels and inverter used are lower cost hardware. The good news is Astronergy panels are tier one and should be reliable while Solis is a lower cost inverter but reliable and should be good value for money. It’s one we can recommend in our Solar 101 Guide:

      The Solis wifi stick allows you to monitor the output of your solar system on the internet.

      I’m not sure if you can work the installer down on price as that’s not a bad amount for a rural location in Tasmania.

  14. Hi Ronald

    Thanks for your prompt response and the information therein.

    I forgot to mention that the quote is from, which advertises on a commercial TV channel a 6.6 kw solar system for the special price of $4591, presumably in metropolitan areas.

    I will check back on Solarquotes report on Solar Panels re the half-cut Cells as I did note something was mentioned about these there. There is no problems with shade where I will have these installed.

    I greatly appreciate the valued information provided by Solarquotes and your’s and Finn’s comments on the Blog system.

  15. Hi Ronald,

    Your article certainly gives lots of useful information as well as a great laugh in this evening- 2nd day after Stage 4 restrictions eased in Melbourne.

    I have been scratching my head worried if I chose the wrong products, ie. Astronergy, rather than Jinko. If Jinko is certainly better and not much dearer, then perhaps we would ask them to amend the quote. Please advise.

    Very similar to John’s quote in TAS, 3P solar gave us a quote for $2650 after Fed and State’s rebate. System includes 20 x 330W Black frame 120 half cut cells mono and a 5Kw Solis inverter 1P5K-4G-MX.

    Looking forward to your reply.

    • Ronald Brakels says

      The good news is, while they are low cost, Astronergy is not a no brand panel without any reputation. They are tier one and so should be reliable. They aren’t on the list of panels we recommend in our Solar 101 Guide:

      But if we continue to hear good things about them they may appear on the list in the future.

      What is really important is the quality of the installation. A good quality installation with Astronergy panels is likely to be fine, but a shoddy installation may have problem after problem. I’d suggest carefully checking the installer’s reviews online, paying attention to what sort of service people receive when something goes wrong. If you would like to get some quotes through us so you can see what is available from installers we know do good quality work, you can go to our homepage…

      …and enter your postcode in the space in the top right corner and then answer the questions that come up as best you can.

      I’m afraid I’m not sure how long it will take to get solar installed in Melbourne at the moment.

      • Hi Ronald:

        Thanks for your prompt reply. Now, when I contacted the solar co, they said Jinko is $300 more and 3 years less of product guarantee compared to Astronergy (12 vs 15). So, there are upsides and downsides of each system. But, looking at Jinko’s website, it does give a peace of mind with so many offices in Australia…. , which makes things harder to decide.
        And, of course, as you suggested, good installers would certainly help with the lasting of the panels.

        Anyway, thanks for your advice. Have a good day!

  16. Denis Gunjevac says

    Hi Ronald a bit dumbfounded over here on which way to go, being all new to me,
    Got a quote from InStyle solar for
    Canadian Solar – HIKU Mono – 370 Split Cell – 12 Year Structural & 25 Year Linear Warranty (1765 x 1048)
    AU$ 0.00
    AU$ 0.00
    SGR-SG8K – Sungrow 8.0kW Inverter (WIFI) – 10 Years Parts Warranty & 5 Year Parts & Labour Warranty
    For a 9.9kw system
    And then on the other end of the scale from Sunboost

    27 Panels
    1 Inverters
    1 Monitoring
    Basic System Cost House Type
    Roof Type
    Roof Angle
    Net Meter Special Discount Other
    Astronergy AstroSemi 370W Black Frame 120 Half-Cut Cells Mono (CHSM60M-HC-370)
    Solis 5G 8 kW 1 Phase 2 MPPT Grid Connect (Solis-1P8K-5G) Inbuilt Wi-Fi.
    I know for the price I should go sunboost. But I just cannot wrap my brain around price difference. Please help

    • Denis Gunjevac says

      Sorry doesn’t look like it came through
      InStyle solar charging. $13,250
      And sunboost charging $4,100

    • Ronald Brakels says

      With the 9.9 kilowatt system costing $13,250 that comes to $1.34 a watt that is expensive for a system using Canadian panels and a Sungrow inverter. While I consider them good brands, they are not high priced hardware.

      Before buying a solar system I recommend checking out the installer’s online reviews. Here’s our review page for Sunboost:

      Be sure to click on “Aus Rankings” so you can see how they compare to other installers.

      I’d recommend looking at more quotes. If you’d like us to send you some you can go to our homepage:

      And enter your postcode in the space at the top right. Then answer the questions that come up as best you can. We will only put you in touch with installers we know do good work.

      If you’d like an introductory guide to rooftop solar you can check out our Solar 101 Guide:

      Good luck with your solar shopping and if you have any more questions let me know.

      • To Denis,

        Just want to help with the price issue. Based on my shopping experience as a consumer too. The expensive price is the price before Federal and State governments discounts, whereas the cheaper one is after discounts. Different companies use different selling strategies.

