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RK Solar And Consulting Reviews

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About RK Solar And Consulting, Solar Installers

RK Solar and Consultancy Services is a group of highly skilled engineers with experience in solar energy. They say that they are dedicated to supplying customized renewable energy solutions to residential and commercial entities. They say that they partner with top branded manufacturers and suppliers to provide complete solar solutions. The group says that its designers and installers are fully accredited by the Clean Energy Council of Australia (CEC).

RK Solar says that their team is not only highly skilled in designing PV systems but have degrees in renewable energy systems and solutions, giving them an edge in understanding customer needs. The group was established in early 2009 and is located in the hill district of Sydney, Baulkham Hills.

RK Solar uses panel brands Sharp, REC, Trinasolar Energy, SilexSolar, Et Solar, LDK and SG; and inverter brands SMA, Xantrex, Power one and KLNE.

Customer testimonials for RK Solar and Consultancy Services are available, and include the following:

“RK Solar were very prompt in replying and coming out and giving me a quote. Kunal’s knowledge was excellent and honest. He gave me the right advice, did a site survey with special tool. There were no hidden costs; with the price all was laid up front. The workmanship and installation was excellent, and the installers came on time and left the place clean.”

“ The workmanship was good, neat and timely, as discussed by the sales team. All was as told during sales. The sales rep had good knowledge, was honest and upfront. There was no hidden cost; happy with everything.”

RK Solar And Consulting Solar Reviews

We follow up with all reviewers after 12 months to see how their system is going since it was installed. These are all the reviewers who have responded to our 1 year follow up:
Overall a good experience with RK Solar so far.
They were quite knowledgeable; were able to explain pros and cons in non-technical terms especially to my wife.
No hard sell, no gimmicks (I.e. signup within 7 days and get wifi monitoring for free; theirs was included in the whole package already).
They were quick to re-quote on an alternative, more optimal system when we did not agree on their original proposal.
Kunal and Admin team were reachable and prompt to respond to queries.
Only hiccup was original install date was cancelled a day before scheduled which caused some inconvenience but we were able work it out.
Installers were competent and transparent as to what was happening.
On the install day, they would check with me if anything needs my input or approval before going ahead.
Just waiting now to complete the user setup (+other parts needed) of enphase monitoring >1 week after install.
Can’t wait to see how much savings I can get with my new microinverter solar system!
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I sent an email, including a 9 page word document (quite a few pictures of roof space, potential shading issues, meter readings for various periods and so on) to 11 installers (selected for locality and/or review ratings). RK were the 2nd to respond (of the 5 respondents) and did so within a few hours. The first respondent, was on the phone within minutes and when asked to send an email, sent a one-line email??? (I clearly )

The quote from RK quote was fully comprehensive as were the second quotes that corrected an understandable misinterpretation.

Peter, who was providing the quotes was patient, very flexible and informative. I was confident that the system would be the quality system.

The installation was, professional and of high quality (having been aware of, and having a copy of the CEC installation guidelines, I checked quite a few things, thanks to tales about other installers). The installers were also quite friendly.

