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About Beyond Solar , Solar Installers

Beyond Solar is a division of Beyond Electrical Australia, founded in 2010. We specialise in designing precise solar solutions for homes, farms and businesses. Our vision is to assist Australians in becoming less reliant on the grid, and spending your money on more important things than bills from your retailer. We are confident that our experts are the most knowledgeable in the industry; educating our clients and helping them make an informed decision. We are a company built by installers, who have been working in the industry for a combined total of well over 30 years.

Beyond Solar Solar Reviews

We follow up with all reviewers after 12 months to see how their system is going since it was installed. These are all the reviewers who have responded to our 1 year follow up:
I haven't yet had the system installed (scheduled next week) but will provide feedback after the installation.

Thanks for your great service. It really helped me work on what I wanted, the products grade I was narrowing down on and helped me find a supplier who I otherwise might not have identified.

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All 3 installers good guys. Show additional information
I am happy with Beyond Solar, but I am not happy with their supplier who was not honest with Beyond Solar about the system I was buying. The supplier Sole Distributer told Beyond Solar that BenQ Group (AUO) had merged with Sunpower and the Sunpower E Series panels were now called Sunforte PM096B00. This is not true, Sunforte is not a Sunpower panel nor have they merged with BenQ Group.
I contacted Sunpower Australia and informed them of what was happening. Sunpower has contacted Beyond Solar and cleared the misinformation up.
Beyond Solar is now suppling me with Sunpower E series panels from an honest distributor that supples Sunpower products.
This shows that you have to do your homework when it comes to buying solar.
I don't blame Beyond Solar for this as they trusted their supplier.
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Please see summary of events below in relation to my quote from Beyond Solar;

5/6/17 – I spoke to Beyond solar in relation to purchasing two identical systems (one for a friend and one for myself). The systems included 18 x 310w Trina panels (5580W total) with a 3 phase 5Kw inverter. I also told them I had an existing system which they agreed to remove included in this quote.

28/6/17 – They rang me and advised me that the Trina panels were not available but they were able to offer me the Jinko 320w panels (5780W).

10/7/17 – The installers arrived at my home at approx 10:30am. They went on my roof and said the panels they had brought would not fit. The installer spoke to their supervisor via phone, then told me they would instead install 20 x 290w (5800W total) panels. The installers stated they would call Sydney for delivery of the panels; this would take about 2 hours. I said to the installer that I would rather they order the panels and come back to install another day to avoid them working in the dark to finish the system. I also wanted to speak to someone from sales to confirm the extra 2 panels would not alter the original quoted amount.

20/7/17 – A representative of Beyond Solar rang me to arrange a date to install the system. I asked “What system are you going install?” They then advised me that they would have an installer ring me back. 30 minutes later I received a call advising me he has measured my roof using internet maps and that only 18 panels will fit. I asked which panels he was offering. He then told me that they would be 290w panels. I questioned him that this is a much smaller system than what I had purchased originally for the same price and the installer was going to install 20 X 290w panels on 10/07/17. They went onto state these panels are better quality, I said this did not make sense and I cannot be bothered arguing with him and requested a refund of my deposit. They said accounts will ring me back to arrange a refund of my deposit.

Five minutes later they called again and offered 19 X 290W panels, because he just spoke to his installer and the installer said 19 panels would fit no worries (my wife witnessed this offer while the phone was on speaker in the car). I responded that if 20 panels can fit on the roof, of course 19 will fit. Later they rang me to book in the installation. They were unaware of the conversation that had taken place between another person of Beyond Solar and I. I asked them to refund my deposit. They asked why I wanted a refund so I informed them of my conversations with the other person. They then said that they will handle things now and to contact them.

12/8/17 – The installers attended the home of my friend to install the 2nd system we’d ordered. After I had told my friend about the dramas I had, he’d sent the plans (new build) of his house to Beyond Solar to ensure the system would fit. When he installers arrived to install his panels again the ordered panels did not fit, so they instead installed 20 X 290W panels for the same quoted price.

14/8/17 – I rang Beyond solar to request the same system be installed at my home, or continue to arrange refund of my deposit. They referred to my friend by name and stated they could not personally approve the same system, but that an installer was going to ring me that day anyway and suggested I await the call to discuss the issue further. No call was received.

16/8/17 – I rang them and stated I had not been contacted yesterday as promised and stated my clear intent to either receive the same installation as my friend or refund of deposit. At 14:34 they rang me I repeated what I had told the other person. They said my install was different and my roof cannot hold 20 panels. I reminded him the installers measured and were clear 20 panels would fit. He said he measured it 10 times and it could not fit more than 18. His revised offer was 18 X 290W panels with inverter. I then questioned why he’d previously offered 19 panels? They said I would have been charged extra for this. They then said it would cost extra for the removal of my existing system contrary to previous information provided by Beyond solar.

