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About Beyond Solar , Solar Installers

Beyond Solar is a division of Beyond Electrical Australia, founded in 2010. We specialise in designing precise solar solutions for homes, farms and businesses. Our vision is to assist Australians in becoming less reliant on the grid, and spending your money on more important things than bills from your retailer. We are confident that our experts are the most knowledgeable in the industry; educating our clients and helping them make an informed decision. We are a company built by installers, who have been working in the industry for a combined total of well over 30 years.

Beyond Solar Solar Reviews

We follow up with all reviewers after 12 months to see how their system is going since it was installed. These are all the reviewers who have responded to our 1 year follow up:
They dont follow any of your recommendation placed order 7 weeks ago and not even a phone call to let me know were my order is at not very happy in my opinion you need to relook if you should be recommending this company i am more than happy to chat about over the phone if you wish. Show additional information
The pre-sales and post installation technical support have been prompt and excellent.

All staff that I have dealt with were polite,very knowledgeable about the panels and inverters and provided answers and technical specification of each product that I have asked for. The technical support in installing the Fronius smart meter and setting up the Solarview app have been outstanding.

I would not hesitate in recommending this company to potential buyers a solar PV system.
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I cannot comment on the quality of the system yet as it was only installed today 17/01/2018. The three technicians who installed the system were very pleasant and informative about the system. They were very efficient in their work and had the system installed in about 4 hours. I have found all at Beyond Solar, from the sales person to the installers very informative and easy to deal with. Show additional information
6 months elapsed between the time when my application was submitted to when the approvals were given. After the approval the installation date was set within 2 weeks. I think they could have managed my expectations during this period better as I was starting to wonder if it was a scam and they'd taken my deposit money. I realise Beyond Solar cant control how long it takes the electricity provider to approve the application, but they could organise with this provider to give better information re where my application was up to.

The installation team were fantastic. They worked hard all day until the job was done and were very informative about the system.

My system includes a 6.5 kw battery for the spend given above.
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Unit is not installed as yet Show additional information
After a bit of a slow start (it took just under 3 months from paying the deposit to getting the job done, and one appointment cancellation), the installation crew of Hajj, Adam and Mo were just outstanding. They were knowledgeable and friendly, and did more than just all the things they are meant to do. Should there be any problems with any of the items, as Hajj mentioned a couple of times, we can just report back to Beyond rather than go to the manufacturers. Great service all around! Show additional information
You recommended Beyond Solar for my son's installation and I was impressed with the install so i contacted them as well as your recommendations and decided to go with Beyond Solar. Show additional information
Great product and always available to chat when wanting to buy system. However, I wish they were as contactable to provide technical support when issues arise after installation. Show additional information
These people are local and seem to have a good steady business. Very helpful service wise, informative and true to their word. Can't expect much more. Show additional information
I ordered the system and paid the required deposit on 26 OCT 2017. I am still waiting to be contacted as to when they will start to install the system.
I supplied all the required info but still in the dark as to when it will happen.

Not very good customer friendly.

John Kerins
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I paid for the installation (which happened) months ago. They told us they would be back to do the connection and after many phone calls and emails we have no connection. I’m thinking we may as well have them removed. Extremely disappointing. Show additional information
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All good initially, but the scheduling of installation seems to be a little chaotic at this stage.

Will wait and see what happens!
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The sales, quoting and installation process were pretty efficient, with a few hiccups - they couldn’t immediately supply the quoted panels and delayed installation due to the pitch of the roof and number of riggers required. After this delay the installation was smooth and professional.
Since the installation almost a month ago, things have stalled and communication is zero.
I have called the allocated L2 four times and called and emailed Beyond repeatedly about getting the job finished - silence, in spite of having paid in full two months ago.
I have also repeatedly questioned the placement of the inverter on a north facing wall, in full sun - in terms of the Fronius installation instructions and Finn’s guidelines. Have asked they provide shading to the inverter or move it and again silence, in spite of repeated calls and emails.
Terrible communication and post-install customer service despite having paid them $7k.
Cannot rate anything until system is fully operational but customer response and service is terrible.

Supplier Reply

Hi James,

Thank you for contacting us with your concern. We are working to resolve this issue to ensure your satisfaction and will be in touch soon.

