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For Australians of a certain age, Sunbury means the Sunbury Pop Festival. The event – a celebration of music, dope, love and the Australian counter culture in general – was held on the Australia Day long weekend from 1972 to 1975. However while billing itself as Australia’s Woodstock, the era also provided a platform for the entry into the rock world of Australia’s famous pub rock scene.

Held on a farm around three kms south of Sunbury, immortal lineups of the festival included Skyhooks, Billy Thorpe and the Aztecs, Chain and others who were to go on to take the Oz Rock music world by storm.

However archaeological evidence has shown that Sunbury was an important meeting place long before the hippies took up the place. Indeed, several Aboriginal earth rings were discovered in the region in the 70s and 80s signifying that the area was an important site for corroborees for many thousands of years. Gatherings of the Wurundjeri nation at the sites show its importance to the tribe.

Both the aboriginal corroborees and the Sunbury Pop festival used the Sunbury sun to warm them as they met or watched bands. The future though promises much more in solar energy for residents. Solar installers are springing up everywhere to service the region’s solar power needs. With the price of electricity skyrocketing and an awareness of the damage carbon emissions cause the environment, Sunbury folk need no convincing.

To misquote Billy Thorpe: “Some people I know think that I’m [solar] crazeeee, yeah”.

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