I asked them whether I would have then been charged extra money above the quoted amount had I let the installers put on the 20 panels they were willing to install that first day? They said he could not answer as it’s a hypothetical question. Stating the extra panels would have incurred an extra cost to install. I then questioned him on this statement as I know installers and their related costs for completion of work, which he disputed. At this point in time I stated I was not happy with the service being provided and again requested a refund of my money. I mentioned I was also going to contact solar quotes to leave a review as I felt I had been unfairly treated.
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I sent photos of the roof and measurements but on install day the installer had to get different size panels as the ones they quoted on didn't fit.
This was OK and didn't cause any delays and the size was upgraded.
Installers were friendly and did a good job.
Had a few little issues with return phone calls. But overall great system and price friendly staff.
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Beyond Solar were quite efficient in installing the 12 panel system with micro inverters last week. Initially, they couldnt proceed because of faults with the old roof structure and had to come back after we had it fixed. A shonky crew would have gone ahead, collected their money and got the hell out. We had a call from the boss afterwards to help us with our problem getting wi fi coverage to the meter from the back of the house and he said he would call round later this week to check everything out. They pride themselves on a 24/7 customer service and seem very responsive to problems. At this stage we would heartily recommend them. They were $700 cheaper than a quote from a similar highly reputable company. Show additional information
Baker was very helpful. Suggested that he ask the Grid company if they would allow adding the new 5kW system and leave the existing 3kW system still connected. And the Grid company gave us the OK!
So now have a North East West panel placement couldn't be happier. Panels total wattage is 9140. inverters 5kW + 3kW ie 8 kW.
Had 32 kWh first day after install in early August NSW south coast.
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As a trades person myself it was nice to see a tidy and professional job. I suppose they wanted to make sure they didn't want to have to drive all the way back to coffs harbour for warrenty issues. Its been almost a year and the system hasn't missed a beat. Very happy. Show additional information
I live in a block of 18 units. When I decided to install solar I found that there were 5 other unit owners who were also interested. In order to proceed we had to negotiate with our strata managers to get the bye laws amended and check with the local council to ensure there were no reasons not to have the solar installed.
At all times Beyond Solar worked with us helped get the required approvals.
For the installation, their team arrived early in the day and completed the 6 installations in one day.
The installers were very professional and left all units and the electrical meter area clean and tidy.
It is now 9 months since the installation and no faults or problems have been reported.
I would highly recommend beyond Solar to anyone considering adding solar to their homes.
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Very patient in helping us make an informed decision, they took the time to explain more than one solution for our needs. Show additional information
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Beyond solar were very easy to deal with. They were happy to match quotes from other suppliers, and when it came to installation, they were on time and did a tidy job. Only downside so far is the post install communication, other than that, we are extremely happy. Looking forward to our next power bill to see the results. Show additional information
Very professional from start to finish. Turned up on the day and time as notified. Waiting for the meter to be installed, takes a little longer living in the country.
You will not be disappointed, fantastic value for money with a difference of around $1,500 to $6,000 from quotes from local suppliers.
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After months of comparative research I chose Beyond Solar. The advice received during the quoting stage has proven to be spot on and the sales people weren't trying to push me to a system that wasn't necessary for my needs, unlike a a few other companies trying to squeeze a quite a few extra dollars out of me for higher priced systems and features. So far, the system is performing exceptionally well.
The installers on the day seem to have done a good job, as commented by an electrician friend of mine. From my point of view, there were a couple of things that could have been done better and this was fed back to Beyond Solar as a matter for them to address. Overall, very happy with the outcome and would recommend anyone to start discussing their solar needs with them.
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The Installers for Beyond Solar are in my opinion the most professional team
I have ever seen carry out work around my property,they are a credit to the
company. Furthermore they cleaned up after the work with nothing left after
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We purchased a 5.4 kw 3 phase Fronius system in December from Beyond Solar, and I was so impressed with both the outstanding Salesperson Glenn (who had great knowledge, friendly, wonderful service, nothing was too much trouble, happy to negotiate, and not too pushy) and the Installation crew headed up by Hass, that my parents decided to install the same system on the very day Hass and his team finished the installation. Hass and his team were outstanding. They kept me well informed of when they arrived, they were friendly, pleasant, polite and efficient, and in terribly hot conditions 38 degrees. They explained everything and cleaned up everywhere. The only issue I had was just install organisers not always keeping to the times they advise that they will get back to me, however they were happy to help if I called for an update, and it was at the time when everyone was trying to get their panels before the RECS reduce so perfectly understandable. I contacted a lot of companies to obtain quotes & recontacted them to beat prices, and researched a lot sites of which FINN's site was an excellent information source, and researched companies reliability etc, and even had a few salespeople trying to get me to cancel my agreement with Beyond Solar after I signed if they reduced their quote, but 1- I would never go back on my word, but 2-most importantly nothing compared to Beyond Solar. Thank you FINN for providing such an excellent impartial source of information on your site, and thank you Beyond Solar for your outstanding service. Show additional information
Once the required quotes were provided they did not constantly send you messages or ring you. They gave you the time to make your mind up. Show additional information
Show additional information
Had the system installed last week. Seems to be performing well so far. Overall fairly happy with the system supplied and installed by beyond solar and would recommend them to friends. Show additional information
Happy to recommend Beyond Solar to anyone who asks. Friendly helpful and dealt with a couple of minor problems quickly and efficiently. Show additional information
Had our Solar installed in Feb 2017 and it has been working very well. I have been monitoring the system and so far the best it has generated (daily reading) is 35kWh and worst is 1.3 kWh ( rain, cloudy all day).
The customer service is great, and the installers seem to have done a good job, however we are country and were the last customer on their list before heading back to Sydney. They were in a rush! wanting to get home, they did clean up some of the packaging etc. However there was cigarette butts and a lot of plastic ties left lying around and I was picking them up for a good 6 weeks after ( when the rest of them blew down from the roof).
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I found the sale team (Abs) very professional and helpful. The installation team also did a neat job. The supplied products were of the highest quality. There were a few delay issues but they were outside the team control and they tried to sort it out as soon as possible. I would recommend Beyond Solar to all.