Kind Regards,
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It was good that Solar Quotes recommended Beyond Solar, however, there were other suppliers that I spoke to that were able to support my area but I never received quotes from Solar Quotes and I had to approach them directly. It makes me wonder whether there were other companies out there that could have given me a better price for the same quality. Show additional information
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Hi Finn
Yes we have gone ahead with Beyond Solar. We are really disappointed though as we were advised by them our energy provided approved the installation over 2 weeks ago & we ring them every day now to try to get an installation date with no luck yet. We paid a $1500 deposit on the 27 September 2017 for an 8kW system & the only time we hear from them is when we contact them.

Supplier Reply

Hi Mick,

Thank you for contacting us with your concern. It was a pleasure speaking with you today to rectify the issue and ensure you are satisfied with your new installation date as we did face some difficulties in acquiring your preferring panels which has now been resolved, we look forward to working on your job this week.

Kind Regards,
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Very happy with the overall job. Show additional information
I recommend Beyond solar for helping me to choose right system for my home at best price.

Sales person was good and we didn't find any issue with the process. Installer who came at home were professionals and installation was done in timely manner.

We had small issue after installation and service team resolved it on second day after talking with them.

If you want best system and installer at reasonable price, go with Beyond Solar.
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Beyond Solar provided a good quote quickly and answered my questions in an informative way before and during instal.
The 3.5kW panels and Fronius inverter are working very well ever since installation. I have online access to daily power production and even with overcast weather I am still generating surplus power back to the grid. At the moment the system is producing an average of 17kWh per day with summer yet to arrive.......
I haven't bothered with a battery yet and will wait for prices to reduce or better still for the feed in tariff to increase. Great job and thanks for the good follow up too.
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Good after sales support Show additional information
Had the system installed 6 weeks ago and the installation was done in a short period - good tradesman and neat job. Have had to contact company on several occasions to have them chase up the meter installation and inspection. Each time Beyond Solar has responded to my requests fast and have done all they could to get the Government agencies to respond to me. I would recommend this company highly. Their costs and equipment are highly competitive. Show additional information
The Beyond Solar team were very easy to deal with, starting from the initial planning and quote through to the installation and commissioning of our system. What lead us to choose Beyond Solar was the the initial response, and the professionalism that demonstrated that they knew what they were doing. I might also add that they were the best price of the 3 quotes we had, which sealed the deal, but even if that wasn't the case I probably would have still selected them. Show additional information
Can’t comment on quality of system or value for money yet as it was only connected to the grid a few days ago .
Was happy with the installation, especially Hussein’s electrical work which was neat & tidy & he and his crew stayed late to complete the work...
Would have no problem recommending Beyond Solar & have already done so to two friends who are seriously considering a solar system themselves depending on how my system performs..
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The installation went really well on the day that was booked in. They did not have he size of the inverter that was quoted so they installed the next size up. I also requested a LAN cable connection, which they did. The installer then called a week later to confirm that there were no issues. The job looks really neat. The only thing I found that was an issue was the communication with relationship to my electricity provider. But that could also be have been the fault of the provider. I had to start communication to have the meter changed. Overall, the system is preforming much much better than I had expected. I can't wait to see what my total daily production figures will be with the longer summer days. Show additional information
Peoblem with this survey is it assumes the installation is complete.
Difficult to judge quality & installation process as the system is not yet commenced.
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Installers were terrific. Very friendly; super efficient; great attention to detail and an extremely tidy installation; cleaned up and removed all the mess. Subsequently I experienced some issues setting up the inverter on the Fronius Solar.web. One of their technicians came to my home and went through it all with me, solved my issues and set it all up for me, and ensured everything was working smoothly over my home network. Like the installers, he was very friendly, had expert knowledge and took the time to ensure everything was working properly and answered all my questions. He was a great help. Show additional information
System will not be installed for 6 weeks approx. , so we can't rate quality of system or installation at this stage.
We will advise further when job is complete.
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We live in WA and ordered 2x 5kw systems based on their good reviews.
1. Installer missed several appointments due to materials and labour availability issues. This was quite an issue as we had to take day off from work and found out on the day itself that installation can’t take place.
2. We paid for the extra LAN connectivity function and installer wasn’t aware of it, blaming no communication from Beyond Solar. Installer had to come back on a separate occasion several weeks later to complete the work.
3. One of the WiFi bridge supplied was of cheap quality, installer had a TP-Link wifi bridge and a generic bridge during installation but decided to install the generic product as it was the one supplied by Beyond Solar. We were charged $150 for a product that has a retail price of less than $30. The bridge worked fine for few months but we can’t get it back working after switching modem/router. We contacted Beyond Solar for support and was sent some software which only works on old WINDOWS of last decade, the software is not compatible with the newer WINDOWS operating system. After several email communication, they basically told us to purchase a new WiFi bridge from computer shop and fix our own problem. As we are not getting any help from their support department,
We tried contacting Baker for assistance and left several messages for him to ring us back, however, we have heard nothing back.

