Recycling and Solar Panels

No-one knows how long a solar panel should last – currently, some are over 30 years old and still working well. However, it is anticipated that an increasing number will need to be replaced. In today’s worldwide drive to save energy wherever possible, it would be better to recycle.

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World’s First 100% Solar City in Florida?

An extremely ambitious plan in the United States to create what has been described as the world’s first solar-powered city has, perhaps unsurprisingly, already run into a great many problems.

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Victorian Feed In Tariff is a Joke

The Victorian parliament is set to vote in the new feed-in tariff laws as early as Wednesday. The proposition of this legislation has angered a great deal of green campaigners and supporters of renewable energy.

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Which power source is the most water efficient?

As we all know Australia is a very dry country where water is one of our most valuable resources.

So how much water do we need to generate our electricity?

The generation of 1 kWh of electricity by way of nuclear power uses 2.3 litres of water.

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Solar Plumbers In Hot Demand

There is a large demand for trained craftsmen in Australia due to the recently announced government rebates that can be issued if a home installs a hot water heater that is run by solar energy instead of electric.

If the initiative is successful and all homes took advantage of the funding to install the solar water heaters it is estimated that green house emissions in Australia would reduce by approximately 12 million tons a year. [Read more…]

Dodgy Solar Panels Landing In Australia

Time is running out for the Australian Federal Governments ‘grid connect solar power rebate’. Unfortunately, the $8000 rebate has been tainted by unethical, ‘overnight’ companies duping consumers with inferior equipment and ‘too good to be true’ deals.

Of course, there are genuine companies selling genuine products within the solar industry, but the emergence of many underhand tactics continues to threaten an unsuspecting public.

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Port Augusta Set To Be Green Energy Hub

The Clean Energy Council of Australia is excited about the green energy prospects for Port Augusta, SA, and with good reason, because according to Rob Jackson the general manager the discovery of a bed of rocks that are naturally heated-hot rocks- in Port Augusta paves the way for increased geothermal production. [Read more…]

Massive solar plant to electrify the town of Public Servants

The selection process begins next month for the proposed Solar Plant within the Australian Capital Territory. Several appropriate sites within the ACT have been identified by the Government and will be named at the beginning of the selection.

The Government has stated the new Solar Power Plant will have to produce a minimum amount of energy of 22 megawatts which is enough to provide the energy for ten thousand houses. A $30 million subsidy is being offered by the Government for the construction of the plant which should be situated in the ACT.

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Cambridge Uni Boffins Hoping To Win Aussie Solar Powered Car Race

Cambridge University students, in the UK predict their new solar powered car will be capable of cruising at 60mph, and intend to enter the up and coming World Solar Challenge.

Equipped with a 6m2 ‘skin’ of silicon cells, the journey, from Darwin, will take the car, AKA ‘Bethany’, across Australia’s arduous outback, over three thousand kilometres, to Adelaide. Bethany’s outer skin covers a highly efficient electric car, one its creators say could be a prototype for future ‘green transport’.

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Queensland Government Announces Massive Solar Program

Anna Bligh, the Premier of Queensland has announced plans to provide two hundred thousand Queensland residents with solar powered, economical and ecological, hot water systems. Bligh states the government has begun its election commitment, and is encouraging householders to take advantage of the new program. A government hotline has already been set up, so anyone interested can register quickly, and easily. [Read more…]