Overall RK kept me in the loop and have always responded to any queries in a timely fashion.
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I was given a date for installation within 2 days of signing the quote because they allocated a date of a cancellation of another client. The electrician who came to install the system was very concerned about sending the wires through the bricks (with some difficulty) to make sure that he'll not use any conduite pipes which is not a pleasant sight for the house from outside.
Later it was discovered that due to some wiring error (wired for 3 phase on 12 panels out of 17) the electricity production was low. This was rectified after 1 week and the monitoring system provided to me on this date.
Going thru' the monitoring system I found that the kWh shown under CONSUMPTION was very high and when informed an electrician came from the company and re-calibrated the system (after 4 days) and from that day onwards the system works good with eliciting correct data for Production & Consumption.
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Having made an enquiry through Solarquotes, I was approached by three prospective suppliers. I selected RK Solar as I found the salesman to be honest and knowledgeable. I ordered a 4.8kW System which comprised LG Panels, a Goodwe Hybrid Inverter and a 6.5kWh LG Chem Battery. The installation was carried out efficiently and soon we were making electricity on the roof. At every stage in the process I found RK Solar to be attentive and good communicators.
I would also commend RK on their after-sales service which I was more than happy with when an issue arose with the inverter. The matter was resolved without fuss under the manufacturers warranty.
I have no hesitation in recommending this company as a first class supply of solar systems. At present I am considering expanding my system including storage and will be dealing only with RK Solar on the upgrade.
Sean & Anne
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They were the first company to contact me and tried to get me to sign up straight away. No-one from the company has been out onsite to view the property so I can only hope that everything goes smoothly with the installation. Show additional information
Good service and product knowledge, I was mislead by another installer about the placement of the panels which was against CEC, this incorrect advise was pointed out to me by RK Solar. I recommended these guys for their service. I am very happy with the power generation for the Trina Solar panels and Fronius inverter. Show additional information
Peter at RK Solar was fantastic to deal with and was willing to spend the time to inform me of all my choices and the pros and cons of each type of system. He offered a non- biased opinion which was refreshing. Peter was very patient as I spent a few months doing lots of research. After finally deciding on a system (6.3kW Enphase Solar System), RK Solar only took 2 days to ring me to set a date for the installation. Installation occurred the next week. The installation was quick and effective and the installers were able to take on board my suggestions on the finer details of where I would prefer the cables go. I was very pleased with the neat installation and the installers themselves. They only took 6hrs to install 21 x 300 W panels! I highly recommend RK Solar. Show additional information
RK Solar were the only company to come out to our home & explain everything, salesman was very helpful & did not try to sell us something that was of no benefit to us ie: putting panels where there was no sun. Show additional information
Installation was postponed once owing non delivery of panels then on the second occasion it was partially set up owing to late delivery of panels finally panels were installed on the 3rd attempt. We had to juggle our availability to make this happen. The installers were excellent and had no issue. We are now waiting on the net meter being installed but this owing to delay with Origin. Show additional information
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Out of the three quotes RK was the only one that gave us a formal quote.
They didn't try to sell something that I didn't want and listened to what we thought we needed before offering options.
They said it would take two days installation but was finished in far less than one.
They arrived on time and kept us informed and up to date on what they were doing.
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Although I have not had my system install yet, Peter at RK Solar was fantastic to deal with throughout the process and not pushy on any particular technology available. I took a long time to evaluate all the solutions presented from multiple suppliers as I generally spend a lot of time investigating what I'm about to purchase. Peter was very patient and supportive through this process.
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I have received and completed the meter installation contract as well as the ok from Origin but have since swapped to Simply Energy and are having problems with getting the new meter and switching it on. The installation was done and paid for on 3 April but we can't use it!! Help!! Show additional information
This was the only company that came out to the house, all of the companies were excellent but the extra information (the things he bought with him) was what made me go with this company. Thanks for your recommendations. Show additional information
I was initially very pleased with RK Solar, the installation was undertaken within their promised time frame so no complaints there. The installer came and went several times however, and did not always have his parts and tools, which was a bit poor organisation. It took over two weeks for the meter to be installed. I also purchased a Paladin Water Diverter which admittedly was a new device for RK Solar and therefore had some teething issues with the supply company. The biggest issue here was lack of follow-up from RK Solar - I had to chase them every step of the way. It let down an otherwise good experience, however hopefully they learn from this. The system overall has saved us about $1000k over the summer quarter in comparison to last year, so it has been well worth the exercise. Show additional information
Still waiting for installation. Installer was sick on the appointed day. Will happen next week. The quotes I got were for exactly the same system and products - which both companies recommended. It is top of line with micro processors. I went with RK Solar because I was more impressed with their presentation. Show additional information
Due to the Christmas/New Year break there is quite a long break between sign up and install. Hopefully the outcome will be worth the wait. Show additional information
Had existing 4Kw solar panel system . Have opted for another 4 Kw solar panels, One SolaX 5kW Hyb/Inv Only KW Inverter.
+ LG Chem 10kW LV Lithium Battery. Would have been installed late this month (January) but since we will be overseas all February have opted for a March installation.
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Of the 3 quotes provided by Solar Quotes, RK Solar was the most upfront with the best pricing. The Sales person made the effort to keep in touch and answered my many questions back and forth. He also accommodated my installation dates which were quite tight. The only less than perfect experience was in the installation. Installers wanted to leave all the packing material waste for me to clean up. A quick word with the lead installer had then resolved the issue. In my opinion, a perfect 5 star installation would have the installers come and go with nothing amiss except for the panels on my roof and inverter on the wall. Would definitely Recommend RK Solar.

