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Much of Queensland is blessed with some of the world’s finest sunshine resources. There is no greater example of this that the aptly-named Sunshine Coast region; a fantastic place to generate electricity with solar panels.

Situated on the state’s south-east coast and north of the capital Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast area includes popular tourist destinations including Noosa, Marcoola, Caloundra and the amazing hinterland of the inland.

With so much to offer in the way of solar energy resources throughout the region, Sunshine Coast Council wisely decided to make the transition to a low carbon future for the region a priority. Part of this policy involved the encouraging of installation of home solar systems.

This an area where forward-thinking and financially-savvy residents of the Sunshine Coast needed little encouragement. A combination of soaring electricity prices and a desire to be part of the solar power revolution was all the inspiration needed. To date, more than 40,000 solar power systems have been installed in the Sunshine Coast area.

As for Council’s own efforts, in July 2017 it connected a 15MW facility to the grid consisting of 57,000 solar panels; making it Australia’s first Council to offset 100% of its electricity consumption with a renewable energy installation and leading the way for others to follow suite.

If you live on the Sunshine Coast, join its council and tens of thousands of your fellow residents now reaping the financial benefits of harvesting solar energy and doing their bit to tackle electricity related emissions.

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