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Friendly installers, helpful customer service, would recommend them. Show additional information
I originally ordered a 5kwh system with the Trina panels and a SMA inverter. The sales staff was prompt, informative and knowledgeable. The price quoted is cheaper than the nearest competitor by a few hundred dollars.

After 4 weeks since paying my deposit, the sales person called me and informed that there was a problem with the delivery of the Trina panels. The delay could take up to 8 weeks and so instead I was offered a Jinko brand instead. The sales person said that the Jinko brand was of similar quality to the Trina panels. I eventually got Jinko panels and a SMA inverter.

Installation was done relatively well. The guys arrived on time and got the job done in the promised time (5-6 hours).

So far the system have been working well, even on cloudy days. I get daily emails of the power generated by the system for the previous day. The email contains a breakdown of the power generated on an hourly basis and the total power generated daily. Since its winter time, the power generated from the system is about 10kWh per day.
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Very detailed quote provided. Best system, technically, by far (on the advice of my son, a solar scientist). Pre-installation service was excellent - Glen was helpful and responsive. The installation team were terrific - on time, efficient, friendly and non-intrusive. Pre-installation communication was excellent - I was told exactly what the process would be and where the panels would be positioned, and was invited to view progress. The Enphase monitoring system is sensational; I can see in real time when electricity is being produced by the panels but, equally important, how much electricity I am using and how much I am importing from the grid. This has helped us enormously in adapting our usage patterns (pool-pump, dishwasher, clothes-dryer etc). I thoroughly recommend Beyond Solar and can't wait for batteries to come down to a reasonable price to have them installed with the system. Show additional information
At head office they were very obliging and helpful, the communication was great. Installers were very well mannered and workman ship was excellent Show additional information
Took a few dates to get the install, but when we got that sorted, all good. 7kW system with micro inverters. Good price and system was upgraded when the install date was delayed. Guys turned up on time, did a professional job with the installation and kept it all clean and tidy. Got hooked up to the grid on the same day and system all demonstrated clearly. Monitoring system up and running a few days later and can monitor it from any device. Even though it is now winter and reduced daylight, the system is doing very well and level pegging the power required from the property. Would be happy to recommend Beyond Solar if you need a system. Show additional information
Dear Sir/Madam,
To whom it may Concern.
This is my experience for installing Solar on my Roof.
The Personal (Sales-Glenn) from BeyondSolar was the only one from several Quotations I received that gave me a detailed Quote that I expected to get because of several Weeks of my research before. The Communication between Departments (Ashley)was also excellent.
The Installers (Rani)sent to me for installing the System were very good. They were very friendly, accurate ,fast and done a excellent Job.
My overall experience with the Company so far was very good and I would highly recommend them to any one that like to install Solar.
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After a little delay of the installation because of rain it went very smooth. Quality products, good price and excellent customer service. Show additional information
No dramas, installers came on Scheduled day and completed in two. Show additional information
The ordering and installation process went well. All my queries about the new system were adequately answered. In my opinion, the only areas for improvement are the following:
1) I wasn't able to register (for warranty purposes) 2 out of the 12 solar panels I bought because the photos taken by the installer of their serial numbers were extremely blurry
2) I wasn't given, on the day of the installation, a Certificate of Compliance- Electrical Work by the installation team before they left the premises. I had to ask for the Certificate, a photo of which was emailed to me a few days later. I would have preferred to receive by mail the original blue customer copy of the certificate.