The All Green Environmental Solutions sales person was rude and claimed the other supplier who quoted me would go bust in a few months, and hinted i should go with them. How very unprofessional.

The Solar Ray Team was very professional. unfortunately the kit they quoted was above my budget. Overall engagement was pleasant and professional.
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He actually came out to see me, the others just called and emailed.

The panels I chose won't be available till mid January. I don't like to wait but it is better to get it right.

Thank you Finn for your follow up, good recommendations and especially all the informative blogs. I think I now know heaps about domestic solar in Australia. certainly enough to recognise the pitfalls involved. Many thanks, you have taken a lot of the stress and worry out of the process.
Kind regards
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A great company to deal with from the initial inquiry to the completion of the work and after sales queries regarding operation.

Complete system, including meter change, professionally installed in accordance with agreed dates and times.

Highly recommended.
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Easily the most knowledgeable person I dealt with. At other solar companies I dealt with the phone sales team. Not at RK Solar. Show additional information
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Overall my experience with RK Solar, in particular Peter, was great. The advice and breath of knowledge was just what I was after!
As for the installation, whilst the staff were friendly, the roof installers constantly kicked my tiles, breaking them. Luckily I had a builder on site that could source some other tiles.
The last thing is that I had to wait a week after install for my Net meter, however I would have expected this to be replace on the day of install given they had they details and photo of the previous meter.

Overall, very happy with the system and follow-up from Peter!
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The Level 2 electrician wired our new fuse box incorrectly and our air conditioner blew up as a result. The company compensated us for that blunder.
The salesman promised to monitor our system regularly, but never did a thing. He installed a monitoring software program that worked well enough that I could tell that one of the panels wasn't working from the start and the company sent someone out to rectify the problem. Then the software link failed and dispute several calls to the girl on the switch there has been no real effort made to properly address the issue ever since. So now I have no monitoring whatsoever and can't tell if the whole system is working properly or not. Very poor service indeed.
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Quote and deposit stage was great. Lots of communication and follow up. However it was months before a date was set for installation and I actually had to chase this up. System has been running great and hope to continue doing so for many years to come. Show additional information
Some delay in installation finishing off and adjusting meter, and process wasn't completely clear, but finished product was great. System (Enphase micro inverters 7kW) is over performing on promise. Show additional information
Started not very well. There was lot of confusion as to what's happening and when.
Once Karan got involved things started to sort out. There is room for improvement when it comes to customer service. I would still recommend RK Solar for competitive price.
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Our installation is for a two storey townhouse and included a 1.2kWh Enphase battery.
Time elapsed from obtaining quote to operational system was 4 months. Evaluation and clarification of details of the quote took three weeks at which point we committed to the installation.
The solar panels were installed in one day and connections including additional sub board took another 2 days.
The Enphase management system connects to your home WiFi and can be monitored via that connection.