Supplier Reply

Hi Alvin,
A lot of what was mentioned above is certainly untrue. Beginning with the installation date, it was not missed several times, it was in fact re-scheduled once due to agreement for a suitable time. The system was heavily discounted and you were informed that the LAN component will be arriving shortly after the Solar installation. The WIFI bridge was definitely not one of cheap quality, and was sent to you with additional fuses, plugs, cabling and a port to make connectivity easier, all of which was sent without an extra charge to the agreed amount. Our technician worked around the clock assisting you to have it setup which then worked "brilliantly". 6 months later you changed computer platforms and wifi modems, which then made the bridge which we tailored for your initial setup redundant. We cannot continue to supply different hardware each time a customer decides to change laptops or modems. We took the time out to answer all your calls and responded to your email queries to the best of our ability, of which there are records. We would like to wish you all the best with your SMA system which you got for an absolute bargain!
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The installers were polite, efficient, did a neat job and tidied up. It would have been good if a bit more time was spent explaining about the working of the unit. After all this is a fairly new technology and all are not well versed with it. Thankfully the Inspector from Ausgrid was kind enough to clear some doubts and how the system works. Being better informed I will now be able to utilise the electrical equipment at home more efficiently.

Brian NSW
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The original quote was for 18 x 300W panels. Shortly after I had agreed and paid a deposit I was phoned and advised that the 300W panels were out of stock and would I accept 20 x 290 panels instead (both Jinko) for the same price. I accepted on the basis that I would be getting more watts overall and had room for the extra two panels. Somewhere along the line the 20 panels became 19 and my representations to Beyond Solar resulted in a non-helpful response pointing out that the total wattage was more than the original quote and there must have been a miscommunication. Interestingly they assumed the miscommunication was on my part which certainly not the case. I believe the original offer was countermanded by someone in higher authority.
The other issue I have with them is the lack of explanation on how to interpret the data provided by the inverter. The manual they left does not address this and I have had to rely on the internet to try to understand it. The Level 2 electrician was most uncommunicative and seemed only interested in getting the job done and disappearing.
On the positive side the job was done in a timely manner and the hardware neatly installed. The system is performing well and at peak at this time of year generates 5 kw for a short period and around 4.2 kw for three or four hours around peak. Given the positioning of the panels I would expect greater output in the height of summer.
I would still prefer the extra panel and I am taking the matter up with Beyond Solar to determine whether we can agree a reduced cost if I pay.
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Have been very happy with the negotiations and installation which took place 10 days ago. Meter only connected today so not able to say at this time just what the performance and or savings will be but so far so good. Will take the opportunity to report on initial results after first quarter bill arrives in December.

Just wanting to let you know at this point that I did find your website extremely helpful and that two of your three recommended providers of solar did run 1st and 2nd in my deliberations. Thank you for your help in the selection phase but of course the proof that we chose well or not is still in the pudding. Will post something more meaningful in December.
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I was very unhappy with the lack of communication between Beyond solar and the installer. After much research and discussion we agreed a panel layout plan with Beyond Solar however when the installers arrived on site, they began installing panels in a completely different layout. They had not rec'd any communication from Beyond Solar regarding the agreed panel layout. The next issue was that the proposed MPPT strings did not meet the design requirements, Beyond Solar had made an error in the design. So once again we were doing design on the fly. As a result, we have ended up with a compromised configuration. We also included a Fronius smart meter, but there was no communication with the installer who left the smart meter in its box at the premises. After chasing this up, Beyond Solar have advised that they will arrange with the installer to return to install this. I find this lack of management of the install process almost unbelievable. I can not recommend Beyond Solar.

