Australian Solar Systems Interest Index – September 2018

auSSII solar report covering August 2018

There was heightened interest in installing solar panels in August, driven primarily by the announcement of Victoria’s Solar Homes rebate.

However, it wasn’t just Victoria where Australians were shopping for solar at increased levels, we also saw an uptick in NSW, SA, Queensland and Western Australia.

Solar Power System Size Preference

Where a specific size or size range was given 6kW solar systems and larger made up approximately 50% of quote requests. Interest in 5kW systems continued its downward trend, dropping to 33% (36% in July). Just under 31% of all quote submissions indicated guidance was needed in sizing a solar power system.

IMAGE - Solar power system size choice August 2018

Intended Purchase Timeframe

Australians appeared a little keener to have solar panels installed immediately, with 18% indicating a timeframe of straight away compared to 16% in July and 17% in June. Generally speaking, there was a greater sense of urgency in having a system installed sooner rather than later, with 84% indicating a desire to do so any time from right now to three months – up quite a bit on July (81%), June (79%), May (77%) and April (75%).

Solar energy system purchase timeframe August 2018

Quality Vs. Price

Not much changes when it comes to issues of price vs. quality, with approximately 79% wanting quotes for systems that were “a good mix of quality and price” in August. The “top quality (most expensive)” option was again selected by approximately 13% and “good budget system” interest hovered around the 8% mark. On a related note, SQ’s Ronald published an article late last month that may be of interest to budget system shoppers: Budget Solar Power: How To Save Money While Avoiding Disaster

Solar Quality Vs. Price August 2018

Battery Ready Solar Interest

Battery-ready system interest inched up again in August to a bit over 30% compared to July’s just under 30% and June’s 29%. We ask a question on our quoting form regarding future interest in battery storage systems this can influence system design.

Battery Ready Solar Interest - August 2018

Solar + Battery Installations

Interest in having solar battery storage installed at the same time as solar panels wound back to a significant degree in August, to around 7%. For several months prior it had been at approximately 10%. The reduction in interest was very noticeable in Victoria – in July it was 11% and in August 6.5%. This may have to do with the nature of the Victorian Solar Homes Rebate, but there was also a significant reduction in New South Wales.

Concurrent solar + battery storage installation - August 2018

Battery Storage Capacity

During August, 30% of submitters wanting batteries and with a capacity in mind requested pricing on 10kWh+ storage systems, well down on July’s 38%. Interest in 5-10kWh capacity range picked up from July’s 43% to close to 49% – similar to June, while 56% of overall solar battery related quote requests asked for advice on capacity/size, (July 59%, June 57%).

Battery storage capacity selection - July 2018

Battery Use

The percentage of those wanting to install solar batteries primarily for backup purposes remained within the 2 – 4% range we’ve seen for over a year (3%). 49% said a battery would be primarily utilised for minimising grid electricity use and 48% for both.

Solar Battery Use - August 2018

Electricity Bill Costs

Around 46% of those submitting for a quote reported quarterly electricity bills averaging $500 – $1,000 (47% in July, 46% in June, 44% in May) and 10% said they were forking out $1,000 or more. 7% said they were unsure of what they paid on average per quarter.

Australian electricity bills -August July 2018

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