Traps (delays and extra costs) for the inexperienced;
The installation is subject to approval from the energy retailer providing your power from the grid. This takes about 6 weeks.
The circuit breakers for the solar array have to be installed on the circuit board for your property. Some may not have the capacity and this means another board must be installed at the owner's cost.
Feed in to the grid requires a net meter (ability to measure inward and outward flow of power) unless you have an analogue meter. This costs $660 and must be installed by a Level 2 electrician. Another delay.
The system cannot be commissioned until a net meter is operational.
Batteries that are not installed in the house or garage require a weather shelter that is waterproof. Additional cost. I made mine myself from marine ply - materials cost about $160 - with space for a second battery.
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Overall a very satisfying experience. Show additional information
Very happy with RK Solar would recommend them to anyone contemplating the installation of home solar panels. Very knowledgeable, did what they said they were going to do, and the price they told me was the price I paid when installed. Paid deposit on 12 October, 2017 and the panels were installed on 14 November, 2017. I am more than happy with my experience, highly recommended. Show additional information
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RK Solar were prompt, easily contactable and happily answered all my queries through the sales process. While the system has not yet been installed, I have an install date. The advised date was reasonably close to the time frame that was initially advised. All in all good experience through the sales process. Show additional information
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* I paid deposit a month ago and haven't heard back yet though they said they would install in 2-3 weeks.
* Can't rate value for money or quality of system until it is installed and starts showing results. The size is 12 x 260W BYD panels and 12x230W Enphase micro inverters.
* I chose RK because I searched Google for the products they were using and they had good reviews.
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Be nice if they started! Show additional information
Show additional information
Their communication with us has been poor on the progress of the installation. We have had to chase them for an estimated installation date which is longer than the expected date when we signed the deal. Show additional information
I was given installation dates which were not met (due to bad weather which i completely understand) but with no communication I then had to chase them up. Installers arrived without communication of which they had promised me would happen prior to them arriving. I am very fussy about tradies working on my house and the installers were great and really made up for the previous issue's with communication. They fitted the panels and system in one day and did a great job it looks very neat and tidy as you can see 8 panels from the front of the house. The new meter was fitted 4 or 5 days later completing the job. So far its been great with one minor issue they fixed over the phone. We are very happy with results and highly recommend it to anyone looking to reduce overheads. Show additional information
I couldn't ask more from RK Solar from the Salesman to the installation. They were the only company who made the effort to come visit to explain the Solar System best for my property. When your spending so much money you want someone you've meet face to face. Most impressive was Murphy's Law the day of installation after not raining for over a month a storm hit with about 2 hours of work till completion. Was told I'd be placed at top of list for completion. Unexpectedly they were at the front door first thing next morning to finish off.
From start to finish RK Solar have been outstanding & so glad I choose them & would recommend to anyone.
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I went with the first installer, who showed up in person and gave a thorough introduction to all the various systems and technologies. You can't beat a personal visit at the premises and an in-house installer team. Show additional information
After posting the deposit it was several months before the panels were installed. The panel installation was efficient and uneventful but I was told that as the switchboard required relocation and the metre required upgrading, they would have to do this work in another day. The new position for the board was discussed and agreed upon. The original quote stated "allow $900-1200 for relocation". I asked for an itemised quote for the work to be performed and the quote increased to $2300.
The work was suddenly delayed as the new meter had not been ordered. When I arrived home from work on the day of the install I found the meter board had been located in the wrong location and the Enphase monitor had not been configured. In addition the original switchboard has been completely smashed and all the circuit breakers were broken. I immediately phoned the company and emailed photos about my displeasure. After a year the problem has still not been corrected and the company has not replied to most of my emails. NOT RECOMMENDED.

Supplier Reply

Hi Jonathan,

I am sorry that your experience has not been good with us.

I just wanted to clarify again that during the quote process we only gave you an estimate for fixing your meter box. During the installation we found that your meter box was not upto current standards and required a lot more work. We don't force our customers to go with us in terms of meter box upgrades. I am sure we didn't force you as well. We gave you a competitive quote and you chose us as we were the cheapest and were doing your work in the fastest time. On the day of meter box installation your wife was home and the same electrician with whom you discussed the meter position did the job. The electrician and a trade assistant worked all day at your property. We finished the work neatly and commissioned the job, no one complaint.

The items in your meter box were old ceramic fuses which were brittle and cracked. We disposed them off in the bin. They were not smashed.

Enphase monitoring was configured on the day your meter was installed. The meters are supplied by Ausgrid, sometimes they do have back logs and are delayed with supplying us the meters. I believe this was effectively communicated as well.
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Karan from RK Solar visited our home and took us through the various options. He was patient, thorough professional and knowledgeable about everything related to Solar energy. I did get a few quotes and whilst most quotes were very in similar range, I was more convinced with Karan & RK given the previous reviews/ rating on the website and that they were locals (i live just one suburb away). They provided quotes only on branded panels and inverters, which is helps as you can verify details of the brand on other websites. At the end of the day there is very little difference between the different panel brands (tier 1 panels) - so confidence on the installation company was very important for me.
RK solar is not pushy and don't have the limited offers that ends with 48 hours -the usual pushy sales tactics, which was a big relief. He was quick to return calls and answered any questions that I had.

The guys who installed the solar (John, Ian) got the job done with no fuss! Installation is only one day old...
Keep up the good work!!!
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