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Pay-As-You-Go Solar Arrives In Australia

Sim Cards

The PAYG payment model has come to Solar Power. An American solar firm is promising to launch a pay as you go solar deal down under that requires no up front cash.

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Hybrid Solar Systems Part 3: Costs and Payback

A screenshot of the solar payback calc

So you are tempted to pay more for a hybrid solar system with batteries and a funky power management unit – but it is going to be worth the extra cost? And what will be the payback for all those extra dollars?

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Discover How Australia Could Be Powered By 100% Renewables

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If you live in Adelaide and would like to hear about a 100% renewable powered future then come along and say hi next Wednesday (2 May) At UniSA.

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Sydney University’s upconversion solar cell breakthrough

A turbo boost button (from KITT)

Sydney Uni researchers make another breakthrough which promises, cheaper, more powerful solar panels.

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Hybrid Solar Part 2: How To Future Proof Your Solar System

Rich Electric SuperCombi

Discover how to use the Hybrid Solar concept to make your solar system future proof. This bleeding edge design offers protection against feed in tariff changes and time of use electricity tariffs. Bring it on!

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Bob Brown and solar energy: the Senator’s real legacy

Bob Brown Loves Renewable Energy

As Greens leader Senator Bob Brown bowed gracefully out of politics this week, news of the latest milestone in the construction of Australia’s largest solar farm shows he is leaving Australian politics a far more supportive place for solar energy than he found it. Despite some sniping from political enemies both in and out of […]

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The inflated STC Price Scam : The Solar Cowboy’s Favourite Trick?

a cowboy

The latest trick in the solar cowboys arsenal is known as the inflated STC price scam. Lear how to spot it and avoid it here.

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Dubbo: Solar Power Capital of Australia!

dubbo street

Well done Dubbo solar power installers! If you read the mainstream press in Australia,  you’d think the towns and suburbs with the biggest average take up of solar panels would be the well-to-do inner city suburbs of our major cities. Perhaps Vaucluse, Toorak or the leafy eastern suburbs of Adelaide? Obviously they’d be more likely […]

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Grid Connected Solar Panels with Battery Backup (aka Hybrid Solar)

A graph of solar energy vs residential demand

A few weeks ago I blogged about my mate who really hates his electricity company. In fact he hates them so much he wanted his new house to have an expensive off grid solar system with battery backup, diesel genset, the works. I blogged how the cost of going off grid with solar would be over $50,000 […]

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Q-Cells file for bankruptcy but are saved by Korean Hanwha Solar

The German press has just announced that one of my favourite solar companies plans to file for insolvency tomorrow (April 4th).

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