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The city of Melton, located 35 km west of the Victorian capital Melbourne has seen substantial growth in the past few decades. So much so that it is now considered a separate satellite city. However, its proximity to the sprawling metropolis means that it will soon be considered part of Greater Melbourne as the big city continues to develop westward.

Melton is a thriving cultural area despite its changing status. The area started as sheep paddocks in the 1830s with the Victorian gold rush boosting the town in the 1850s as miners made their way further west. Many artistic performances are held at the central Melton Civic Centre with the Djerriwarrh Festival, a street fair with markets and parades, held in November.

The historic festival is now a major Melbourne event with the recent 33rd held in 2012 which marked 150 years of Melton’s government.

With one eye firmly on the future, Melton residents have taken to alternative forms of energy including solar power. Residents, led by a forward-looking council, have taken to a combination of alternative energy and programs designed to reduce carbon emissions. Partly this is a response to escalating electricity prices and partly to help preserve the environment.

Walking the talk, the City of Melton is having a 99kw solar panel array installed on the rooftop of the Caroline Springs leisure centre in 2018.

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