  17. Asim Suwal says


    I have got a quote of $3200 for
    18 panels X 370W ASTRO ENERGY (Half Perc) Tier-1 Panels
    25 Years Performance Warranty
    01 X SOLIS 5kW 1- PHASE Wifi Smart Inverter
    10 Year product warranty
    Note: Inverter is Compatible With Tesla Powerwall-II
    I live around newcastle.
    I have 2 storey house.

    This is without optimisers and for a 2 way system or something.
    My house gets a bit of shate from trees but the guy recons that I dont need optimisers because of the 2 way system.

    Is this a good quote for the system

    • Ronald Brakels says

      The panels and inverters we recommend are in our Solar 101 Guide:

      Asteronergy are not among them but they are tier one panels which is evidence they are reliable. Solis is a lower cost inverter we can recommend.

      A solar system’s hardware is only as good as its installation so I recommend checking to see if the installer does quality work through checking online reviews.

      If you want further quotes for comparison and haven’t already done so, you can use our website:

  18. Hi Ronald& Team,

    Thank you for helping all of us in making the right decission.

    Regarding my case, I got a quote as below:

    Price quote: 5250 $

    House: Double Storey
    INVERTER: 8 kW Solis Inverter (Single Phase)
    SYSTEM SIZE: 9.9 kW
    SOLAR PANELS: 27panels of 370W Astro MONO Half-Cut Premium Black Tier 1 Panels

    Installation Workmanship Warranty 10 Years
    Inverter Warranty 10 Years
    Panels Performance Warranty 25 Years
    Panels Product Warranty 15 Years

    Does it makes a good deal and or do I need to re-think before accepting the above offer. Feedback/Suggestion welcome please

    Thank you

    • Ronald Brakels says

      Hello Erik

      Astronergy panels aren’t ones we recommend in our Solar 101 Guide:

      They are lower cost tier one panels. If a panel is tier one that is good evidence they are reliable. While I don’t think Astronergy panels are bad we’re not 100% certain they are as reliable and well supported as the ones we do recommend.

      Solis is a lower cost inverter we can recommend.

      That is a competitive price for a 9.9 kilowatt solar system — provided it is well installed. To find out if the installer does good work you can check installer reviews online. If someone who used the installer says they had problems, see if they were fixed without a problem or if they were left hanging.

      Because we will only refer installers to you who do top quality work, if you haven’t already done so, you can get additional quotes for comparison through us:

      • They also offered :
        Fronius inverter + Trina Solar for a Price quote: 7000 $.
        Fronius inverter + Jinko Solar for a Price quote: 7200 $.

        Not sure I pay only for the brand extra 2k around or just go with 5250 $ for Astronergy panels + Solis inverter is a bit confusing.

        Anyway appreciate your reply.

        • Ronald Brakels says

          Fronius is a higher end inverter. But, assuming you are happy with the installer, it will come down to how budget conscious you are.

  19. I have 45 370w Astronergy Panels and a 12.5 Fronius Symo inverter.
    Decent system and appears to be a quality install – very tidy and great support.
    Currently sitting on 100kWh a day.
    Install was $12,500 in FNQ.

  20. Hi,

    Thanks so much for the information! Helped me so much when researching about solar panels.
    Being a terms and condition nerd the warranty clause hit the nail on the head for me.

    Thanks so much

  21. Recently we got a quote from Archer Solar for a 10.3kw system.
    We live in Shailer Park (Brisbane South);-
    Single storey, new build house.

    28 X 370W Astronergy MONO BLACK Half Cut Cell PANELS (Premium
    Quality – Black Frames).

    1 x 8kW Growatt 3 Phase Inverter (Inbuilt Wi-Fi communication for monitoring).

    25 Years Performance Warranty On Panels.
    15 Years Product Warranty On Panels.
    10 Years Extended Manufacturer Warranty On Inverter.
    Clean Energy Council Accredited Solar Installer With 10 Years Workmanship Warranty.
    Archer Solar has a 5star rating on Product Review based on 42 reviews (main office in Sydney)

    • Ronald Brakels says

      Hello Paul

      I’m not familiar with Archer Solar, so I can’t comment on the quality of their work.

      Astronergy are lower cost panels. While lower cost, you are unlikely to have any problems with them. The 15 year product warranty on the panels isn’t bad, but is not exceptional these days.

      Growatt is a very low cost inverter. While I hope it will last you a long time if you get it, you can’t expect it to last as long as a more premium inverter.

      This is a low-cost system. If you are okay with the hardware being at the budget end of the market, that’s fine, just so long as you are aware you aren’t getting a high-end system. Provided it’s well installed, it should operate without problem.

      If you want more quotes so you can see what’s on offer, you can get some through us here:

  22. Michael Crimp says

    Hi Guys
    I fully appreciate the service you provide here.
    I Installed a 6.6kw Astronergy AstroSemi 370W Black Frame 120 Half-Cut Cells Mono(CHSM60M-HC-370) with 5kw Growatt inverter and growatt wifi stick for $2850 plus 2 meter box switches for $350 on a single story tile roof with a 25 to 30deg pitch facing 100% north with no shading. The system is split into two and The highest combined performance I have had so far on a clear sunny day at between noon and 1pm on June 22nd is 4800w. I was hoping for more But is this OK. And Solar Junction did everything they said they would faster than their estimates. Thanks Michael

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