Supplier Reply

Hi Garry,

Just to clarify a few facts. The initial layout was not proposed by Beyond Solar, it was requested by you after your preferred having the majority of the panels on the same string. We did explain that the voltage will be too high on the one string, and the installer did his best to explain it on the day, hence why he had to lessen the amount of panels on that string and slightly alter your preferred layout. Regarding the Fronius smart meter, it was explained that it would be installed afterwards due to it being too dark after the installation for our installer to effectively test the Fronius Meter to ensure it was working well for your benefit. We wish you all the best and hope the system exceeds your expectations in its performance after the install.

Kind Regards
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We want to thank you all at Beyond Solar for the wonderful service you have given to us from the very first quote (Aug16) to the installation of our system yesterday, also for being so understanding with the long wait for the installation.

We cannot praise highly enough your 2 technicians Huss & partner for the great job they did of the installation of our solar system (husband Rob is builder & plumber) and was a bit worried that his new shed roof was going to be damaged & of course it wasn't, both were absoltely fantastic & we will gladly pass on your company's information to any of our friends that want a solar system installed up our way.
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There is confusion and complexity in the market place, particularly around 'battery ready' vs hybrid systems, but also around trying to work out how long it will take for a system to pay itself back. The future price of batteries is an unknown making the first issue hard but also a lay-persons explanation of the practical differences between hybrid and non hybrid is not out there. The second issue comes about partly because its hard to work out from electricity providers how much they are charging for what part of the day. And of course the future price of electricity is unknown.

I reckon there is a demand for a good guide to working these two issues out.
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The company supplied detailed information on the equipment they were supplying and the installation proceeded like clockwork following the schedule that they had advised . Show additional information
I really appreciated the help from your site, and Beyond Solar certainly exceeded my expectations. Show additional information
Installation was arranged quicker than expected. Installers arrived & fully organised. System was installed and connected to the grid by late afternoon. It took me a couple of days to work out how to get the Wi-fi interface working on my computer and output is more than I expected for this time of year. I am very happy with the result. I have an existing 3Kw system - installed 6 years ago, so now have a little more output than we can actually use and will eventually get a storage battery to complete the system. Show additional information
I haven't yet had the system installed (scheduled next week) but will provide feedback after the installation.

Thanks for your great service. It really helped me work on what I wanted, the products grade I was narrowing down on and helped me find a supplier who I otherwise might not have identified.

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All 3 installers good guys. Show additional information
I am happy with Beyond Solar, but I am not happy with their supplier who was not honest with Beyond Solar about the system I was buying. The supplier Sole Distributer told Beyond Solar that BenQ Group (AUO) had merged with Sunpower and the Sunpower E Series panels were now called Sunforte PM096B00. This is not true, Sunforte is not a Sunpower panel nor have they merged with BenQ Group.
I contacted Sunpower Australia and informed them of what was happening. Sunpower has contacted Beyond Solar and cleared the misinformation up.
Beyond Solar is now suppling me with Sunpower E series panels from an honest distributor that supples Sunpower products.
This shows that you have to do your homework when it comes to buying solar.
I don't blame Beyond Solar for this as they trusted their supplier.
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Please see summary of events below in relation to my quote from Beyond Solar;

5/6/17 – I spoke to Beyond solar in relation to purchasing two identical systems (one for a friend and one for myself). The systems included 18 x 310w Trina panels (5580W total) with a 3 phase 5Kw inverter. I also told them I had an existing system which they agreed to remove included in this quote.

28/6/17 – They rang me and advised me that the Trina panels were not available but they were able to offer me the Jinko 320w panels (5780W).

10/7/17 – The installers arrived at my home at approx 10:30am. They went on my roof and said the panels they had brought would not fit. The installer spoke to their supervisor via phone, then told me they would instead install 20 x 290w (5800W total) panels. The installers stated they would call Sydney for delivery of the panels; this would take about 2 hours. I said to the installer that I would rather they order the panels and come back to install another day to avoid them working in the dark to finish the system. I also wanted to speak to someone from sales to confirm the extra 2 panels would not alter the original quoted amount.

