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Solar brings down electricity prices says report


Who would have thought? When you actually look at the data, solar power’s net effect on wholesale electricity prices has been to reduce them! So how come your bills are going up not down? FInd out here…

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Solar intermittency can be managed: CSIRO report

Sun and clouds

The CSIRO have use good old-fashioned science to show that solar power can be used as base load power. But will that be enough to convince the anti solar mob who rely on hearsay and anecdotes?

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How to work out if your solar system is performing properly.

Selecting our location in PVWatts

Once your solar system is on your roof, how can you work out if it is giving you the power that you paid for? i.e. how can you tell that you haven’t been sold a lemon? Here is a 2 minute method to get a definitive answer that your installer can’t argue with!

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Using social media to sell solar

liking solar on social media

Solar fans who spend a lot of time on Facebook may have noticed how the number of pages with a solar energy theme have mushroomed over the past year or so. Whatever the concerns that may exist over Facebook’s looseness with personal security, and apparent inability to conduct a well-organised IPO, solar companies and other renewable organisations obviously feel it provides an excellent platform to promote the game changing qualities of renewable energy.

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Can Aussie solar soar despite sorry policy options?

a graph showing 94% vs 6%

An extraordinary 94 percent of 1,000 Aussies polled believe that the government should do more to assist the construction of big solar plants in the country.

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RIP Ukki 1921-2012 (The most sustainable bloke I knew)

Ukki and Me in Finland

the Arctic Circle in Northern Finland. What on earth has it got to do with Solar Power? Glad you asked!

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Solar Impulse and the future of air travel

The solar impulse plane flying

The Swiss have successfully flown their $115 million solar-powered plane the Solar Impulse from Switzerland to Madrid. Bring on solar powered air travel!

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Solar Panel Orientation: Is West the new North?


Everyone has always said Solar Panels should face North in Australia. But for many people it may actually make more sense to face them West. Here’s why…

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Will the U.S’s solar panel tariff wall on China cause a trade war?

US and Chinese fisticuffs

It may be a little while before the dust settles on the U.S. Department of Commerce’s decision to slap a massive 31 percent tariff on China’s top makers of solar panels (more for those about to enter the market) but already big questions are being asked. One of these is: who are the real winners and losers?

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Solar panel energy payback: What’s the truth?

a loop

One of the myths that gets bandied about a lot is the idea that it takes more energy to create a solar panel – than will ever be generated by that solar panel over its lifetime. Read this post to discover the truth.

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