Supplier Reply

Hi Van,

We hope you are satisfied with the quality of our installation as well as the system, as it was premium at a very competitive price. It is common procedure that we send out the Certificate of Compliance after the installation so it was always on its' way. Regarding the serial numbers on the panels, we informed you that the serial numbers of each panel were on the bottom of the STC form from the get go, as Live Photos on the day do come out blurry some times.

Kind Regards,
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Initially the installers struggled with the 45 deg roof pitch, but got it installed. I requested to get the panels divided into 3 areas and despite much more work it was done without fuss. Recommended! Show additional information
System just up and running, but I am very happy with all aspects of the installation. Show additional information
They provide good quality devices on a affordable price, very nice services, provide good technical support even after installation. Show additional information
Very pleased with Beyond Solar installing the panels for me. Very efficient with the installation. Also answered any questions that I may have. So quite happy. Show additional information
A very quickly installed system by competent workers. Show additional information
I went with Beyond Solar as they listened to what I wanted and helped me with my package.I purchased a 5kwt system.
The sales people were great. I did interest free terms which worked well for me. Installation went well. Workmen were on time and no problems with installation. I have had the system for 2 quarter bills now and the savings are so much more than I ever imagined. I wish I had solar installed years ago.
I have no hestitation in recommending this company. They wre GREAT.
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Some of the cables installed were not cable tied sufficiently under the house.
One installer wore dirty boots into the house.
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From initial enquiry, system selection & installation we have nothing but praise & thanks for Beyond Solar. Every enquiry was handled promptly & professionally.Installation was on time and again professionally & finished product is working brilliantly. The last couple of accounts have shown significant savings to previous years. Cannot speak highly enough of all we came in contact with & recommend Beyond Solar as supplier & provider of solar installations. Show additional information
Show additional information
From when I got in touch with the sales staff for a quote until the finish of the job, everyone was very helpful, informative and a really nice bunch of people.
Would definitely recommend Beyond Solar.
Show additional information
Very friendly and professional. Show additional information
Had several conversations with the service Team at Beyond Solar and I found them to be very efficient.

System Just Installed, quality of installation is good, attention to detail was very good.

I was taken back at first when Installers spoke very little English, but in the end this did not distract from service provided, they were very efficient.

We agreed on how and where the system would be installed all done as per my request, job was completed within 4-5 hours.

So far system appears to be delivering as promised, the proof will be in the first electricity bill.

So far a satisfied customer! Hopefully to be a very satisfied customer.
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Show additional information
I got the solar system (5KW) with them and the installation was completed 30th of January 2016. I have been communicating them since then for warranty documents and they keep giving so many excuses but not the documents.
The system never ever generated up to 5KW for last 3 months, even when it gets 45' C or any other full sunny days.
Not happy with the product or their customer services as I have sent more than 20 emails but the concerns are still remaining thought they replied to the emails with excuses.
Got Jinko Eagle panel and Zeversolar Invertor. I have still waiting for their reply with warranty documents and the system to generate nearly 5Kw power.

Supplier Reply

Hi Kassapa,

The warranty documents were actually issued to you online however it was not made clear to us that you wanted hard copies printed and mailed over. We aim to keep our customers satisfied, as evident through the many reviews left online about us. The Jinko Eagle panels you received are one of the mosts reliable on the market, and our technician has addressed your concerns after assessing your system more than once and it is actually performing wonderfully. We wish you all the best.

Kind Regards,
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Looking forward to the installation this week when I can rate quality of system and installation. I found Finn's site and expertise exceptional. Show additional information
Abs and the install team were fantastic. Great customer services and professional clean installation. The team is always on call to assist with any questions or concerns and the entire process was hassle free. Highly recommended. Show additional information
This system was installed recently, we haven't seeing the financial benefits as yet. Show additional information