20/7/17 – A representative of Beyond Solar rang me to arrange a date to install the system. I asked “What system are you going install?” They then advised me that they would have an installer ring me back. 30 minutes later I received a call advising me he has measured my roof using internet maps and that only 18 panels will fit. I asked which panels he was offering. He then told me that they would be 290w panels. I questioned him that this is a much smaller system than what I had purchased originally for the same price and the installer was going to install 20 X 290w panels on 10/07/17. They went onto state these panels are better quality, I said this did not make sense and I cannot be bothered arguing with him and requested a refund of my deposit. They said accounts will ring me back to arrange a refund of my deposit.

Five minutes later they called again and offered 19 X 290W panels, because he just spoke to his installer and the installer said 19 panels would fit no worries (my wife witnessed this offer while the phone was on speaker in the car). I responded that if 20 panels can fit on the roof, of course 19 will fit. Later they rang me to book in the installation. They were unaware of the conversation that had taken place between another person of Beyond Solar and I. I asked them to refund my deposit. They asked why I wanted a refund so I informed them of my conversations with the other person. They then said that they will handle things now and to contact them.

12/8/17 – The installers attended the home of my friend to install the 2nd system we’d ordered. After I had told my friend about the dramas I had, he’d sent the plans (new build) of his house to Beyond Solar to ensure the system would fit. When he installers arrived to install his panels again the ordered panels did not fit, so they instead installed 20 X 290W panels for the same quoted price.

14/8/17 – I rang Beyond solar to request the same system be installed at my home, or continue to arrange refund of my deposit. They referred to my friend by name and stated they could not personally approve the same system, but that an installer was going to ring me that day anyway and suggested I await the call to discuss the issue further. No call was received.

16/8/17 – I rang them and stated I had not been contacted yesterday as promised and stated my clear intent to either receive the same installation as my friend or refund of deposit. At 14:34 they rang me I repeated what I had told the other person. They said my install was different and my roof cannot hold 20 panels. I reminded him the installers measured and were clear 20 panels would fit. He said he measured it 10 times and it could not fit more than 18. His revised offer was 18 X 290W panels with inverter. I then questioned why he’d previously offered 19 panels? They said I would have been charged extra for this. They then said it would cost extra for the removal of my existing system contrary to previous information provided by Beyond solar.

I asked them whether I would have then been charged extra money above the quoted amount had I let the installers put on the 20 panels they were willing to install that first day? They said he could not answer as it’s a hypothetical question. Stating the extra panels would have incurred an extra cost to install. I then questioned him on this statement as I know installers and their related costs for completion of work, which he disputed. At this point in time I stated I was not happy with the service being provided and again requested a refund of my money. I mentioned I was also going to contact solar quotes to leave a review as I felt I had been unfairly treated.

There are many inconsistencies with the supplier response that have left me angered as they are blatantly incorrect. Firstly “One is single storey, the other is double” my friend’s property is NOT a single storey home, it is double storey home. Secondly the above stated “extra electrical work and labour with the removal and disposal of your existing system as per your request”, is also incorrect. The labour to remove my existing system was included in the original quote, and I had made it clear on several occasions that disposal was not required as I would be keeping my original system for personal use. In conclusion I have been denied the system my friend and I were both quoted as a package deal. Unfortunately, the system quoted did not fit when it came to installation due to the panels being physically too big; however, my friend has since been compensated with smaller additional panels at no extra cost to rectify Beyond Solar's error. Panels which the company’s installer after measuring my roof confirmed would also fit my home. All I have sought from the beginning is the same service my friend received for the package deal we purchased together.
Adam has advised SolarQuotes that he is willing to discuss his experience with Beyond Solar further to anyone who may want to know. If interested please submit an email inquiry via the SolarQuote's Contact Page and attention it to Robert at SolarQuotes.

Supplier Reply

Hi Adam,

As previously explained to you on many occasions, we cannot give you the same like for like price as your friends property, they are two entirely different roofs. One is single storey, the other is double. One had a tight structure and involved extra electrical work and labour with the removal and disposal of your existing system as per your request. It is impossible, and unfair to have given you with further discounts to achieve the same price. We wish you all the best.

Kind Regards,
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I sent photos of the roof and measurements but on install day the installer had to get different size panels as the ones they quoted on didn't fit.
This was OK and didn't cause any delays and the size was upgraded.
Installers were friendly and did a good job.
Had a few little issues with return phone calls. But overall great system and price friendly staff.
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