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Nestled at the foot of the stunning Blue Mountains, Richmond is also within touching distance of Sydney (65km). Indeed, it is so close that Sydney’s suburban sprawl has encroached to the very edge of this historic town and Richmond may soon be considered a major satellite suburb of Sydney.

What the proud and independent citizens of the historic town of Richmond think of being a mere suburb beggars belief! This is because Richmond has a colourful, intricate and sometimes bloody history dating back almost to first European settlement. Something Richmond residents are no doubt quick to point out to their Sydneysider neighbours!

Of course for many thousands of years the region was home to the brave and resourceful Darug people who were forced to relinquish possession in a series of tragic wars against the white settlers.

While residents may be ambivalent about being absorbed into the outer Sydney metropolis one thing won’t change: the ideal amount of sun to generate solar energy. Richmond tends to be warmer than Sydney during the summer and, as a major part of the wider, innovative Hawkesbury Council, solar energy projects such as powering the main council buildings at nearby Windsor as well as at nearby aquatic centres point the way to the future.

At the time of writing, there were close to 1,000 small scale solar panel installations in Richmond’s postcode (2753), representing 4.36MW of installed capacity.

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